391 Chasing Seibel conclusion

    The air between them remained still for a moment. The dark eyes of the Sun Devil stared at Nix.  "I have the spectrum and now I will take the baby."

    Nix gave him an innocent smile.  "What baby?"

    /Qi Family: Ducky: I have Ayla, we are safely in Haven.

    /Qi Family: Nix: I have a present for you Pon.  Come to the control room.

    Seibel's eyes darted around the room.  "NO!  Where is she?"

    Nix shook his head sadly. "Gone, I'm afraid; just like your spectrum."

    "What are you talking about?"  Seibel looked at the pellet in his hands, the triumph slowly fading from his dark eyes.

    Cave Skiver Eye

    Description: A small rodent found

    in dark areas. They use their enhanced vision

    to elude rats while hunting for prey.

    "Be honest... Did you see that coming?"  Nix's eyes were filled with humor.  "No?"

    Nix has activated [Ashobel Clawz].

    Nix's hands turned into white fur of ashobel, razor-sharp black claws emerged slowly from his fingers. "Gonna f*ck you up... but just until Pon gets here."

    "You..."  Seibel drew two daggers from his belt.

    "Yep... Me."

    [Souless Approach: Two Fang] Seibel blurred and appeared behind Nix.

    [Flawless Counter: Ghost Step] Nix dodged to one side and lashed out with an open-handed slap.

    Seibel skidded across the surface of the water, with Nix in pursuit.

    [Hidden Weapon: Poison Dart]

    Seibel has landed a critical strike.

    Nix has resisted Kraga Poison.

    Seibel rolled to his feet, both blades slashing at the charging Nix.

    Seibel has initiated a [Double Strike].

    Nix crossed his arms in an 'X' in front of him.

    [Ice Shield] has countered one of Seibel's attacks.

    Seibel has landed a strike on Nix.

    Nix grabbed the wrist before it could be drawn back, yanking with all his strength he tossed Seibel across the room like he was weightless. The Sun Devil managed to spin in the air and land sideways on the wall.  Kicking off with both legs, he shot toward Nix like an arrow.

    Seibel has initiated [Fatal Strike]

    Nix has initiated [Ice Fists]

    The two attacks slammed together, canceling each other out.  Nix was pushed back several steps, however, both of Seibel's daggers fell from his shattered hands.

    Nix shook his head at the twisted arms of his opponent. "It gets worse... Feel that?"

    The temperature in the room started to climb.  He turned to see a raging ball of flame advance slowly toward them.  At the epicenter of the flames stood the old man.

    Pon's eyes had vanished into brilliant orbs of flame, his white hair looked like a forest fire. Around him, steam bellowed into the air as the stone beneath his feet glowed red hot.  "Finally. You are in my sight."

    "I... I'm the son of Delyn Xai.  If you kill me, my friends will tell him what happened." Seibel's voice held the tinge of fear.  Normally he was resistant to flame attacks, but the old man's flaming aura felt like the sun itself was pushing him back.

    "We killed all your friends.  If your old man finds out what happened, he's welcome to protest."  Pon's back bent slightly, roaring in pain as a single orange wing pushed outward, the cracking of bones filled the air, and a second wing sprouted alongside it.

    [Pon's bloodline has been activated, First Form: Flame Archon]

    Pon has cast [Balefire: Hex]

    A white flame burned through the air, striking Seibel in the chest before continuing through the wall behind him.

    Nix nodded in approval when the lower half of the Sun Devil flopped on the ground and spasmed.  The rest of Seibel had been burned from this world, never to be seen again.

    The old man flamed out, his wings disappearing as he staggered suddenly. Nix flashed toward him caught him before he collapsed.

    /Qi Family: Nix: Let's get you back to Haven old man. There's someone waiting for you.

    Pon leaned heavily on Nix, knowing he was strong enough to take it. "Yeah.  That's a great idea."


    Two hours later, the old man sat in Nix's living room, a handful of adoring women cooing at him.

    Pon's old face creased into a wide smile when the small hand gripped his finger.  "Have you ever seen such a beautiful thing?"

    Nix shook his head. "Nope."  He managed to hold the baby for about a minute before he was pushed out of the way by Scarlet, Mina, Hyai, and Nansu.

    Mina stared longingly at the baby, her hand automatically caressing her own stomach. "We should get her back to her mom."

    Pon nodded, although it was obvious he didn't want to.  "Your momma... She fought them even after they broke her arms.  I bet you miss her."

    Nix stood and caught the old man's eye. "Time to go Pon."

    "Yeah.  I know it."  Pon followed Nix to the door.  "It's not easy after seeing her."

    Nix could have used Deep Blue to bring them to Loki, but he sensed that Pon would appreciate the few extra minutes so they walked to the Gemini Temple instead.

    Semmi and Wind were just stepping off the platform when Nix and Pon arrived.

    Wind offered them a smile, he'd obviously been briefed. "Good job, guys."

    Semmi stopped, her blue eyes staring at the old mage. "You okay?"

    Pon nodded. "Yes.  We're going to return her to Panyu.  Back in a bit."

    Nix and Pon walked through the streets of Loki, toward the Emerald Salamander.  After being treated for injuries, Panyu was staying in one of the suites.  She was sitting in the common area with Ishna when they walked in, the Aquarion mother spotted her child right away.

    Panyu met them halfway across the room, sobbing loudly, she wrapped up both Pon and the baby in a hug.  "Ayla... Thank you, Pon.  Thank you for bringing her back."

    Pon only nodded, not trusting himself to speak.  He placed the baby in her mother's arms and stepped away.

    Ishna stared at the humans, her pale eyes seemed tired.  "This shouldn't have happened.  I should have taken steps to protect them."

    Pon shook his head slightly.  "Bad people are gonna do bad things.  Sometimes that's all there is to it. "

    Nix and Pon stayed with the two Aquarions until it was nearly midnight. Pon was able to hold her for a long time.

    When the two returned to the Gemini platform, it was nearly deserted.  Semmi was leaning against a nearby wall, obviously waiting for them.

    Nix pounded Pon the back.  "Don't stay up too late old man."

    Pon scowled at him.  "The hell does that mean?  I'm not tired!

    "Night Sem."  Nix walked toward the door, happy he didn't have to deal with an emotional girlfriend.

    "H-How come.."  Semmi started speaking, her lips trembling slightly when she spoke.  "How come you didn't ask me to help you?  Aren't I someone you can count on?"

    Pon nodded.  "You are."

    Semmi frowned at him, her blue eyes shining.  "Then why?"

    "Nix and I... We both try to do good things but sometimes you have to be ruthless. You're the best person I know, I don't want to ever think about you doing something like that.  Even if it's for me."

    Semmi cried softly, her hands covered her face.  Pon waited until she was finished.  He didn't know what to say, so he said nothing.

    "Pon... How come you didn't ask me if I wanted to hold her?"

    "I didn't think you'd want to."  Pon sighed heavily, wishing for once he could turn time back a few hours.

    "She's your daughter.  Of course, I want to hold her."  Semmi walked away without speaking further, leaving the mage standing by himself.

    Pon watched her walk away.  "You messed that one up, old man.  How the f*ck does Nix manage so many?"

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