380 Trial of the Serpent conclusion

    Floyd charged down the trail, slithering pass the two named mobs, he drew them closer to the Archer who seemed to possess incredible range with his bow.

    Floyd has activated [Turn Coat]

    Mirax, the Silent Archer, has changed sides for the next minute.

    [Copyright] Floyd has assumed the Identity of Mirax, the Silent Archer.

    Mirax the Silent Archer as activated [Sunburst Arrow]

    Trahti, the Harpy, has been scorched by the power of the sun.

    Trahti, the Harpy, has been scorched by the power of the sun.

    Trahti the Harpy has been slain.

    [Assasinate] Floyd has landed a fatal blow from the darkness.

    Sri'ong has been slain.

    /Trial: Floyd: Watch your defense, the Archers have a one-shot kill.

    Floyd and Mirax burned down the last named mob on their side.  The Trickster moved toward the Archer, quickly clamping both arms around him while pinning the bow against Mirax's chest.  The Archer struggled to get loose but didn't attack since Floyd hadn't damaged him.  Without warning, the Trickster drew his blade and plunged it into the back of the Archer.

    Mirax, the Silent Archer, has been injured.  Turn Coat is no longer active.

    Floyd felt his own copyright ability expire, grimly he clung to the Archer with both arms, slashing with his tail-blade until he collapsed into the sand.

    /Trial: Floyd: Hold on. I'm on my way back.

    /Trial: Sharl: Mari'Djinn is already here. Hurry up, and we'll finish this.

    /Trial: Floyd: You've already cleared the other side?  The Archer too?

    /Trial: Mari'Djinn: Of course.

    Mari'Djinn has activated [Vampiric Mist]

    Sharl's health will improve by twenty percent of her remaining health.

    Floyd has struck with [Two-Fangs].

    The Boa King has been damaged by a critical hit.

    The Boat King has been damaged by a critical hit.

    [Critical Chain: Leaping Thrust]

    Sharl has followed up Floyd's attack with a critical strike.

    The Boa King has been damaged by a critical hit.

    [Critical Chain: First Strike]

    Floyd has followed up Sharl's attack with a critical strike.

    The Boa King has been damaged by a critical hit.

    [Assassinate] Nevram, the Silent Archer, has landed a fatal blow from the darkness.

    Mari'Djinn has been slain.

    /Trial: Floyd: Shit...

    [Shield Wall]  Sharl has activated her Inferno Shield.

    [War Armor: Sacrifice ]  Sharl's current health and defense have doubled at the expense of her armor.

    /Trial: Sharl: F*ck!   Kill that Archer, Floyd!

    /Trial: Floyd: She said she finished that side!

    [Racial Memory: Desert Blossom]

    Floyd has called forth a Sandstorm.

    Floyd streaked through the cloud of sand that had suddenly blanketed the area.  The Archer had her bow lowered, one arm raised to shield her eyes.

    Floyd has activated [First Blood] and receives five seconds of damage immunity.

    The Trickster slashed at the hamstrings of the Archer, causing her to collapse to the ground.  Without missing a beat, his tail blade stabbed through her shoulder and pinned her to the ground.  Both daggers blurred as he sliced at the Archer, her warm blood spraying him.  Pinned to the ground, the Archer's screams were lost on the wind as her life force fed the dry desert sands.

    Nevram, the Silent Archer, has been slain.

    /Trial: Floyd: On my way back.  Hold him!

    Sharl slammed her shield into the Boa King's face, causing it to back up.

    The Boa King has been stunned.

    [Gemini Companion: Copyright]  Sharl has assumed the identity of The Boa King.

    The dark eyes of the Boa King widened slightly, its snake-eyes showing surprise when Sharl's fangs sunk into his the back of his head.

    The Boa King has resisted stun.

    The Boa King has been poisoned.

    When Floyd returned a few seconds later, the two Boa Kings were completely entwined, the slightly smaller King had its jaws clamped over the head of the larger.

    [Gemini Companion: Defender's Leap] Floyd appeared next to the fighting snakes, both of his daggers stabbing into the larger King's neck.

    The Boa King has been mortally wounded.

    The Boa King let out a muffled roar and spasmed suddenly, before going completely still.

    The Boa King has been slain.

    Sharl waited for copyright to expire before kicking her way free of the Boa King's thick black coils.  Floyd helped his spirit companion to her feet, where they shared a brief hug.

    /Trials: Sharl: You okay?

    /Trials: Floyd: Yeah.  This isn't my blood.

    Sharl spit the taste of snake blood out of her mouth and handed him a towel from her inventory.  "Wipe some of that off; you look kinda scary."

    Floyd put up with the mothering; he knew it was her way of dealing with the sudden end of the battle.  "You destroyed that awesome Armor Nix got for you?"

    Sharl looked like she wanted to cry when she nodded. "Hopefully, the set I get from the Eidengal Armorer will be as good."

    "Well... **."  Floyd checked the body of Mari'Djinn.  "She was sloppy.  Messed up everything I asked her to do."

    Sharl grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the platform. "Sloppy, and arrogant."

    Floyd nodded in agreement, letting himself get pulled along.  A glowing sword appeared in front of them; hovering over the stone platform.  "Is this how we end the trial?"

    Sharl reached for the hilt of the sword; her hand passed entirely through it.  "Damn... I was hoping so.  Let's look for a way out."

    Floyd stared at the sword; it had flickered slightly when Sharl reached for it as if it was dodging her grasp. Tentatively, he reached for the sword; its worn grip felt hot when his hands closed around it.

    [Serpent Bloodline  Acknowledged:  Serpent Trial of the First has been completed.]

    A soft glow settled around Floyd, his Naga body lengthened and expanded, the smooth scales of his body thickened and turned black while he felt is strength level up.

    [Racial Heritage Unlocked: Naga King]

    "Holy crap..."  Sharl stared at her companion, a silver crown hovered over his head for an instant before fading away.  She whistled softly at his modified name.  "Floyd the First."


    The small group from Inferno waited in the staging area.  Ducky had returned with the news that both Dresa and Yena received the antidote after Shi removed the Black Ice.  Both of the injured Titans were recovering from their wounds.

    Nix was standing next to Chiba, while he received pointers on how to use his new dual-wield abilities.  "I'm surprised to see you returned with Ducky."

    The ugly old woman smiled slightly.  "I must do my best, Nix.  Only recently, I realized that the fate of Everspire might hinge on how much knowledge I can impart to you."

    Nix raised an eyebrow slightly.  "Well... What do I say to that?"

    Chiba shook her head; her seriousness seemed to disappear instantly.  "So... Let's start this off the right way.  Strip down, please."

    Nix peeked over his shoulder, where the Firsts and Seconds were waiting patiently on individual platforms.  "No...  Do you think they bring those stages everywhere?"

    Chiba pushed an errant strand of stringy gray hair behind one ear.  She pointed to the empty platform.  "That's where the Serpent First normally sits?"

    Nix scowled at the mention of the white snake.  "Yes... She owes me a Rat-King."

    Chiba nudged him slightly and gestured to a rippling in the air, a moment later Sharl and Floyd stepped out.  Her sharp eyes instantly put everything together.  "Floyd is the First Serpent..."

    Nix walked toward the pair that stepped onto the Serpent platform.  Floyd calmly stood in the center, his long body coiled perfectly while his obsidian scales gleamed in the mid-morning sun.

    Sharl nodded her head towards Tautius. "We've completed the Serpent Trial of Firsts.  Unfortunately, your candidate did not survive."  She gestured toward her spirit companion, who stood silently with his muscular arms folded across his bare chest.  "The Trial chose him."

    /Inferno: Nix:  Shit... Be ready for anything.
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