369 Goralpri part four

    Eron was a notorious spirit snatcher; according to Semmi, he was the strongest of his kind.  The creature nestled down comfortably on Nix's shoulder. \"I will.\"

    /Hotness: Nix: Those ingots are called Dragon steel.  According to Tai, it's a fusion of metal and dragon bone.

    /Hotness: Fajii: You saw Tai?

    [Whisper: Pon to Nix] Next time, bring me.

    [Whisper: Wind to Nix] I wouldn't mind revisiting her.

    Nix ignored the whispers, Tai made favorable impressions on everyone she met.

    /Hotness: Nix: Yes.  Since she's a dragon, I figured she'd know what it was.  Mount up; there's no way we are walking down.

    /Hotness: Pon: Flying is too risky?

    /Hotness: Nix: Opinions?

    /Hotness: Fajii: I don't mind riding.

    /Hotness: Semmi: Flying would be faster.

    /Hotness: Wind: Maybe have one person try it.  I nominate Pon.

    /Hotness: Ronnie: Seconded!

    /Hotness: Nix: Motion carried.

    Nix smiled pleasantly at the old fire mage. \"Do a quick circle while in stealth.\"

    Pon summoned his Daiken and took to the air.  The creature stealthed and did a lazy circle around the edge of the crater.

    /Hotness: Semmi: Good enough.  Come back.

    The group watched as the Daiken dipped one wing and banked back toward the edge.  It happened so quickly; no one could react.  A half dozen silver spears impaled the Daiken in an instant, the creature's pitiful wail echoed in the cavern.

    /Hotness: Pon: F*ck me!

    Eron has cast [Blessed Life] on Pon.

    Nix extended a hand and sent a strand of emerald flame towards the fire mage; the old man made a desperate grab for it as his mount plummeted downward.

    /Hotness: Pon: Damn...

    Semmi and Wind helped Pon climb up from the edge of the crater.  The old fire mage refused to release the emerald flame strand until both feet were on solid ground.  He had a single spear sticking upward through the back part of his leg, just above the knee.

    Wind grinned at his friend and yanked the spear free.  It was three feet long and an inch in diameter, one end had been sharpened to a fine point.  \"Looks like the same metal.\"

    [Summons: Nightmare]

    /Hotness: Nix: Looks like we're riding down.

    An instant later, the cavern echoed with a roar.

    /Hotness: Pon: The hell is that?

    /Hotness: Wind: Guess we aren't sneaking in-good one old man.

    /Hotness: Nix: Mount up.


    A few minutes later, the group was trotting steadily down the mining road.  Fey and Ducky were riding on Morti's back; neither seemed overly concerned as they spoke in whispered conversation.  The descent took nearly an hour.

    /Hotness: Bali: There he is.

    /Hotness: Nix: I see him.

    The bottom of the pit contained a half dozen wagons, piles of different types of metal, and a single armored guard.  He was still carrying the body of the clerk from Free Trader City.

    /Hotness: Semmi: Somethings wrong.

    Eron jumped from Nix to Fajii. \"It's an illusion.\"

    /Hotness: Nix: Ducky?

    /Hotness: Ducky: One moment.

    The Water Witch walked forward slowly, both her hands extended outward from her body.  Ducky has cast [True Sight].

    The illusion broke suddenly without any warning.

    Bo'raz has cast [Elemental Infringement]

    You may not use your primary element.

    Pon may not use his primary element.

    Semmi may not use her primary element.

    Fey may not use her primary element.

    Ronnie may not use her primary element.

    Bali may not use her primary element.

    Wind may not use her primary element.

    Wilo may not use her primary element.

    Fajii: may not use her primary element.

    /Hotness: Pon: We're f*cked.

    /Hotness: Nix: Pon, Fey, and Wilo get behind us.

    Bo'raz climbed slowly to his feet, thousands of dragon scales dropped to the ground where he stood.  It seemed small for a dragon, only slightly larger than Fey was in her drakon form.  Bright silver metallic skin was visible in the large splotches where scales were missing.

    Nix pushed black ice into Wrath and lightning into his soul blade.  The dragon moved toward them, its tail destroying a half dozen wagons that were parked nearby.

    Bo'raz has cast [Javelin]

    [Critical Interupt]  Morti has blocked an attack using [Shield Allies].

    The Titan Cave bear reared up on his hind legs and roared, its claws extended toward the dragon as two dozen spears stopped in mid-air before falling uselessly to the ground.

    [Titan Charge]

    Morti instantly covered the distance between himself and the dragon.

    [Ghost Step: Execution]

    Combination attempt successful.

    Nix has scored a critical hit on Bo'raz.

    Nix landed the blow and then dodged to one side as Bo'raz countered with his tail.

    [Summons: Rockfiend]

    An enormous Rock creature appeared in front of Nix an instant later.  Without asking,  it dived at the tail and held it to the ground.

    A Rockfiend Lord has cast [Rockpile]

    The Rockfiend morphed into thousands of large boulders, pinning Bo'raz's tail to the ground.

    Bo'raz has been rooted in place.

    /Hotness: Pon: The hell... Where'd you get that you cheating bastard?

    [Critical Chain: Trueshot]

    Ronnie has followed up Nix's attack with a critical hit.

    [Critical Chain: First Strike: Double Backstab]

    Combination attempt successful.

    Semmi has followed up Ronnie's attack with a critical hit X2.

    Morti slapped the dragon's head to one side when it snapped at him, the Titan's teeth sunk into the creature's neck while he used his strength to pull the beast off balance.

    Without warning, the dragon's head and tail snapped off, sending Morti stumbling to one side.

    Nix stared at the three separate pieces of Bo'raz. \"Eron?\"

    Eron has cast [Spirit Theft]

    A flash of white light was all the warning Nix received before the dragon's body detonated.  He felt his body picked up like a leaf in the wind as he was tossed into the air.

    You have been stunned.

    Bali has been slain.

    Fey has been slain.

    Pon has been slain.

    Ducky has been slain.

    Morti has resisted stun.

    Wind has been stunned.

    Semmi has been stunned.

    Ronnie has been stunned.

    Fajii has been stunned.

    Nix shook his head to clear it, his head still ringing when he managed to stumble to his feet.  Eron hovered in the air; a brilliant white light surrounded him.  A thick tendril connected him to the dragon's main body.  \"Eron?\"

    \"Kill it now; I can hold a bit of its spirit for a while.\"  Eron's calm voice flowed into Nix's head, instantly breaking the after-effects of stun.

    The remains of the dragon corpse split open, the loud clang of metal on stone sounding when it took its first step.

    /Hotness: Ronnie: Oh **...

    The creature took a second step; its silver eyes seemed unfocused until it crossed Nix's path.  \"I've been awakened?\"

    The silver human spoke softly, shrugging its shoulders as if testing out its own movement.  It was nearly as tall as Morti; its entire body glowed bright silver.

    \"What is this, Bo'raz?\"  Nix still held both blades in his hands; he moved to one side while Morti stood directly in front of it.

    The silver eyes stared at him for a moment.  \"Release my spirit, and I shall leave peacefully.\"

    /Hotness: Fajii: Don't trust it.

    /Hotness: Semmi: Is this a fight we can win Nix?

    /Hotness: Wind: I'll follow your lead Nix.

    /Hotness: Ronnie: He killed Bali, let's beat his ass!

    [Whisper: Eron to Nix] I'm not sure what will happen if I release my hold.  I sense that this creature is hateful, but that doesn't mean he won't leave.

    Nix shook his head slightly. \"You used your bones to create Dragon Steel.  Where'd you get the rest?\"

    \"Fool... If you touched my Dragon Steel.\"  Bo'raz's threat hung in the air; a moment later, the rasping sound of blades being drawn whispered as long silver swords emerged from the ends of Bo'raz's hands.

    \"You mean the crates upstairs?  They're gone, of course.  Deidra Mtui kindly opened a breach to confiscate them.\"

    \"Deidra?\"  The silver head shook from side to side. \"She can't interfere; it isn't allowed.\"

    Nix shrugged slightly.  \"She said that someone has been raiding Khalam'Zhur, so the rules can be bent.\"

    \"DIE!\" Bo'raz darted around Morti and charged Nix, both of his blades slicing downward.

    Nix has activated [Chiba's Apprentice: 1st Form]
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