333 Tying up Loose Ends part one

    You have received the Key to  Dyrekstad.

    Nix looked up from the Control Interface. "Where'd you get that?"

    Shae smiled pleasantly.  "Ronnie convinced Hierophant to tell her where it was hidden."

    "Hmm... I bet she did."  Before they left, Nix made sure that Hierophant reversed the essences belonging to the elementals that were still alive.  Too many had died, but the ones that were saved were very thankful.  "Take a look."

    [Alliance City System Operations]

    1. Security

    a) City Controller (Nix)

    b) City Shields (Enabled)

    c) City Gating Platforms (Enabled)

    d) City Gun Points (Enabled)

    2. Power Grid

    a) City Utilities Power (Enabled)

    b) Greater House Power

    c) Residential Power  (Enabled)

    d) Business District Power  (Enabled)

    3. Transportation

    a) Mark V Thrusters (Disabled)

    b) Orbital Stabilizers (Disabled)

    c) City Levitators (Disabled)

    4. Master Key.

    a) Annonymous (Enabled)

    b) Intercity Communication (Enabled)

    c) Direct Control (Enabled)

    d) City Links (Disabled)

    Shae peeked over his shoulder, one hand slipping around his waist. "You restored the security Gun Points?"

    "Yep.  Although if I could make those sentries work, I'd opt for that."  Nix closed the Interface and then locked access.

    "Nice name change, Alliance City."  Shae kept her arm around him as they walked up the ramp.

    "We'll restrict access for a while until our Allies settle in."  Nix was tempted to pay a visit to Artemis, but Gideon had already done so, and he didn't want to disturb the reclusive forest goddess.


    When the pair stepped into the turtle house a few minutes later, only Hyai and Fajii were present.  The living room had been cleaned up, and everything seemed like it was back to normal, the two women whisked Shae away into the bedroom and closed the door.

    With nothing better to do, Nix exited through the front door and was immediately confronted by a large pile of Earth puppet parts.  Pon, Wind, Semmi, and Jun Li seemed to be content watching the sentries.

    Nix joined the group. "Something up?"

    Semmi nodded.  "We took the Air and Water elemental crystals back to HQ.  Delia is able to identify each of the essences stored inside."

    "She was?"  Nix had forgotten that he sent Delia the Beautiful back to HQ.  "I'm assuming her powers have reset, right?"

    "Yes."  Semmi had spent several hours talking to her.  "Intrepids want to live their lives without ever having to activate that ability.  She considers yourself in your debt."

    Nix shook his head.  "There is no debt."

    "Maybe not, but she thinks she can help us put those essences back into viable containers."  The blond officer hid a smile.  "If only we had someone who could make those."

    Nix let out a long breath. "You think I should make dozens of puppets and help animate them?"

    Semmi nodded.  "Hundreds, actually."

    Jun Li's face showed her excitement.  "We'll help you.  Pon came up with a plan?"

    Nix scowled at Pon.  "Did he now?"

    Pon's old face creased in an innocent smile.  "Just trying to do my part Nix."

    Nix laughed at the old man's expression. "Share with me this idea of yours."

    Pon pulled up his hud and showed an item list of materials from the auction house.  "Using common generic materials, you can create two different templates.  One for Water creatures and the other for Air."

    Jun Li opened up her own hud and showed Nix what they already had on hand.  "We can do it fairly cheaply.  You can use the extracted essence to enhance the puppets."

    Nix considered the idea for a moment.  "Each extracted essence would need to be stored in a container first if we could do that; then I could make it work."

    Semmi held out a small blue stone.  "Guess what?  Darsi can make these for about a thousand credits each."

    Essence Sapphire

    Description: Perfect

    for storing enhanced

    spirits at the Lord rank

    and below.

    Wind was staring at Nix; he hadn't voiced his opinion yet.  "I hate missing out on missions, Boss.  Help me get an element."

    Semmi seemed surprised by the statement. "What's this have to do with the topic?"

    Wind shrugged.  "Nothing. Branching out on my own here."

    "Speaking of branching out.  Where are Beta and the Qi siblings?"  Nix knelt next to one of the earth sentries and examined it; he started going through the pile quickly.  "I thought you guys looted these."

    "We did.  You find something?"  Pon picked up one of the sentries that Nix hadn't touched yet.  "Nothing here."

    "Beta and the Qi siblings are waiting for you in Free Trade City." Wind tried in vain to not smile when he mentioned the albino rogue. "Sasi asked me to hurry you along."

    "Hmm?"  Nix grabbed the sentry from Pon and immediately removed an item.

    "The hell you get that?  I just looked at it."  Pon's old face stared at the small stone in Nix's hand.

    "Used my animate skill to salvage it."  Nix linked the item.

    [Earth Essence]

    Medium level Earth Enhancement.

    "I was wondering what happened to those; they didn't revert back to Hierophant either because of the distance or his because his body was dead."  Semmi put her hand out and then examined it closer when Nix gave it to her.

    "Or both." Jun Li waited until she was done and then put her two cents in.  "We need to upgrade the entire Guild Nix, the fights here are only getting tougher."

    "I know.  Have the Gemini raid force come by one at a time tomorrow. I'll fit them in while crafting puppets." Nix shared a glance with Semmi.  "How much dragon blood and scales do we have in our treasury."

    Semmi lowered her voice slightly. "Counting the stuff Leva handed over, more than two thousand separate vials.  A **-ton of scales, you could probably make a dragon with it."

    Nix nodded in agreement.  "I have considered it, but since I don't want to piss off the Apex predators of this world, I thought I'd hold off."

    "Right."  Semmi had only been teasing.  "We've only faced dragons that have been drained of their powers.  How would we fare against someone like Deidra?"

    Nix considered it for a moment. "We'd fare okay for about three seconds, right up until her first attack insta-killed everyone but Morti.  He'd last half a minute."

    As if on-demand, the titan cub lumbered around the side of the house at a full run.  He was carrying Ducky and Fey on his back; in hot pursuit was Wilo."

    The Air elemental stopped when she saw him; her double wings created a buzzing noise in the Air.  "Nix!"

    Nix marveled at what the aura puppet looked like animated.  "Feeling better, Wilo?"

    She moved closer, giggling when a small creature darted around the back of her neck to stand on her shoulder.  She stroked the little gecko's head with one finger.  "Yes.  I missed my friends."

    "I can make you an outfit to suppress that sound from your wings if you want."

    Wilo moved closer until they were eye to eye.  "I'm still getting used to them, but I'll let you know."

    She zipped off a moment later, continuing to chase Morti, who was waddling quickly toward Ionova.

    /Inferno: Nix: Time to upgrade everyone, I'll start with the Gemini Raid group, then progress through everyone. Moki, Darsi, Dalton will be taking part.  Time to break out the good stuff and upgrade Inferno.

    /Inferno: Moki: Dragon scales and leather?

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Yes. Also, all Inferno members will receive one vial of dragon blood.

    /Inferno: Nansu: Lifestyle too?   I have some pretty nice alchemy recipes that can be made with that stuff.

    /Inferno: Jun Li:  Everyone.  Lifestyle players too. The following people report to the Turtle house tomorrow at 0900.

    Jun Li: Gladiator

    Sharl: Defender

    Chiba: Gladiator

    Vooni: Defender

    Milat: Trickster

    Floyd: Trickster

    Semmi: Thief

    Wind: Thief

    Pon: Mage

    Fajii: Mage

    Ronnie: Ranged

    Dalton: Sniper

    Darsi: Sniper

    Moki: Sniper

    Mina: Mage

    /Inferno: Nix: Let's change that to my shop at the Ionova City Center at 1100.

    [Whisper: Gideon to Nix] Is it true that you are giving Dyrekstad to the 12 Pillar Alliance?

    [Whisper: Nix to Gideon] Yes.  You did ask for a safe place. I already changed the name to Alliance City.

    [Whisper: Gideon to Nix] Thanks, Nix.  Are we going to stay in the Seed World with Artemis?

    [Whisper: Nix to Gideon] No.  I have other plans, but I promise it will only benefit the Alliance.

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