346 Mountain Pass: Jumping In

    As part of the preparation, Nix sketched the underground cavern and sent copies to the huds of everyone jumping in.  It was a large circular room with a high stalactite laced ceiling.  The dragon puppet had been lying in the center of the room, two hundred feet of black scales, wings, and teeth.  There was a small common area set up with a single round table and some chairs. The only exit in the room was a monstrous-sized set of double doors.

    Nix didn't stop moving when he exited the breach; he immediately targeted the three people in the room.

    [Daisy Chain]

    Bextur has been stunned.

    Humix has been stunned.

    Treva has been stunned.


    Nix has summoned Treva.

    Semmi has [Backstabbed] Treva

    Critical Strike on Treva.

    [Critical Chain: Backstab]

    Wind has followed up Semmi's attack with a critical strike on Treva.

    [Ghost Step]

    Jun Li flashed toward Humix.

    Jun Li has landed [Champion Strike] on Humix

    Significant Strike on Humix.

    [Dual Chain: Rock Slam]

    Fajii has followed up Jun Li's attack with a significant strike on Humix.

    [Shield Slam: Heavy Hands]

    Combination attempt successful.

    Bextur has been stunned.

    Sharl has landed a Significant strike on Bextur.

    Pon has cast [Fire-Nado]

    All three targets were caught up in a whirlwind Inferno.

    Nix pushed flames in Wrath, the fury flames crackling in protest as the white blade appeared.

    [Flashblade: Execution]

    Combination attempt successful.

    Nix has landed a Critical hit on Treva.

    Nix has landed a Significant strike on Treva.

    Mina ordered her Vilas to attack the left-wing of the puppet.  The three powerful reptiles tore into the fleshy part of the furled wing.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Good thinking, break off, and attack the puppet while Alpha finishes these guys. Wings and eyes, if possible, the rest will be heavily armored.

    [Critical Chain: Balefire Burst]

    Pon has followed up Nix's attack with a Critical Strike on Treva.

    Treva has been slain.

    Room Defenses have been activated.

    [Earth Mire]

    Nix is immune to Control Effects.

    Pon has been bogged down in the mud and cannot move.

    Semmi has been bogged down in the mud and cannot move.

    Fajii is immune to Earth Effects.

    Wind has been bogged down in the mud and cannot move.

    Sharl has been bogged down in the mud and cannot move.

    Jun Li has been bogged down in the mud and cannot move.

    Tess has been bogged down in the mud and cannot move.

    Milat has been bogged down in the mud and cannot move.

    Mina has been bogged down in the mud and cannot move.

    [Tides of Flame: Meteor Storm: Balefire Burst]

    Triple Combination attempt successful.

    Flames washed over the area, the entire room turning unnaturally bright as screams filled the air. Two large predatory eyes blinked open in the center of the room, glowing red with malice.

    Bextur has been slain.

    Humix has been slain.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: The puppetmaster isn't in here!  The dragon is active!

    [Storm Rider: Water Lance]

    Nix appeared in front of the awakening dragon and jammed his water spear deep into its left eye.  Extending his right hand, the barbed tips of a half dozen Ice Flame strands sunk deep into the right eye.

    A Dragon's vision has been impaired by 40 percent.

    [Dragon Roar]

    Nix is immune to Control Effects.

    Pon has resisted fear.

    Semmi has been feared.

    Fajii has been feared.

    Wind has been feared.

    Sharl has been feared.

    Jun Li has resisted fear.

    Tess has been feared.

    Milat has been feared.

    Mina has resisted fear.


    [Primary Force: Captain Locas Commanding]

    Captain Locas stood up in the stirrups; there were six long rows of heavily armored Flame Knights in front of his mounted archers.  Their objective was the Eastern part of the camp.

    /Primary Force: Captain Locas: Knights!  Wedge formation!  CHARGE!

    Heavily armored fighters mounted on warhorses charged toward the center of camp.  The outer skirts of the camp didn't even slow them down as they were trampled into the dirt of the eastern perimeter.

    Locas counted silently in his head, each moment giving the Knights more room to work.

    /Primary Force: Captain Locas: Ranged Fighters!  On me!

    Locas braced himself as his mount accelerated toward the bandit camp, he pulled his bow and notched an arrow while keeping an eye on the Knights.

    Once past the outskirts, the Knight began to pick up speed.  Without warning, the second line of the defenses rallied.  The entire field burst into flames as hundreds of armored fighters formed a shield wall to slow down the charge.

    /Primary Force: Captain Locas: Ranged Fighters! Prepare to fire!

    Locas shook his head, of course, the Flame Knights of Deidra were immune to the effects of the burning field.  His ranged fighters, however, were not.

    /Primary Force: Captain Locas: All ranged fighters halt!  FIRE!

    The first volley of arrows and bullets fired directly into defense; the effect was minimal because of the quickly forming shield wall.

    /Primary Force: Captain Locas: Ranged Fighters! Prepare for the second volley!

    Locas watched as the outer edges of the Flame Knights slowed and abruptly turned perpendicular to their charging line.  Within seconds the outside Knights reinforced the middle rows and formed a wedge that punched a hole through the shield wall.

    The wedge creation had a ripple effect as the hole widened, and Knights poured through.  The outer sections of the shield wall moved toward the middle in an attempt to stem the flow of armored knights.

    /Primary Force: Captain Locas: FIRE VOLLEY! Then fire at will!

    Locas fired his bow, standing up in the stirrups he picked target after target. This time the effect of his ranged fighters was visible. The shield carriers were caught shifting positions, and the reinforcement was stopped before it could take effect.  The battle turned suddenly just as the flames burned themselves out.

    Ronnie stood on the shoulders of her Golem, keeping pace with Bali while they both fired into the Shield wall.  The Knights formed an armored line and opened the route to their target, the center of the camp.

    /Inferno: Ronnie: We have daylight!  Inferno, Move-in!

    The Golem led the way, its big sweeping fists slamming responding defenders aside like bugs.  The Knights suddenly halted and held the wedge while Inferno poured in.


    [Southern Assault Force: War Leader Mortimus Commanding]

    Thirty feet of Brown bear studied his route, heavy armor and archers stood in his way.  His son would soon be somewhere in the middle, fighting alongside his Chevalier. Mortimus wanted to see them in action; more than anything, he wanted to fight beside them.

    He glanced at his line of Titans.  Most of them were bears, but there were several other species represented, notably the Turtle clan, the Saber clan, and the Ox clan. The Titans from the Turtle clan were mounted on horseback.  Given their inherent lack of speed, they needed to be in the thick of battle before they changed forms and armored up.

    Mortimus's big nose could smell the mud-smeared barbarians behind them.  Nix had said they could fight, so the Warleader had placed them on the second line.

    Mortimus reared back on his hind legs and roared, a terrifying sound that signaled the Titan charge.

    Unlike his cub, there wasn't any fat on the War Leader, five tons of muscle, claws, and teeth charged straight at the line.  His ground pounders stormed through the outskirts without slowing down, Mortimus's big paws crushed the only fighter stupid enough to challenge him.

    /Southern Force: Mortimus: TRENCH!

    The War Leader spotted the hidden trench seconds before he came to the edge of it.

    [Bull Rush]

    Mortimus appeared on the other side of the trench, the veteran group unphased by the hidden ditch as each of them used their individual crossing techniques.  The eyes of the defensive force showed their shock, and the smell of fear saturated the air.

    Mortimus bulled into the front line of the camp's heavy armor.  Calmy swiping and stomping while he methodically worked his way forward.

    /Southern Force: Mortimus: Chain Stuns!

    [Ground Pounder]

    Mortimus reared up on his hind legs and slammed two huge paws onto the ground, stunning the nearby defenders.  On either side of him, his clansmen used the same technique, and the armored defenders of the Southern perimeter collapsed.

    /Southern Force: Mortimus: ALL IN!

    Mortimus charged toward the center of camp, crushing and breaking everything and everyone in his path.  His sharp eyes scanned the battlefield and noticed them right away.

    /Allied Assault Force: Mortimus: Cannons in the Center!
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