319 Gearing Up Again

    Mollie, Circa, and Lu Ban continued to hunt in the area while Nix helped Zane at the forge.  They came back several hours later, just as the sun was setting.  Four orange blades were sticking out of the quenching barrel.  They were still hiltless and without enhancements; Nix and Zane were sitting on the ground nearby, eating from two open cans.

    "This is Otter?"  Zane held a fork in one hand and gestured to the meat he had impaled.

    Nix nodded.  "The biggest Otter you've ever seen."

    Lu Ban and his group approached them.  "How are the weapons?"

    Zane gestured to his barrel.  "Formed and sharpened; still plenty left to do, but I can do the rest myself."

    Nix finished the remainder of his meal and then stowed the can in his inventory.  "Can you make some armor for that ranger?"

    Zane nodded.  "Leather, right?  Maybe with some woodlore enhancements?"

    "That should work."  Nix stood up and stretched his arms over his head.  Had it not been for his mana stone, the past few hours would have been impossible.

    "Shouldn't take long, I have some special items I been saving."  Zane stood up and disappeared into his hut.

    Mollie smiled when Nix approached them.  "Aren't you tired?"

    "Sure, I'm going back to Ionova in a bit, but I want to wrap up things here first."  Nix turned his head at the sound of Zane's hammer. He had switched to a much smaller one.  "He's gonna make you something nice."

    Lu Ban nodded happily, but then let his smile fade.  "Sorry, guys."

    Mollie waved it off.  "You getting stronger makes us all stronger."

    Circa nodded in agreement.  "Yep."

    Nix opened his hud and started looking through his designs. "Do druids wear cloth or leather?"

    Mollie sighed heavily. "Cloth, unfortunately."

    Nix took out the enhanced fabric he made in Titania and sent Mollie a friend request.

    Mollie has agreed to be your friend.

    Camouflage Fabric V


    Complete Invisibility

    Sound Suppression: When applied to armor.

    Sound Amplification: When applied to weapons.

    Lightning Resistant: Extra protection against Lightning-based attacks.

    Bonus: Material is completely immune to fire.

    Nix studied his options, although he used Tailoring often, mostly he used it to enhance leather and heavy armor.  "Crap... I don't have many enhancements that will work when cloth is the base material; three enhancement slots, but I can only add one legendary. "

    "I have this that dropped off of a wolf!  It isn't awesome or anything."  Lu Ban handed Nix a smalled fang.

    Wolf fang [Ranger or Druid only]

    + 5 Speed

    + 5 Agility

    + 10 to Nature.

    Mollie shook her head.  "You were saving that Lu, I don't need it."

    "Zane is making me something; it will make me feel better if you accept it."

    "She'll accept your generosity."  Nix grabbed the fang and added it to the enhancement slot along with Lamia Leather. He pulled out his golden razir and stared at it for a moment, before throwing it into the queue also.

    [Mollie] [Item: Pants, Shirt set][Base Material: Camouflage Fabric V] [Enhancement: Golden Razir] [Enhacement: Lamia Leather][Enhancement: Wolf fang]

    "That should work."  Nix activated the crafting Icon.

    Poison Forest Queen: Shape Shifter Set

    Description: This outfit is a [Golden Razir] Shape

    Shifting Set. [Custom: Mollie only]

    Become a small predator of the forest.

    All ambient sound

    within one meter of the wearer is

    completely suppressed.

    + 1000 to Armor Class

    +100 to Nature

    + 20 to all Base Stats.

    +30 to Speed.

    + 200 Poison Resistance

    +200 to Lightning Resistance.

    Enhancement: Complete Camouflage

    is activated at will.

    Enhancement: A poison counter is added to

    each successful attack.

    Bonus: Wearer is Immune to Fire Damage

    Nix handed Mollie the outfit and stepped back to admire his handiwork when she equipped it.  "Hmm... Looks good."

    "Nix... I can't accept something like this!"  Mollie's face was red with excitement.  "Shape Shifter set?"

    Instantly she changed into a Golden Razir.  "This is so awesome!"

    Nix watched her dart around the area for a few minutes until she finally turned back.  "We're going to be grouping, so you need to keep up."

    Mollie nodded in agreement.  "I will."

    Nix handed Circa the armor he enhanced in Titania.  He would never wear it again, and it was made for a thief. "This is for you.  Can't have you lagging behind the rest of us."

    Silent Night: Legendary Tier III

    Description: This armor is designed

    for a Master Thief. All ambient sound

    within one meter of the wearer is

    completely suppressed.

    Enhancement: Complete Camouflage

    is activated at will.

    Bonus: Armor is Immune to Fire Damage

    + 3000 to Armor Class

    + 50 to all Base Stats.

    +50 to Speed.

    +200 to Lightning Resistance.

    Circa equipped the armor, grinning when his stats soared.  "Thanks, Nix."

    Nix waved him off.  "No worries, we will definitely have to fight harder opponents than Zed and his Spire Chasers.  Be ready."

    /Inferno: Mina: Are you still here, Nix?

    /Inferno: Nix: Yes, I am about to head back to Ionova.

    /Inferno: Mina: I dropped Beta and the Qi siblings at HQ, thought I would come back and see if you need help.

    Nix smiled at the gesture. Since the Cai'Song artifact was destroyed, the Aquarion often went out of her way to help him.

    /Inferno: Nix: Might as well bring you in.

    Nix activated his Allied Spirit ring, and a moment later, Mina appeared in front of him.  After accepting a hug from her, he introduced her to the group.  "This is Mina, an Aquarion Matriarch. Mina, these three are called Mollie, Circa, and Lu Ban."

    Mina smiled politely and bowed.  "How did the quest go today?"

    Nix considered his progress for a moment before answering.  "Got sidetracked a bit while helping Zane, these guys are going to help me finish up tomorrow."

    Mina didn't comment; she understood that Nix wasn't someone who needed help.  "When you get to Free Trader City, we'll join up."

    "Meet here tomorrow at 1100."  Nix grabbed Mina's hand and activated Deep Blue.

    Lu Ban seemed surprised by the time.  "So late?"

    Mina gripped Nix's hand tight.  "He sleeps in."

    An instant later, the two of them appeared next to the Turtle pond behind Nix's house.

    Nix shook his hand loose from hers. "Why'd you tell them that?"

    Mina laughed at his expression.  "Did I make it up?"

    Nix stopped before he reached the back door when he noticed she wasn't following.  "Not coming in?"

    Mina shook her head.  "Going back to HQ, I'll stop by in the morning to pick up Hyai."

    "Okay.  Night Min."  He waited until she vanished before walking in the back door.

    The smell of baked bread filled his nostrils the moment he stepped into his bedroom.  He stowed his armor in the closet trunk before peeking into the kitchen.  Hyai was cooking while Fajii seemed to be sorting through a large pile of mushrooms.

    "Heyas! Am I late for dinner?"

    "Hi, Nix." Hyai shook her head in reply.  "Bread's baking Hun, fifteen minutes."

    Fajii smiled at him from behind a stack of mushrooms. "How'd it go?"

    "Good.  Going to get cleaned up."  Nix exited the doorway and grabbed some clean clothes on the way into the bathroom.

    Fajii put the mushrooms away before walking around the island to the stove.  "I can watch the bread."

    Hyai smiled warmly.  "I'll finish up, go ahead and say hello."
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