282 Titania Fores

    Nix opened his eyes slowly, the morning sun was shining directly into his face.  The pleasant sound of running water somewhere nearby made him turn his head.  "I'm outside?"

    [Player Message Only] Welcome to the New Everspire Expansion.  You may start a new character at level 125 to adventure in the fabled dragon origin world of Everspire.  There is now an entrance to Everspire North of Cyphix, you must be level 125 to enter. Be sure to explore with caution, you will have to earn new gear and weapons, none of your old equipment can pass through the rift into Everspire.

    "A rift North of Cyphix?"  Nix sat up, one hand raised to shield his eyes from the sun.  A read-me file popped up onto his hud without him activating it.

    [Guild Leader Nix]

    Unfortunately, the recent performance of Inferno was beyond our estimations and your team was able to win a fight that was supposed to be lost.  This has caused us to make several adjustments so our new expansion could be launched seamlessly.  Please take the time to read the re-edited version of the Khione fight.

    Currently, you are the only player in Everspire, although many more will be joining you in the days to come.  We've had to create several obstacles to slow your progression.  We are aware that this is somewhat unfair, however, we are also aware that your current base stats are impossible for a Colonial player.  In exchange for your cooperation, your stats will remain how they are.  Additionally, you've been given an important quest.

    1) Your Guild privileges have been temporarily disabled.

    2) All of your gear has been removed. (This happens to everyone who comes through the rift.)

    3) Your Spirit Companions were slain in the Khione battle and may not be summoned for five days.

    4) You've been placed in the Forest of Titania, far from the nearest major city.

    5) Your Breach Commander and Archon abilities are temporarily disabled by a curse.

    6) Personal messaging has been disabled until you find someone on your friend list.

    7) Your new binding point is on the banks of the river you woke up next to.

    Nix took a few minutes to read everything, he reread it a second time to get a better feel for his situation.  "So... I'm wearing basic leather clothes.  I don't have a weapon and my companions are gone for five days instead of three."

    Quest: Curse of the Ice Goddess

    Objective: Find your way to the starter city

    of Ever Flame.

    Nix took a moment to check his stats.

    Nix [Race: Human/Salamander Hybrid] (Cursed By Khione)

    Level 125

    Archon: [SubClass: Breach Commander] (Disabled)

    [Class Skill] (Disabled)

    Direct Communication

    Detect Disturbance

    Summon Allies

    Create Breach

    Dual Wield



    Last Stand

    Strength 265

    Endurance 277

    Intelligence 65

    Dexterity 87

    Perception 89

    Agility 55

    Mana 34,500/34,500

    Cold Resistance 250 [Ice Blessing Tier II]

    Fire Immunity

    Emerald Flame Strands 100 [Flame Snare] [Fire Root]

    Fire Seed [Emerald]

    Josori's Stealth [Champion's Ability]

    [Dragon Eyes]

    Weapon Skills:

    Primary: Path of the Fire Lord [Salamander]

    Secondary: Spellsword

    Support Skills:


    Primary Path Skills [Advanced]


    Meteor Storm [Fire]

    Combustion [Fire]

    Comet Strike [Fire]

    Lance [Elemental: Fire, Air, Ice]

    Gemini Bond [Gemini]

    Critical Chain [Gemini]

    Tides of Flame [Nemesis]

    Incinerate [Nemesis]

    Balefire Burst [Nemesis]

    Archon's Armor [Nemesis]

    Flashblade [Archon]

    Execution [Nemesis]

    Fire Burst [Fire, Air]

    Flame Throw [Fire, Air]

    Vacuum [Air]

    Gusting Flames [Fire, Air]

    Null [Air]

    Secondary Path Skills

    Flame Blade

    Flight of the Gryphon

    [Spirit Animal 4/4]

    1: Soup [Royal Sea Turtle]

    2: Ducky [Water Witch] (5-Day Penalty)

    3: Fey [Drakon] (5-Day Penalty)

    4: Mortimer [Titan Cave Bear] (5-Day Penalty)


    Saboteur 211/500

    Taxidermy 402/500

    Tailor  500/500

    Fishing 109/500

    Nix waded into the water, the rocky bottom of the river was slick with moss.  "Big mistake, overlooking my girl."

    [Summons: Soup]

    Soup flapped a fin loudly on the surface of the river while Nix rubbed her smooth green head.  "Everyone underestimates a turtle.  Am I right?"

    "We've been temporarily nerfed Soup." He climbed up on her shell and sat comfortably while he opened up a local map.  His access to the Everspire map was grayed out.  "The local map shows a lake, lets head downstream and check it out.  Stay above water, I don't have my aquatic gear."

    Nix sat leisurely on Soup's back, not really concerned that he'd been given the shaft.  The sun was warm on his face and the scenery was nice.  The Titania Forest was made of mostly of large fir trees that resembled redwood.  They were a few hundred feet in height and offered shade to the ground below.  Over the course of half an hour, Nix saw several deer and a few smaller predators.

    It took three hours to enter the mouth of the river, although the stream was somewhat small, the lake it fed into was quite large. A single column of gray smoke rose slowly upward from the shore of the lake.  A large wooden building built onto a sturdy looking dock was visible in the distance.

    Nix had Soup bring him to shore so he could approach on foot.  "Stay hidden for now Soup, might have to use you to do some hunting."

    The building was much further away than Nix had guessed.  Nearly half of the structure was supported by the dock while the rest was built onto the shore.  It was a sleek looking building made entirely of a red-colored wood.  There was a large wrap-around porch at encircled first floor, an old man could be seen sweeping the dust from the steps.

    Nix noticed the sign almost immediately. It read 'Iron Pike Trading Post.'  He scuffled his feet loudly a few times so the old man would look up before he arrived.

    Sitting the broom to one side the man moved toward the door and stopped.  The old man waited until Nix was within hearing range.  "Morning Traveler.  Welcome to the Iron Pike."

    It was about this time that Nix realized that he didn't have any credits.  "Morning, I'm Nix.  What kind of items do you trade here?"

    The old man had a full head of gray hair, although he was wrinkled with time, his broad shoulders gave evidence that he could still take care of himself.  He wore leather armor and had a shortsword buckled around his waist.  Off to one side, a short bow and quiver of arrows were hanging from a nail on the wall.

    "Well met Mr. Nix.  Folks just call me Hoot."  Hoot opened the door and held it for his lone customer. "Got lots of different items, take a look for yourself.

    The trading post was basically a general store, it had a little bit of everything.  A large brown pelt acted as a floor carpet.  Nix didn't recognize the animal, but it had to have been large.  "What kind of beast is this from?"

    "Lake Otter, vicious critters that would just as soon eat you.  Course we've cleared out the shallow areas, but we get the occasional straggler in from the depths."

    Nix spend a few minutes browsing the shelves. Hoot had moved behind the counter and was keeping an eye on him.  "What items will you trade for?  Do you have credits?"

    "I don't sell anything for credits, everything here is barter only. I'll take any kind of pelt you can bring in. I've got a smoker, so I'll take fish or meat off your hands also.  If you want to exchange credits, you'll have to go into Bachoni for that."

    Nix found several items he needed. A skinning knife, sewing kit, sleeping bag, and a small ax. "Bachoni?  Is that a city?"

    Hoot nodded from his chair behind the counter. "In the middle of the Lake.  Can't see it from here though.  They send a boat out this way once a week or so."

    "Anything I should know about Bachoni?"

    The old man stared at him for a moment and lowered his voice, even though there was no one else around.  "I don't see a weapon on you son.  That usually means one of two things.  You're someone who doesn't fight or you're a mage. None of my business, either way, Mages aren't very popular in these parts; especially Fire Mages."

    Nix smiled casually.  "Thanks for the info, I'm a hunter.  Just had a run of bad luck lately."

    "Been robbed?"

    The question made Nix chuckle.  "You could say that."

    "Seen you looking at that skinning knife.  There's a bit of firewood out back that needs splitting.  You handle that for me and I'll give you the knife and the sewing kit."

    Nix nodded.  "Deal."

    Iron Pike Quest.

    Objective: Split firewood

    for Trader Hoot.

    Reward: Skinning knife and

    sewing kit.
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