347 Mountain Pass: Dragonfire

    Nix had felt the strength of powerful beasts before, but despite having two firm anchors sunk into the flesh of the creature. A slight headshake catapulted him off like he was shot from a cannon.

    Nix has been stunned.

    Struggling to his hands and knees, he grimaced at the sight of Inferno screaming in mortal fear.

    Nix has resisted stunning effects.

    [Storm Rider]

    Nix appeared in front of the dragon with both hands extended.  A dozen barbed emerald strands stabbed at the face of the dragon before bouncing harmlessly off.


    The snout of the black dragon opened wide and blasted Nix point-blank with superheated dragon-fire.  Although unharmed, it spun him around like a top; the reptile extended its neck in pursuit only to be knocked to one side.

    Morti barreled into the side of the dragon's head, smacking him with both paws.  Unexpectedly the dragon stumbled slightly.  Enraged, it turned its flames on Titan cub.

    Mortimer is immune to fire.

    Morti reared back and clamped his jaws on the nose of the dragon, wrapping his huge black arms around its snout before dragging its head to the floor.

    The entire cavern shook as the dragon roared in pain.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: All our attacks are bouncing off Nix.

    /Inferno: Nix: Keep at it!  It's not a real dragon!

    The dragon dragged Morti from side to side, unable to lift the Titan cub enough to slam him down as it struggled desperately to shake him off.

    Mina's Vilas clung to the dragons left-wing, rending flesh with their overly sharp mutated teeth; they managed to tear off some of the scales.

    Mina has cast [Water Cannon], A huge orb of water slammed into the wing of the dragon, the cracking of bones echoing off the stone walls.

    Mina has landed a critical strike.

    [Critical Chain: Rock Spear]

    Fajii has followed up Mina's attack with a critical strike.

    Pon cussed at the dragon while circling behind the creature.

    [Ice Wraith]

    [Critical Chain: Champion's Strike]

    Jun Li has followed up Fajii's attack with a critical strike.

    [Critical Chain: First Strike]

    Semmi has followed up Jun Li's attack with a critical strike.

    [Critical Chain: Backstab]

    Wind has followed up Semmi's attack with a critical strike.

    [Critical Chain: Winter's Edge]

    Pon has followed up Wind's attack with a critical strike.

    [Critical Chain: Sudden Strike]

    Milat has followed up Pon's attack with a  critical strike.

    The beast suddenly charged Nix, forcing him to use Storm Rider to escape, instead of pursuing, it charged headfirst into the cavern rock wall.  Huge chunks of stalactite rained down on Inferno, forcing them to retreat.  After three ground shaking slams, the dragon finally tossed Morti off of his bleeding snout.

    Fajii moved in to cover Morti.

    [Rock Slam]

    Two boulders crashed into the nose of the dragon; it roared angrily and bathed Fajii in Dragonfire.

    [Shielded Ally]

    Sharl jumped in front of Fajii, her shield taking the blast as both of them were driven back. The shield held for a few seconds before melting away into nothing.

    Sharl has been slain.

    Fajii sprinted away from the maw of the angry dragon, just before it closed on her, three emerald strands settled around her torso and yanked her back in the opposite direction.

    Unexpectedly, it reacted quickly, and Nix found himself face to face with the beast, its jaws snapping him in half before he could use a retreat skill.

    Nix has been slain.

    Morti roared angrily and clamped his jaws down on its left-wing, his four paws digging to the rock floor as he held the beast in place.

    Fajii has cast [Battle Ressurection: Nix].

    The dragon pointed his head up and turned the full strength of his flames loose on the ceiling, sending tons of melted rock raining down on the members of Inferno.  Daylight streamed in through the melted tunnel, the dragon dug its claws into the rock walls and started climbing.

    /Inferno: Nix: HOLD HIM!

    A dozen strands of emerald flame anchored into the wounded wing, Nix hung on as the beast pulled him upward toward the surface.


    [Center Camp: Easter Perimeter]

    Two Golems broke through the squad of archers that were taking aim at the Flame Knights.  Ronnie was standing on the shoulders of hers, while Chael was on foot, preferring to let it lead the way.

    /Primary Force: Locas:  Ronnie is the Main Assist!

    Ronnie caught a glimpse of one of the bandit captains rallying his troops and quickly used her hud to paint a target on him.

    /Primary Force: Ronnie:  Attack my target!


    Ronnie landed a critical hit on Captain Burns

    [Chael has set up a Sniper's nest]

    [Darsi as assumed a prone firing position]

    [Moki has assumed a prone firing position]

    [Dalton has assumed a prone firing position]

    [Critical Chain: Snipe]

    Darsi has followed up Ronnie's attack with a critical strike.

    [Critical Chain: Snipe]

    Moki has followed up Darsi's attack with a critical strike

    [Critical Chain: Snipe]

    Dalton has followed up Moki's attack with a critical strike.


    Chael has followed up Moki's attack with a critical strike.

    Captain Burns has been slain.

    /Primary Force: Locas:  Ronnie, get back!  Cannons!

    Ronnie turned to see herself looking down the business end of a cannon.  "F*ck me."

    The deafening blast from point-blank range caused Ronnie and those around her to flinch; surprisingly, they were unharmed.

    Ronnie opened her eyes to find the cannon pointing at her was completely destroyed, and its team blasted apart.  Her dark eyes darted to a second cannon that had been rotated inward, the blue-haired Water Witch standing next to it gave her a friendly wave.

    Ducky pursed her lips, staring at the metal tube in front of her, she lowered her voice slightly. "Hey... What's next again?"

    The cannoneer smiled at her with adoring eyes.  "Reload."

    Ducky nodded.  "Right.  Team Ducky, RELOAD!"    She clapped her hands encouragingly as the bewitched crew did her bidding.


    [Center Camp: Southern Perimeter]

    The big brown bear came down with both paws, the sound of crunching bone and armor went unheard in the din of battle as bits of flesh squeezed out from beneath his claws.

    Captain Letra has been slain.

    /Southern Force: Mortimus: Push into the center, destroy the cannons before they target our allies!

    Mortimus kept pace with horse beside him, his huge feet tearing up large junks of mud and rocks as he ran.  A shield wall formed in front of him, a dozen armored bandits braced themselves for the impact.  The Titan War Leader didn't even slow down, he lowered his head and slammed through them, sending bodies hurling in all directions.

    Gil swerved his horse behind Mortimus when he saw the wall, laughing at the men who wanted to stop five tons of bear by themselves.  "Idiots!"

    He kicked his heels, forcing his horse to its top speed.  He leaned to one side and slid off a few meters before the nearest cannon.

    [Titan: Snapper]

    The gigantic turtle spotted the burning fuse and immediately tucked his head and legs in.  The cannonball struck the shell at point-blank range with a loud gonging sound, sending it into a spin.

    Four tree trunk sized legs popped out of the shell a moment later and stopped the spin. Gil's head snaked out on its long neck and examined his shell.  "BASTARDS!"  Despite his size, the snapper closed on them quickly, its massive jaws snapping through the cannon barrel like it was soft candy.  "YOU SCRATCHED MY SHELL!"

    Gil stampeded into the cannon group, stomping and snapping bodies as they fell over each other in a panic.  "No one f*cks with my Shell!"

    The earth beneath the Center Camp pitched suddenly, sending dirt and rock blasting everywhere.  A massive pillar of fire erupted right after it, extending skyward as it melted the ground around it and killed everyone within a few meters.

    /Southern Force: Mortimus: Come on!  Time to kill Dragons!

    Two hundred feet of scales and teeth crawled out of the hole a moment later, dragging most of Inferno with it.  It was bleeding profusely from both eyes and nose; the bones on one wing was twisted and exposed.

    [Dragon Roar]
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