267 Ashobel Endangered part one

    "The hell is that on your head Morti?" Nix shook his head in an effort to clear the cobwebs. A quick look around told him that he was sleeping on the small table that Hyai kept in the kitchen of the Emerald Salamander Inn.

    Morti sat in the doorway entrance to the dining room. The swinging double doors barely accommodated his mass.

    "It's a helmet," Morti replied.

    The helmet in question was a basic steel helm that someone had attached a three-foot chinstrap to.  It was buckled securely under the Titan cub's chin.  It looked like a soup bowl when compared to the enormity of the head on which it sat.

    "I see.  Where did you get it?"

    "I bought it from one of the vendors at the Embassy Bazaar. It's been custom-fitted just for me."

    Nix nodded, he wouldn't purposefully hurt the cub's feelings.  "Looks really great, hope you got a good deal."

    Morti nodded his big head. "It was free, apparently it's good luck to give gifts to bears."

    "I heard the same thing once."  Nix turned until his feet were on the floor.  "What's it look like out there?"

    Morti shuffled slightly so Nix could exit the kitchen. "There are one or two people sleeping on every table. The smell of vomit is everywhere and I'm pretty sure I saw Chiba peeing in the corner."

    "Right... That was probably before she started drinking."  Nix scratched Morti's ears for a moment and then straightened out the tiny helm on his head before entering the dining hall.

    A wave of rancid air hit Nix when he stepped into the room. Most of the Inferno Officers were still draped over the bar. He dimly remembered taking Hyai, Shae, and Fajii upstairs to the large suite at the end of the night. "How did I end up down here?"

    "You came down to make a sandwich and fell asleep in the kitchen." Morti had turned his body so he could look at Nix, one of his gigantic paws was covering his black nose.

    "Really?  I don't remember that."

    Morti nodded again. "I ate the sandwich after you fell asleep."

    Nix saw a large empty space in the middle of the room and started slowly making his way through the various spills, puddles and sleeping drunks.  He nudged Caza with his foot, the Resolute Fire Mage didn't even stir.

    "Maybe try another one," Morti suggested from the doorway.

    "Right."  Nix kicked Sulane's feet, the Resolute Guild Leader was dead to the world.  He noted for future reference that Caza and Sulane were nearly on top of each other.  Something going on with them?

    "Doesn't look good Nix.  Now what?"  Morti sounded like he was eating something.

    "That my sandwich Morti?"

    "Yep... I forgot that I saved half for you.  Want some?"

    "No."  Nix stared at the empty space and made a decision.

    [Create Breach: Lake Riordi, Loki]

    Morti watched with interest, his ears flicked forward and he lowered his voice to a whisper. "What you gonna do?"  A normal person could have heard it from the street.

    "One kick and if they don't get up its an ejection,"  Nix proclaimed and stepped closer to Caza.  He kicked the mage's feet again before hauling him up by the arms and flinging him through the open Breach."

    Morti's laugh made the floor vibrate.  "That's funny.  Do another one."

    Nix nodded and kicked Sulane's feet when she didn't move he gave her the same treatment.

    "Where are they going Nix?"

    "There going swimming."

    Nix made his way through the crowded room, tossing the vagrants through the breach.  Gideon and Nebs both avoided the treatment by sitting up when they were kicked.

    Finally, only Inferno members were left.  Nix tossed Chiba without a second thought, the smell of vomit and piss clung to her like a best friend.  She was obviously due for a well-deserved bath.

    Morti watched with interest.  "Not going to toss the rest Nix?"

    The only other one he was tempted to evict was Pon but fortunately for him, Semmi had an arm around the Fire Mage.  When Nix removed it, the old man woke up.  Pon's legendary tolerance for alcohol had saved him from a refreshing dip in Lake Riordi.

    Nix took a few minutes to run his guildmates out of the Inn before walking back toward the kitchen.

    Morti stood up when he approached. "Open the breach for me Nix, I wanna go swimming too."

    Nix nodded and opened a breach.  "You should take your helm off, you don't want it to rust."

    Morti stopped and let Nix unbuckle his helm.  "That's a good idea, just leave it in the kitchen.  I'll come back for it."


    Hyai woke up to the sun shining on her face and a warm body next to her. It wasn't until she sat up that she realized that the person next to her was Shae. The Inn Keeper quietly got out of bed and nearly stepped on Fajii. The Earth Mage was clinging to her pillow and blanket like a lifeline.

    After dressing and washing her face she decided to head downstairs to check out the damage. To her surprise, she was greeted by an empty dining room; there were no guests, no tables and no chairs. The scent of something flowery lingered in the air, a mop and large bucket were placed carefully near the bar.

    "Someone mopped up?" Hyai walked toward the double doors that led to the street, they were both propped open with chairs.  It was here that she found the rest of her tables and chairs.  Nix was hard at work with a scrub brush and bucket; his sleeves were rolled up while he worked.

    Nix looked up when she exited the Inn.  "Morning Sunshine."

    Hyai broke her own rule and embraced him in the street. "Thank you, Nix. Was it bad?"

    "Not really," Nix lied to her with a straight face. "Haven't got to the dishes yet."

    Hyai kissed him once before stepping away. "You eat yet?"

    "I am a bit hungry.  I'll finish up here if you don't mind making lunch."

    Hyai nodded. "Deal."

    By the time Nix brought all the tables and chairs back in, Hyai was done with lunch and the dishes. Nix shrugged apologetically. "Sorry, took a bit longer than I thought.  Hate stopping once I start something."

    "No worries Hun. I did the dishes first so lunch is still hot."


    A few hours later Nix was at the Jenzi market.  Jenzi had both Razir and Nether Rat pelts for sale, he was going to need them if he wanted to increase his Taxidermy skill.  The Raka issue still needed to be dealt with. He had left the dragon-rat at the Jenzi platform.  Since people would most likely attack a rat walking around they both thought it would be best if he remained stealthed and wait for Nix to finish his business.

    "I've got 5000 Ashobel pelts!  Take the whole batch for 50 thousand credits."

    Nix turned at the vendor who was hawking his wares aggressively to every buyer in the market.  He zeroed in on Nix right away.

    "You there!  Want some Ashobel pelts?  I've got 15 thousand to sell!" The man who spoke was quite young.  His dark skin and close-cropped hair marked him as a native.

    "Ashobel?  Let me see them?" Nix grabbed one from him, "the name sounds familiar.  What are Ashobel?"

    Ashobel Pelt: Primal

    White furred leather pelt.

    +15 to all Ice related skills.

    +50 Ice Resistance.

    The dark vendor shrugged.  "I just sell them, I think they are like Winter Bears or something."

    "Five credits each, I'll take whatever you have on you." Nix made him an offer when the merchant didn't answer he walked toward the next booth.

    "Hey!  Wait... Whatever I have?  I have 50 thousand; can you handle that?"

    Nix nodded and they did the exchange. "Where did you get these from?"

    The vendor pointed towards the far end of the market.  A caravan from Cyphix pulled up a few hours ago, apparently, there's a bounty on these pelts.

    "Bounty?"  Nix turned toward the caravan and started walking, he still carried one of the furs in his hands.  There was something familiar about it.  Half-way across the market, he remembered.  "Ashobel?  As in Chieftain Glacio?"

    During the faction event at Glory months earlier, there had been a fierce white-furred group that was referred to as Ashobel. They were giant creatures that possess incredible strength.

    /Inferno: Nix: Floyd, Chiba, and Captain Locas.  You three available for a quick trip? Need some back-up.

    /Inferno: Floyd: Me?  Yes!

    /Inferno: Chiba: I been wanting to spend some time with my apprentice, we can work on your **ty bladework.

    /Inferno: Locas: When and where Commander?

    /Inferno: Nix: Jenzi Market to start, pack for cold weather.
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