389 Chasing Seibel part two

    The group broke into a run, the corridor wound slightly while steadily progressing downward. Nix stopped after ten minutes, the cave appeared to be nothing more than a long underground passage with torches hung on the walls at long intervals to light the way.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Where are you Rabi?  How far does this go?

    /Qi Family: Rabi: Keep following. It finally stopped.

    Another five minutes and the group caught up with Rabi. He was crouched next to the wall, patiently waiting for them.

    /Qi Family: Rabi: Big room ahead, many people sleeping.  Six guards in the middle. Lots of torches and a campfire.

    Nix nodded and moved forward through the archway that led to a large hollowed-out space. Cots were placed in orderly rows in the middle of the room.

    /Qi Family: Pon: This place was made.  See how the walls are melted? Some sort of fire creature did this.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Fifty meters across, Shae could do something like this but it would take her a few days.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: A dragon could do it in a few minutes.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Move back out.  I'm going to bring in Ducky.  We need to know more before we make a mistake.

    The group followed Nix a few meters back into the corridor and waited while he summoned Ducky.

    [Summons: Ducky]

    The Water Witch glanced around at her surroundings, nothing seemed to ever surprise her.

    Ducky has joined the Qi Family channel.

    She smiled when she saw the Qi family siblings.

    /Qi Family: Ducky: Nice to see you two again.  What are we doing?

    /Qi Famly: Nix: Know what a Sun Devil is?

    /Qi Family:Ducky: A daytime vampire.

    /Qi Family:Nix:  In the next room is a bunch of them.  Along with six guards.  Can you bring us a guard?

    /Qi Family: Ducky: Yep.  Be right back.

    Ducky returned a few minutes later, she was holding hands with a familiar-looking Fir'Dhassi female.  The Water Witch stopped in front of the group and turned towards the Dhassi. "What clan are you from?"

    The female had slicked-back brown hair and dark eyes.  She was leather armor and had a single blade on her back. "I'm from the Dar Clan."

    Nix frowned at the mention of the Dar Clan. They were the ones who propositioned Rhylia when she visited Parliament for the first time. They also attempted to stop Inferno from confiscating the Gemini Temple.

    /Qi Family: Nix: I remember her.  It's Nina, the Dar Swordmaster.

    The Dar Clan waited for several hours when Nix was upgrading to Nemesis.  When they came out, Ducky charmed the Swordmaster, and Inferno was able to defeat them.

    Ducky nodded in agreement. "Why are you here, Nina?"

    "We guard the Sun Devils. Seibel has united them." Nina spoke gently like she was talking to a close friend.

    Ducky smiled and squeezed her hand slightly. "You're very helpful. Who is this Seibel person?  Is he in there?"

    Nina shook her head. "Seibel is the leader of the Sun Devil group, I believe they intend to start their own clan. He doesn't stay with the others."

    /Qi Family: Pon: Nice of them to gather in one place like this.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: Feeling secure makes people stupid.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Ask about a raid that happened a few days ago.  We need more on Seibel.

    "Thanks for the information." Ducky pursed her lips slightly as if considering her next question.  Nina stared at her the entire time. "Do you know anything about a recent raid?"

    Nina nodded.  "I took part.  Seibel likes to collect things, he found a very peculiar race of water people."

    "I see.  Did he collect any of these water people?"

    "The water people were much too strong. We were able to capture a group, but several of us were badly injured. Seibel took an infant and then sold the rest to Su'Dhassi slavers."

    Ducky looked at Pon, she could feel the rage building within him.

    /Qi Family: Ducky: You mustn't attack her yet.  Let me finish.

    /Qi Family: Pon: I understand but she's talking about my daughter. Find out where she is.

    "Where did Seibel bring the infant?"

    Nina shrugged.  "No one knows.  The corridor continues onward, he goes in that direction but always by himself.  No one is allowed to follow."

    /Qi Family: Ducky: Anything else?

    Nix has activated [Clawz], his primary path has changed to unarmed combat.

    Nix flexed his huge fur-covered claws for a moment and then slashed out.  The front of the Swordmaster's throat disappeared and she collapsed to the ground in a froth of gargling blood.

    /Qi Family: Nix: No, that will be all.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Five guards, each of us takes one at the same time. The sound suppression in your masks will cover any noise they make.

    Nix handed Ducky one of the extra masks he made and then led the stealthed group into the room. It felt strange approaching enemies without his blades out.

    A few moments later all of the guards slumped to the ground at the same time, each group member using a different method for a stealth kill.  Nix stuck with his tried method of ripping the throat out.

    /Qi Family: Sasi: I think we should take them outside and incinerate them.  The smell of blood may wake up these predators.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Good idea.

    After disposing of the guards in a flash of balefire, Nix returned to the room and approached the nearest Sun Devil.  They looked peculiar under this thermal vision, much brighter than they should have been.  Perhaps they had recently fed.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Kill them.  No mercy.

    Nix focused his Ice abilities on his Clawz and struck down into the chest of the sleeping Su'Dhassi. Instantly the chest turned to ice and the Sun Devil's eyes popped open.  A second blow to the same spot shattered the organ underneath it.  Without sparing a glance, he moved on to the next one.

    Each member of the team had been briefed on the Sun Devil's weaknesses, Chiba used spellsword blades made of ice, while the Qi siblings borrowed black-ice icicles that Nix formed in a few seconds.  The slaughter of the Sun Devils was complete within a few minutes.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Rabi, take Ducky and scout further down the passage.  I want to know what we are dealing with.

    Nix grabbed the nearest corpse and dragged it to the center of the room.

    /Qi Family: Pon: Disposal?

    /Qi Family: Nix: Yep.  No need to leave evidence.  Pile them up.

    The mini-operation took about ten minutes. When they were done, only ashes remained behind.

    /Qi Family: Ducky: This corridor goes on for miles Nix. I think we might need horses.

    /Qi Family: Nix: You can't see the end?

    /Qi Family: Rabi: No end.  Dragon make this place.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Wait for us.  We are on our way.

    Twenty minutes later the group reunited with their scouts.  Rabi was holding Ducky's hand while the two were chatting amiably.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Everyone gather around.  We are getting out of here.

    /Qi Family: Pon: Shouldn't we keep following?

    Nix brought up his hud and pulled up a map of Oasis.  After studying it for a moment, he pointed to a location about two hundred miles south of Inuit.

    /Qi Family: Nix: I already know where he's going.  We'll be able to get there in a few minutes.

    Pon's old face creased into his first smile of the day.  "You know where the bastard is?"

    Nix nodded.  "Icaraphet."
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