295 Ionova

    "Gil?"  Nix stared at the Titan.  His head was the size of a compact car, the dark ridged shell was lodged in the wall.  "A hand here please, this place isn't made for my awesomeness."

    "Can't you just change back?"  Nix ignored him and turned toward the dieing wolf-woman. The life in her eyes was slowly fading.  He pulled his bandages out and started working on her.

    "It's hopeless."

    Nix nodded in agreement.  "Yeah.  Still... I can work on my skills while you're alive."

    The wolf-woman smiled slightly.  "What a bastard."

    Nix shrugged but didn't disagree.  "What's your name?"

    "Una."  She closed her eyes, every breath causing her pain.

    "I'm Nix."  He used the rest of his bandages on her and then paused.  "Unaqoir?"

    "Yes.  How do you know that?"

    "Damn... All this hard work."  Nix pulled out his last Emperor, he had managed to make a dozen during the night.  "I'm assuming your real dragon heart is still in your chest?"

    "What?  How do you know that I'm a dragon?"

    Nix pushed the Wolf Emperor toward her.  "Don't waste time, you can control this easily enough."

    Immediately the wolf he was holding moved, Nix turned his head when it flashed toward the torn body still shackled to the floor.  It's wolf jaws crunched through the ribs and consumed the heart.

    "Huh?  That's disgusting."  Gil had changed back was walking toward them, he was carrying a mace in each hand.  "What's going on?"

    Nix waited until she was finished and then examined her. It was still a puppet, he would need his gear to completely animate her.  "Is there any kind of countdown?"

    "No.  What is this thing?  Who are you?"  The wolf's mouth was stained with her own blood.

    "I'm Nix and that is an Emperor level Dire Wolf Puppet since you've consumed your own heart, I will have to use it to enhance an entirely new puppet."

    The wolf seemed to accept his words, she sat down on her haunches. "How do you know my name?"

    "You're the Dragon Master of Verynzai.  Is it close by?"

    Una nodded her wolf head.  "I'm no longer the Master."

    "I control Yandro's city, as well as Aquarius, Icaraphet, and Chyanama." Nix let his words sink in. "Yandro's city has been renamed Inferno and has returned to the air."

    "Inferno?  You control the Master City?"

    "I do."

    "How did you get it back into the air?"

    "Spectrum."  Nix bandaged his own wounds while she considered his words.  Technically he didn't control Icaraphet yet, but it wouldn't be long.  Tharaka had given him the Master Key.

    "Tell me of their fates. The other Dragon Masters."

    "Yandro and Zylanexor have both been slain by Inferno, neither of them could still be considered dragons, they were twisted inside."

    "And the others?"

    "Neptiphago was corrupted by the artifact that she stole from Tharaka.  I was forced to kill her.  I transferred Tharaka into the body of an Ashobel, he is alive and well in Colonial."

    The wolf stared at him. "His artifact?  Did Khione manage to break her chains?"

    Nix nodded.

    You have received the Master Key to Verynzai.

    "I don't want to stay in a wolf body.  You can make me another?"

    "Sure. All I need are lots of pelts of whatever you want to be."  Nix took out the two other examples he carried, a nether rat and a golden razir.

    Una nosed the golden razir. "Something like this one."

    "No need to rush. I'll have to look around."  Nix stood up and faced Gil who had been watching the conversation with interest."

    "Was I impressive Nix?"

    "Very, thanks for the assist."

    /Titan: Nix: Return to Nescari.  These beasts were all controlled.

    /Titan: Scarlett: Is Menial dead?"

    /Titan: Nix: And the artifact is destroyed. I'm going to send another Dire Wolf to you, please escort her back.

    Nix sighed.  If only his own curse were so easy to break.


    The trip back toon an entire day.  Nix decided not to look for Verynzai until Inferno was reunited. There were bound to be barriers to raising it and he wanted the back-up his friends provided.  Their horses were waiting for them at the Iron Pike, Nix and Gil rode hard for Nescari.

    "That's a beautiful sight."  Gil slowed his horse to a walk when he saw the front gate of Nescari.  Two Titan Bears were standing guard outside the gates, they were both brown bears that stood a bit over twenty feet.

    "Welcome back Gil!"   The closer bear raised a huge paw at him.  "I heard you killed Menial."

    "Yep.   Killed him and chewed him up."

    They returned the horses to the stables where Dresa hugged them both tightly.  "Good job you two!  You better hurry to the Fortress."

    Gil led them through the back entrance to the courtyards,  a few dozen different types of Titans awaited them.  He cursed when he saw them.  "Damn... All the elders."

    Nix whistled when he saw the giant bear.  He was by far the largest of them at around thirty feet in height.  He completely dwarfed Scarlett, who was the only one in human form.

    "NIX!"  Mortimus's boom voice thundered out as soon as they entered.

    Scarlett hugged them both when they approached.  Nix didn't comment that Gil turned redder than a tomato.  "You two brave lads, you have our thanks."

    Gil bowed low.  "I did my duty as Steward of Sossamon."

    You have completed Sinai the Conquerer.  A Turtle artifact has been placed in your inventory.

    You have completed The Chaos artifact.

    Scarlett placed a chained medallion over Nix's head.  "For your service to the Titan Clans, you are named Steward of Ionova. It is our wish that you make a home here among us."

    You have received the Steward of Ionova Crest.

    Steward of Ionova

    Description: The settlement of Ionova is a mixture

    of all races from all over Everspire. It's the only

    coastal settlement in the Titania Forest.

    Enables the wearer to gate instantly to the other Titania Settlements.

    Ionova has been officially recognized as the 8th Titania Settlement.


    The Inferno group huddled around their fires.  They had spent the last few days doing quests so that they could finally enter Free Trader city.

    Semmi huddled under a blanket with Pon while Wind put more wood on the fire.  "Use some of that fire magic and warm this place up Pon!"

    Pon faked a shiver, he was never actually cold. "I need to save my mana, I used it all up today."

    Ronnie made a face at him from across the fire.  "Nix would warm me up nicely.  Your boyfriend is too stingy Sem."

    Semmi nodded in agreement.

    Everspire Continental Announcement: Nix of the Inferno Guild has been named Steward of Ionova.

    Jun Li's face broke into a smile for the first time in two days. "Looks like Nix isn't laying low."

    Fajii moved closer to Ronnie and invited her to share her sleeping bag.  Instantly Ronnie's eyes widened in surprise.  The Aquarion held a finger to her lips.

    [Whisper: Ronnie to Fajii]  Why is this thing so warm?

    [Whisper: Fajii to Ronnie] Nix made it for me, it has a heat enhancement.

    [Whisper: Ronnie to Fajii]  Can I sleep in your tent from now on?

    [Whisper: Fajii to Ronnie] Sure.


    In the depths of the Zintian Sea, the Aquarion also noticed the announcment.  She paused long enough to look at her hud.

    Her beautiful face seemed tired, but she wasn't ready to rest. "Ionova?  That's much closer."  A moment later, she continued North, her Vilas surrounding her.  "I can make that in a day or two."
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