338 Neva: Battle for Ever Flame part two

    [1300 Hours: Ever Flame]

    /Breach Commander Nix: All independent forces in Ever Flame, form groups, and attack the invaders at will.  We can expect that the walls will be breached a few times, be quick to locate these moments, and attack aggressively.

    Nix left Nightmare tied next to the stable and then joined the newly minted Alpha Team.

    [Summons: Ducky]

    Ducky smiled sweetly when she saw Nix and his new friends.  "Nice to see you guys again."

    Mollie couldn't help but return her smile, "Same here, Ducky."

    Nix grabbed her hand and led her away from the group a bit.  "I want you to help the weaker heroes that are going to be defending inside the city, just enough to keep them fighting.  I want you to stay mobile."

    Ducky saluted crisply.  "I'm ready."

    [Summons: Shadai, Tor, Cal]

    All three Arch Winds appeared in the air, their white wings flapping effortlessly as they hovered off the ground.  Cal looked much more durable than he had in the past, he held a powerful looking bow in one hand and bowed deeply.  "Greetings, Nix."

    Nix nodded in satisfaction when he saw his arch winds.  They seemed more robust than before.  "Ranked up?"

    Cal nodded. "All three of us are Lord ranked Air Elementals now."

    "Hmm... Well done, we will celebrate your promotions after this battle."  Nix could see dozens of groups forming just inside the gates.  "The three of you will form your own group and support the other groups.  Let's try and protect them as long as we can."

    [Summons: Fey]

    Fey appeared an instant later in her human form; her long white staff held on one hand.

    Nix placed a hand on her shoulder.  "Can you be my eyes in the air?  Call out any hotspots in the city and lend a hand until help arrives.

    Fey nodded.  "I'm on it, Nix!"  She waved at Ducky and then cast a glance at Morti. "Why are you wet?"

    Morti was sitting on his large butt, water still dripping off him.  "Bathtime..."

    Fey raised her staff, and a moment later, the area around him flared with silver flames.  They died down after a moment, leaving the dried Morti unharmed.  "That's better."

    An unphased Morti nodded in agreement.  "Thanks."

    Nix waited while she morphed into her Drakon form and took to the air in a gale wind of dust. "That should do it, let's get the pugs into position."

    /Alpha Team: Mollie: Pug?

    /Alpha Team: Gideon: Pick up groups.  It's when you join up with people you haven't met before.

    Nix quickly moved through the crowded area; he asked all group leaders to raise their hands and then assigned them positions along the inside of the wall.  A handful of groups were left in the marketplace with instructions to operate as assist groups.  They'd assist any group in trouble, and when they were done, they were to return to the market.  In the event that the group was wiped out, they'd replace them at that position.


    [1300 Hours: Shadow Ranger Force, West of Ever Flame]

    Del Tali studied her hud, although rangers were primarily a range force, more than half of her group were dual-sword specialists.  "Report."

    The three scouts all bowed at the same time. Scout-leader Tru Dawn spoke.  "Mountain Harpies Commander, the entire pack of them, are an airborne group."

    Del cursed the decision to give Captain Locas and his company to Inferno; they were the strongest archers among the Ain'Dhassi. More than once, she wished it had been the Shadow Rangers (SR) that were sent to Loki, but with her in command of SR, her Grandfather would never allow it. "How many? And what type?"

    "Thirty melee fighters and another twenty mages.  Looks primarily like Ice users, but I did see at least three fire mages."  True paused for a moment, unsure if he should continue.

    Del noticed his hesitation. "Was there something else?"

    Cora stepped forward from the scout group. "I sensed the traitor's presence.  It was only for a moment, but it was there."

    Del's pale face slowly turned red. "Did anyone else notice?"

    Tru shook his head, "Cora is the only one, but I do trust her words."

    After Saigon abducted Cora and two other trainees, it had been discovered that an Ain'Dhassi Ranger was feeding information to the Fir'Dhassi.  His name was Rogar. Unfortunately, he was the previous commander of the Shadow Rangers.  Del felt her jaw clench reflexively; it had taken everyone by surprise.

    "If he is with them, then we'll deal with it.  Our mission first is to destroy this camp."  Del studied the terrain, the spot they picked was the most direct route to Ever Flame.  All they needed to do now was wait.

    [1300 Hours: Xai Clan Force, South of Ever Flame]

    Raine read the scouting report that her clansmen handed her. "A mounted force?  Heavy or light?"

    The teen scout answered without hesitation. "Quick hit type, light armor."  Like many of the Xai Clan, he was one of the trainees that were brought up to fill in the gaps that the Saigon/Raine feud had caused.  He seemed calm on the outside, but inside he was scared. His first action was an assault in Everspire.  The odds were that he'd face an enemy 10 or 15 levels higher than his.

    Raine nodded and handed the report to Delyn.  "What's your name, scout?"

    The scout was short and slender, his hair much darker than most of the Fir'Dhassi. "Baran Quickstride."

    Raine bit down on a smile, given the size of Xai Clan; she didn't know everyone.  "Relation to Ti Quickstride?"

    Baran nodded.  "Ti is my elder sister, she's with child and has withdrawn from active service."

    "Crazy Ti is having a baby?"  Raine let the smile come out and gripped the young man's shoulder. "When we get back, be sure to tell her I said hello."

    Baran bowed slightly and left at a quick trot, Raine and her mentor both watched him go.

    Raine handed the report to her mentor. "He's young.  So many of them are."

    Delyn Xai nodded while glancing over the intel.  "They'll be fine.  Commander Nix gave us a fairly soft assignment."

    The Wrath trainer had learned a lot about Nix and his friends while teaching the Wrath course at Loki's VoTech.  On the outside, it seemed chaotic and unorganized, but there were several strong leaders within Inferno.

    "I agree."  Raine grabbed her gear and headed for her horse.  "Our mounted force against theirs, we'll wait for them to make a move."

    [1300 Hours: Inferno Raid Force, Northeast of Ever Flame]

    Jun Li stared at her raid sheet.  They'd be outnumbered; she wanted to read the scouting report before deciding their strategy.

    She didn't have to wait long, Semmi and Wind unstealthed at the edge of their camp and arrived in front of her a few minutes later.

    The blond officer offered her childhood friend a crisp salute. "There are three Mid-Level Lieutenants in that camp; Vladik, Seino, and Rhaqi. Each of them has an entire platoon of range/melee members.  No real magic users of any kind."

    Jun Li's hud buzzed, and she received maps and pictures of the enemy camp. "Very good, anything else?"

    Semmi nodded.  "A boss is sitting by herself in the far tent.  I believe she's the heavy-hitter in camp, there was a staff next to her, and her name is Milandra the Ice Princess."

    "Probably an Ice Mage of some sort," Jun Li smiled at her friend and started setting up their groups.

    [Main Assault Group]

    Sharl: Defender (Tank)

    Semmi: Thief (DPS)

    Wind: Thief (DPS)

    Pon: Mage (DPS)

    Gypsy: Heals

    [Command Group]

    Jun Li: Gladiator (DPS/Tank)

    Milat: Trickster (CC)

    Mina: Mage (DPS/CC)

    Fajii: Mage (Buffs)

    Saji: Heals

    [Secondary Assault Group]

    Banzi: Defender (Tank)

    Ronnie: Ranged (DPS)

    Floyd: Trickster (CC)

    Zhava: Scout (DPS)

    Tess: Heals

    [Sniper Nest]

    Vooni: Defender (Tank)

    Dalton: Sniper (DPS)

    Darsi: Sniper (DPS)

    Moki: Sniper (DPS)

    Pinky: Heals

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Our Main Assault Group will take Lieutenant Seino; that's the one closest to the camp's main boss. Once the Main Boss is active, Sharl will have to hold her until the rest of us can lend a hand.

    /Inferno: Sharl: I got it.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Set up the Sniper Nest at their max range, no one has seen what a Gemini Sniper can do, time to shine.  Make sure you protect them, you're bound to be charged.

    /Inferno: Vooni: Understood.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Our secondary team will take Lieutenant Rhaqi.  If Sharl goes down, Banzi will assume Main Tank duties.

    /Inferno: Banzi: I'm on it, Junie.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: The Command Group will take Lieutenant Vladik.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: More than anything, we need to be reactive, plans are just a guideline, we'll adapt as it comes.

    /Inferno: Pon: With a name like Vladik, you know he's a vamp.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Yep, bloodsucker for sure.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Wonderful... Use AE attacks on the platoons.  A lot of the fodder will get by us, but Nix and Morti are protecting the city.  Questions?

    /Inferno: Sharl: Nope. Let's go-prey waits.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Tanks get ready, as soon as you have the HoT (Heal over Time), head in and establish aggro.

    Saji has placed [Blessing of the Sea] on Jun Li.

    Gypsy has placed [Blessed Hands] on Sharl.

    Tess has placed [Blessed Hands] on Banzi.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Mages put your AoEs down right at first contact.
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