407 Test Flights

    Nix stared at the Titan puppet laying on the platform. "I may have overlooked something, Soup."

    Soup was bouncing on Nix's shoulders, her heart still racing from her first flight.

    "Yep... Now that I've taken it out of my crafting inventory. What do I do with it?"  His regular inventory could hold a few dire wolf puppets, even some Ashobel, but stuffing this Titan back in would be impossible. His train of thought was derailed by two breaches opening nearby in succession.

    Deidra stepped out of one breach and Tai'Qui the other.  The two dragons stared at each other for a moment before turning their gazes on Nix.

    "So... What brings you two here?"

    Deidra moved closer to the bird, kneeling down she touched the feathered head with the back of her hand.  "These have been extinct for years.  I always admired how beautifully they've flown."

    Nix nodded in agreement.  "Give it a try."  He said it like a dare, not thinking she'd take him up on it.

    "Okay.  What do I do?"  Deidra felt a small bit of pleasure at his surprised expression.

    Nix considered the options, some more test flights would be good.  "Not here.  Open a breach to the North Side of Loki."

    Deidra opened a breach, sending the Falcon and Nix through with a wave of her hand.  She paused and glanced back at Tai'Qui. "Coming?"

    Tai'Qui nodded.  "Yes."

    The north side of Loki featured a high set of cliffs overlooking the ocean, the perfect spot for launching. There was still a few hours until sunset in Oasis, the aquamarine ocean made the perfect backdrop for a test flight.

    Nix took a seat on the rocks, enjoying the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks far below.  "You should change, that outfit isn't made for regular use."

    Deidra changed her clothes with another wave of her hand.  "No? Maybe I should get a new Tailor."

    Nix frowned at her.  "Or pay him properly."

    Deidra sat down on one of the flat rocks nearby.  "My advice on your elements was meant as payment."

    Nix kept his expression neutral, "so much for free advice. Inhabiting puppets is easy, focus on it and will yourself in"

    Deidra closed her eyes, a moment later the Falcon stood up, its yellow eyes blinking several times. "Amazing."

    Nix didn't know what dragon eyesight was like, but apparently it wasn't as good as the Falcon Titan. "Times wasting, take it up."

    An instant later the Falcon launched, a hissing sound could be heard from the wings as they sliced through the air.  The Falcon headed out to sea, very quickly disappearing from sight.


    Nix turned back toward Tai'Qui, who wasn't watching Deidra fly.  "What?"

    "You made Deidra's costume?"

    "I did," he admitted.  "Were you chosen for the Krelandur also?"

    Tai'Qui's brown eyes stared at him.  "Yes.  I stopped by Ionova today, I was going to tell you then."

    "Really?"  Nix spotted Deidra returning, she was doing all sorts of maneuvers that he'd never seen.  "Wow, she can really fly."

    Tai'Qui frowned slightly.  "We are dragons, after all.  I thought you'd be in Ionova, but Hyai mentioned you were training at the House of Tempest."

    Nix smiled at the mention of the Innkeeper.  "My mudbaths were removed when I upgraded the Turtle House, I don't suppose you..."

    "Don't worry, Nix.  I replaced them when I was there."  Tai'Qui stepped closer, placing a concerned hand on his shoulder.  "Is there something I should know?"

    Nix considered it for a moment, Deidra hadn't specifically stated that her request for sanctuary was a secret, but he assumed it was.  "My elements are overflowing.  This morning I woke up in a block of ice."

    "You're about to become an Arch Nemesis. The elements coursing through you are struggling to get out."

    The Falcon approached after several minutes, instead of landing, it banked and headed out to sea again.

    "I can feel the consciousness of Sindi and Nihlus, I believe that I will be able to converse with them in the next few days."  Tai'Qui smiled warmly.  "I can't say how pleased this makes me."

    Nix wasn't surprised.  Tai'Qui was a dragon after all, with a strong connection to the two essences he placed in the eggs.  "Let me know when you can.  I would like to talk with them."

    Deidra landed a few minutes later, sitting the bird down right next to Nix. When she opened her eyes a moment later, she was smiling.  "That was really amazing.  No wonder they were called the SkyKings."

    "Me too Nix?"  Tai'Qui motioned toward the Falcon puppet.

    Nix nodded.  "Go ahead."

    Tai'Qui flew off a moment later, her interest seemed in gaining as much altitude as she could.  She banked into a steep dive and headed toward the ocean at a terrifying speed.

    Deidra looked regretful while she watched.  "I should have tested its diving speed."

    "It's fine, you can go again."  Nix kept his face expressionless, they were like children getting rides at an amusement park.

    She turned toward him, she was beautiful but her demeanor was too cold for his tastes.  Although she did tone her arrogance down quite a bit from when they first met.  "Where did you get the Titan puppet?  As far as I know, this particular race is extinct."


    Deidra's eyes showed a hint of confusion. "Why would a Titan be in the dragon graveyard?"

    Nix smiled, so wide so that his cheeks ached.  He knew something that the dragons didn't.  "Khalam'Zhur is not the dragon graveyard."

    "What?"  Deidra shook her head as if denying his words.  "All dragons are granted tokens to Khalam'Zhur.  How could it not be the dragon graveyard?"

    Nix enjoyed the moment, wishing he could extend it for a while longer.  "The dragon graveyard is located there, but so are the graveyards of other legendary beasts, including Titans."

    "So, my information is only partially correct."  Deidra watched the Falcon fly out to sea again.  "You made a Titan puppet while you were there?"

    Nix nodded. "The token transports you to Khalam'Zhur, if you don't leave within 12 hours, you're never leaving."

    Deidra favored him with a friendly smile.  "It pleases me to learn this."

    "How will you go to Khalam'Zhur since your token is gone?"

    Deidra didn't answer, she only stared at the Falcon has it went through different maneuvers.

    It was dark before they left Loki. The three of them took turns flying, after several hours of testing Nix was convinced that the Falcon Titan could be a huge asset in the fight against Khione. Inferno must restore the Titan Falcon Clan.

    When they finally finished, Nix inhabited the puppet and flew to Bev's place that was located centrally on the island territory.

    [Whisper: Nix to Bev]  So, this is the Territorial Governor's house! How many people are living in this monstrosity?

    [Whisper: Bev to Nix] Nicky!  You finally spare some time to visit me?

    [Whisper: Nix to Bev] Kinda, I landed a rather large puppet on the balcony of the western corner bedroom.  Have someone pull it inside for me.

    [Whisper: Bev to Nix]  Really? You're not even staying?

    [Whisper: Nix to Bev] I can't, busy with training.

    [Whisper: Bev to Nix] I'll take care of it.

    [Whisper: Nix to Bev] I'm at the House of Tempest for the next four days.  I'll visit when I'm done.

    [Whisper: Bev to Nix] Say promise, Styxx!

    [Whisper: Nix to Bev] I promise, Froglegs.

    Nix opened his eyes and stood up.  The breeze coming off the ocean was just starting to pick up, causing the Loki evening to cool down substantially.

    "Shall I send you back?" Deidra seemed to be in a good mood, she had nearly laughed when Tai'Qui recalled the shocked look on Jargon's face.  For her part, Tai'Qui laughed every time she thought about it.

    "Yes.  Thank you."  Nix gave the two dragons a quick wave and then stepped through the breach.

    Deidra waited until Nix was gone before facing Tai'Qui.  "I have requested sanctuary in Haven."

    Tai'Qui's eyes widened slightly.  "Do you think she'll attack the nurseries again?"

    Deidra nodded. "It's a sound strategy.  If Khione defeats Inferno and their allies, she will want to subjugate us."

    Tai'Qui's warm face held a slight smile.  "As strong as Inferno is, most of their strength is hidden deep.  I believe they will defeat the Winter Goddess."

    Deidra didn't comment.  Could Inferno restore the Falcon Titan Clan?  She had tested its abilities, they would own the skies over Everspire.

    Tai'Qui opened a breach to her own city, pausing to look back.  "I am going to request sanctuary also."

    Deidra watched her disappear through the breach, her thoughts dwelling on the human guild. "I thought you might."
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