337 Neva: Battle for Ever Flame part one

    Nix exited the council building, followed closely by Mina.  She summoned a Vilas and followed him when he rode Nightmare toward the front gate.

    [Player Message Only] The Battle for Ever Flame will begin in one hour.  All players are required to choose a faction.  Rebel Commander Vega will command the Bandit Faction; the Neva Faction will be led by Breach Commander Nix of the Inferno Guild.

    Nix dismounted at the front gate where Jun Li and the rest of Inferno were already gathered.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: City Defense is first?

    /Inferno: Nix: Yes.

    Nix opened his Breach Commander Interface, a large holo of the Neva Province became visible.  He zoomed in specifically on Ever Flame.

    /Breach Commander Nix: [ALL ALLIES] In a short while, we will begin our first battle on the continent of Everspire.  We are fighting on several fronts, expect the fight to last several hours.  Stand Ready.

    [Breach Commander Deployment Menu]

    Available Allies

    1) Alpha Team

    2) Pathfinder Team

    3) Colonial Knights of Glory

    4) Souza Accord

    5) Fire Palace Acolytes

    6) Earth Temple Acolytes

    7) Air Palace Acolytes

    8) Gemini Palace Acolytes

    9) Central Kingdom: 1st Regiment Archers

    10) Ain'Dhassi: Inferno Ranger Company

    11) Broyan Alliance: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Regiments

    12) Aki's Archon Squad

    13) 12 Pillar Alliance

    14) Clan Strom

    15) Clan Xai

    16) Tali Clan

    17) Ain'Dhassi: Shadow Rangers

    18) Izzin Naval Fleet

    19) Clans of Titania

    20) Krayven Clan

    21) 1st Division of Flame Knights

    22) Air'Voilla

    23) Nether Alliance

    24) Ashobel Elite Force

    25) Shi's Ice Commandos

    26) Qi Family

    27) Miscellaneous Friends

    [27: Miscellaneous Friends]

    1) Elan Mtui

    2) Beta

    3) Raine Xai

    4) Del Tali

    5) Cora Tali

    6) Sai Tali

    7) Severance

    8) Shipwright Vy

    9) Morana

    10) Deidra Mtui

    11) Mortimus


    13) Una Chelonia

    14) Zinu

    15) Ishna


    [Author Note: For the purpose of review, I will briefly reintroduce a few of the forces that are going to take part in the upcoming battles. Please take a moment to refresh your memory.]

    [Mortimus] War Leader of the Titan Clans and Morti's Father.

    [Krayven Clan] The Ever Spire Clan attacked Inferno while they were exploring their first Fallen Dragon City. Since the first contact, Nix has built a good friendship with Zinu, who then managed to convince her Clan to support Inferno.

    [12 Pillar Alliance] All 12 Guilds of the Alliance under the leadership of Vice Commanders Gideon and Sulane.

    [Clan Strom] Unseen for quite some time. After being rescued by Inferno in the 'Burning Down the House' Arc, Umi Strom has assumed leadership of Clan Strom and, with the support of her Uncle Bhal (Parliamentary Guard Commander) has lent her full support to Breach Commander Nix.

    [Ashobel Elite Force] Since the Khione Fight, Thraraka (Raka), the former dragon who is now the Ashobel Chieftain, has grown in strength and will rally his forces when Nix calls.

    [Nether Alliance] Under the Leadership of Leva, the might of the Nether waits to be deployed.

    [Clan Xai] Thanks to interference from Alpha Team in 'Raid on Saigon,' Raine Xai, and her mentor Delyn Xai (He taught the Wrath Course at Loki) now lead the Xai Clan without opposition.

    [Shi's Ice Commandos] Nix had come to Shi's aide on several occasions starting when she was the Ice spirit in the Cyphix Temple until he brought her to the Gladis Facility to support her current position as the Ice Lord of the North. This force is lead by Wylie, a Knight of Colonial who Nix assigned to be Shi's Champion.

    [Scorched Earth Temple Acolytes] These are the Lamia Acolytes that follow High Priestess Sori Dah under the Scorched Earth Temple Lord, Fajii.

    [Ain'Dhassi: Inferno Ranger Company] Captain Locas and Bali are both officers in this company that has been protecting Loki for several months.  They are part of the Inferno guild, and most of them have homes in Haven.

    [Ain'Dhassi: Shadow Rangers] Under the Leadership of Ain'Dhassi ranger Del Tali, the Shadow Rangers became close allies after Alpha Team saved Cora Tali in "Raid on Saigon' and then proceeded to bring her to Haven to mend her broken spirit.  Cora has thrived in the following months and is now a full member of the Shadow Rangers.

    [1st Division of Flame Knights] These are the Elite troops of Deidra Mtui, which she assigned to Nix after Alpha Team took down the Nether Emperor and several of his Overlords in one night.


    "Holy crap..."  Molls read the 'player only' announcement and quickly started running toward her mount.  She had spent the morning on a gathering quest with Lu and Circa.

    /Groupchat: Circa: You guys saw that, right?

    /Groupchat: Lu Ban: Yes, head to the horses.

    /Groupchat: Mollie: Almost there.  This means Nix is back!

    /Groupchat: Lu Ban: Yep.

    The trio rode their horses toward Ever Flame and was within sight of the starter town a few minutes later.  A large group was already forming just inside the gates.

    Lu dismounted quickly and left Nix's Mountain Pony outside of the gate; he was joined within a few seconds by Molls and Circa.  "Let's go find Nix.  There's no way I want to miss this fight."

    They had just entered the front gate when a small white-haired woman with pointed ears stopped them.  She held a bow in one and was staring at them with her bright blue eyes. "Halt right there!  Where do you think you're going?"

    /Groupchat: Mollie: Holy crap, is she an elf?

    /Groupchat: Circa: I read about them, she's a dhassi.

    "I'm Lu, and this is Molls and Circa.  We are friends with Nix."

    "Friends of Nix?"  The white-haired ranger laughed in their faces.  "Everyone says that, I'm Vice Leader Bali, and I know all of Nix's friends."

    "See here..." Mollie stepped closer, although she was small also, the diminutive dhassi was a bit shorter. "We wouldn't lie about that!  We've been helping Nix do quests in Ever Flame."

    Bali made a face at her.  "Don't try and look down on me fatty.  Move along before I have you arrested."

    "Who are we arresting now, Bali?"  A familiar voice spoke while laying a hand on her shoulder.  She turned to see Nix.

    "Oh... Hey Nix.  These guys claim to know you."  Bali shot Mollie a sour look.  "That green-haired female there looks like trouble.  Just say the word, and they disappear."

    "Trouble?  Who's trouble? You little white-haired Pipsqueak!" Mollie started walking toward her only to have Lu head her off.

    "Bali, you'll be defending the walls with Captain Locas"  Nix waited until Bali had left before continuing. "You three are with me if you don't mind."

    Molli has joined Alpha Team

    Circa has joined Alpha Team

    Lu Ban has joined Alpha Team.

    Gideon has joined Alpha Team.

    Nebula has joined Alpha Team.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: We'll stay together for the City Defensive after that Gid and Nebs will head off to their Alliance Force while I join the Main Assault team.

    /Alpha Team: Circa: Thanks for including us.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Here's our Layout, Nebs is on heals, and Morti is tanking.

    Gideon: DPS

    Nix: CC

    Lu Ban: DPS

    Mollie: CC

    Circa: DPS

    Nebula: Heals

    /Alpha Team: Mollie: Um... Who is Morti?

    [Summons: Mortimer]

    A moment later, a gigantic wet bear appeared in front of them, he shook himself vigorously, sending water spraying in all directions.  "Sorry Nix, it was bath time."

    Nix was trying not to laugh since he used Mollie to shield himself from the water. "Ready to go?"

    Morti's big head nodded up and down. "Forgot my helmet, though."

    "We'll have to manage without it this time."  Nix patted the titan cub's wet head.  "Okay?"

    "Sure, Nix," Morti agreed.

    /Alpha Team: Mollie: That's Morti?  He's so cute... and really big.

    /Alpha Team: Lu Ban: That's the biggest bear I've ever seen.

    /Alpha Team: Gideon: He's just a cub.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Wait here, let me set up the city defenses, then we'll be the QRF.

    /Alpha Team: Mollie: QRF?

    /Alpha Team: Nebula: Quick Reactionary Force. It means we'll be putting the fires out.

    /Alpha Team: Gideon: Just be ready, we'll be running and fighting the entire time.

    Nix stared at the Breach Commander Interface; there would be three main forces trying to overrun Ever Flame.  They had them surrounded, but with his ability to open breaches, it didn't matter.

    /Breach Commander Nix: I'm going to utilize five groups for Ever Flame's defense.  The Inferno Rangers and Scorched Earth Acolytes will be protecting the city walls.

    /Allied Command: Captain Locas: Understood, Sir.

    /Allied Command: Sori Dah: Understood Nix.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Junie will take Inferno and thin down the group NE of us.

    /Allied Command: Vice Leader Jun Li: We're on it.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Del Tali and the Shadow Rangers will take the group West of us.

    /Allied Command: Del Tali: We won't let you down Nix.

    /Breach Commander: Nix: Clan Xai will hold off the group to the South of us.

    /Allied Command: Raine Xai: Understood Nix.

    /Breach Commander Nix: That should do it for the City Defense, but stay ready just in case.

    A hissing sound behind him announced the arrival of Sori Dah; Nix greeted her with a wave. Like the rest of the Lamia, she could only use Scorched Earth magic in her natural form. "The Acolytes are in place around the walls."

    Nix nodded and used his Breach Commander Interface to place Inferno, the Shadow Rangers, and Clan Xai into their positions.

    /Breach Commander Nix: Prey waits. Have at them.
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