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    A short while later, all the trial participants were summoned by the council of firsts. Jun Li insisted that Seya be present.  Nix and Morti were standing directly in front of Tautius.

    "Welcome new Firsts and Trial participants."  Tautius's deep voice rumbled through the small chamber.

    The large turtle that until now had remained silent, finally spoke. "I am Horatio, First among the Turtle Titans. Wraina, please step forward, and state your intent to become First."

    Wraina was a large black dire wolf. She was roughly the same size as one of Nix's emperor puppets. The wolf bowed slightly. "I will become First."

    Horatio glanced at Tautius who nodded in agreement.  "You must unite the Dire Wolf Clans.  Nix will need your strength when he confronts Khione."

    The Black Dire Wolf moved to the empty platform and took her place. "When Inferno calls, we will answer."

    The Turtle Titan was nearly the same size as Tautius, his dark shell was covered in large scars. "Floyd, please step forward, and state your intent to become First."

    Floyd had come in human form, he stepped forward and bowed slightly. "I will become First."

    Horatio's black eyes studied the Lamia."You have done well so far. Already the Serpent Clan is recovering from months of discord and deceit."

    Tautius stood up and approached the group. "Those who participated in the Trials of the Serpent and the Wolf may take their leave. There is a black chest for each of you, take it with our thanks."

    Horatio waited until they left before continuing.  "Three Titan Clans have disappeared from Everspire. If you are to stand against Khione, you will need to restore them to their previous strength."

    /Inferno: Nix: I hate it when quests come with crappy directions.

    Inferno: Jun Li: No kidding.

    "How do we do that?"  Nix kept his tone respectful, without a doubt he would need their strength in the days to come.

    Tautius extended his black nose towards Mortimer, his thoughts obviously not on topic.  "Who are you, little cub?"

    Morti didn't seem bothered by the attention of a bear twice his size. "I'm Mortimer, the cub of Mortimus and Scarlet."

    "Mortimer?  You are very strong."  Tautius turned toward Nix, "You gave him this coat?"

    Nix nodded.  "I did."

    Tautius huffed his black nose, he could smell the different scents in Mortimer's black coat.  "I would like to instruct this cub for a few days.  He is close to leveling up."

    Morti nodded his big head. "Almost to level 3."

    Horatio seemed surprised by the offer but didn't comment. "Restoring the Lion and Scorpion Clans will first require the clans to accept Gai and Lucid as their totems.  From there, I'm not exactly sure.  It's something that has never been attempted."

    Nix frowned at the Titan Turtle." Those Clans are now nearly a dozen smaller clans, with their own Totems. What do we do with them?"

    "The Totem creatures must step away or be slain,"  Horatio spoke as if it was as easy as weeding a garden.

    "And the Falcon Clan?" Nix asked.

    Tautius found Nix's comment amusing, his deep laughter reverberated from a few feet away. "As you saw in the Serpent Trials where a Naga replaced Mari'Djinn, there is some latitude."

    [Whisper: Horatio to Nix] You are already the Totem for one of the Clans.  Unless you can find a suitable Avian replacement, you will have to step up.

    [Whisper: Nix to Horatio] Or take on Khione without a flying clan.

    [Whisper: Horatio to Nix] That is an option also.

    [Whisper: Nix to Horatio] It's the most likely outcome, I like being a salamander.

    Horatio bowed respectfully to the group. "Thank you for your efforts.  Lucid, in your trial, you chose to show mercy rather than slay."

    Lucid snapped her pincers together, as Nix was starting to learn, it was one of her nervous habits. "Yes. I am a healer.  Since he surrendered, there was no need for slaying."

    "Well said." Horatio nodded in agreement.   "Please collect your chests on the way out."

    [Lucid has earned the Title: Lucid the Merciful]


    Lucid has joined Inferno.

    /Inferno: Nix: This is a probationary membership, I won't open up access to Haven until we've dealt with Khione.

    /Inferno: Lucid: Okay.

    /Inferno: Sharl: You guys open your chests yet?

    /Inferno: Jun Li: No, we just left the council.  Good stuff?

    /Inferno: Sharl: It seems like the rewards were chosen specifically for us.

    Nix watched as Jun Li opened the black chest.  Immediately she clapped her hands together excitedly.  He didn't notice because two messages popped up on his screen.  His expression grew more serious as he read the first letter.  "Bastards want to f*ck with us?"

    /Inferno: Nix:  Want to take a trip, Chiba?

    /Inferno: Chiba:  Of course.

    Nix read the second note, it was from the Qi family.


    The House of Tempest wishes to ally themselves officially with the Inferno Guild.  Please visit us at your convenience.

    House Speaker,

    Sasi Qi.

    ps. It would be nice if you brought me a few Nether rats.

    "You okay Nix?"  Jun Li walked beside him as they made their way back to the Inn.  They were going to have a quick meeting and then head back to Ionova.

    Nix smiled at the Gemini champion.  "What did you get?"

    Jun Li linked her reward. "Check it out."

    Ring of Wonder: Spatial Magic Artifact

    Jun Li Only

    Description: Save up to six random locations

    and activate a portal to them whenever you want. You

    may delete and resave locations.  You may be accompanied

    by five people.

    Nix whistled. "That's pretty nice.  Put all your favorite places on there.

    Jun Li nodded, her face split in a wide grin.  "Spot number one is going to be our fishing hole. What did you get?"

    Nix opened his box and took out a turtle-shaped statue, slightly larger than his hand.  "Damn... Really?"

    Turtle House Upgrade: Artifact.

    Description: This updates your current Turtle house to something with a bit more space.  It also

    features increased security and hidden features.

    Jun Li patted his back in sympathy.  "It's fine, right?  That place is way too small the four of you."

    Nix sighed heavily.  "I guess so."

    [Whisper: Gideon to Nix] Shank has brought me to a hidden assassin camp in the Great Desert. What's my priority?

    [Whisper: Nix to Gideon] I don't care if the assassin's guild exists, there's probably a need for that kind of thing.  However, I want to know if they are allied with Khione.

    [Whisper: Gideon to Nix] I may have to join them to get more information.

    [Whisper: Nix to Gideon] You're already an assassin, so you should fit in nicely.

    [Whisper: Gideon to Nix] I'll update you in a few days.


    1600 hours, Turtle House in Ionova.

    Chiba sat next to Nix in his kitchen, her old face frowning. "That's **ty."

    "I agree."  Nix brought up his hud and zoomed in on Fir'Dhassi.  "We have to leave now.  We'll head to Parliament and ask questions.  Someone has to know this Seibel person."

    "You have a lot of favors you could call in Nix.  Tura Rain or Umi Strom, both of them owe you their lives."

    "I'll start with Umi." A light rapping on his front door caused Nix to turn around.  "Come in guys."

    "You invited the Qi family?"  Chiba knew that the Qi family and Nix were close friends.

    "Yes."  Nix stood and greeted his visitors. "I hope you are ready to go."

    Sasi and Rabi raced across the room, skidding on the floor in front of Nix.

    Rabi clapped his dark hands together. "I win!"

    Sasi hissed at him. "Cheat!"

    Rabi shrugged.  "Cheating is part of the rules."

    Sasi's dark eyes turned to Nix. "We are ready."

    A few minutes later the left the house, Nix closed the back door and then pointed the artifact at his home.

    [Do you wish to upgrade this house?  Upgrade time will be six hours.]


    Rabi flashed Nix a smile.  "Turtle house getting bigger?"

    Nix nodded.  "Join hands please."

    Sasi grabbed Chiba's free hand before latching onto her brother. "Sasi wants her own room."

    "No."  Nix activated Deep Blue and chose Haven.  "Giving the two of you temporary access to Haven.  From there we'll go to Parliament."

    Sasi elbowed her brother.  "That means no taking stuff."

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