409 The Greater House of Inferno part one

    1630 hours, Colonial Virtual Reality Lab, St. Paul, Mn

    "That's a good question."  Hara sipped her coffee while considering Glory's inquiry. "After the Khione quest has been completed, no matter the outcome, all the campaign quests after that will be instances."

    "How will new players gain access to the Khione campaign?" Glory spent two days reading about Cadie, but now she was after more lore knowledge.

    "Players will start the Everspire Campaign in the Polar Ice Caps of Colonial.  After battling Khione, the campaign will place them in the role of Hero and toss them in the wilderness of Northern Titania."

    Glory's face showed her surprise.  "So the new version is actually following the trials of Nix and Inferno?"

    Hara nodded. "They'll be scaled down quite a bit.  It'll be an instance campaign under the guise of [Insert Hero]. In the interest of advancing through the expansion, there will be a solo, group, and guild version."

    Glory couldn't hide her disappointment. "So Inferno and Nix are tossed away?  Their amazing accomplishments are forgotten?"

    Hara shook her head slightly. "We'd be doing ourselves and Inferno a huge disservice if we allowed players to forget about Inferno.  In the updated Khione expansion, Game Lore will show that this is the resurgence of Khione, years after she battled a legendary force."

    "So... Follow in the footsteps of Nix and Inferno, uncover the truths hidden in Everspire, and fight your way to the Winter Goddess?"

    "Hmm... I like your version, maybe you should work in development instead of the DRP program."

    Glory smiled and shook her head.  "No way, I'm so excited for next week.  When are you heading back in?"

    "In a few hours." Hara leaned back in her chair and stretched her arms over her head.  "This will be the start of a six-month dive for me also."

    "I thought you weren't diving for a few more weeks?"

    Hara shrugged slightly.  "Nix has suddenly decided to rehash an old quest and raise the House of Inferno."

    "Are you part of that quest?" Glory smiled widely, her dark eyes lit with humor.  "I wish I could see you in action."

    "Yes, I'm in the quest."  Hara closed the desk hud and pushed her chair back.

    "Do you think Inferno will complete the Khione quests before the six months is up?"

    "It's likely, if not I will extend for another three months." Hara liked the former correction officer, unexpectedly the two had become friends.  "Any more questions?  I won't be able to help you out after I dive."

    Glory tried to remember her list of questions, Hara had answered most of them already.  "Do you run into other DRPs in the game?"

    "Few and far between.  I don't know all of them."

    "Don't you interview everyone before their first six-month dive?"

    Hara nodded.  "Sure, but if you get through your probation and then six months later are killed, Balto will reassign you and I won't ever know about it."

    Glory winced slightly.  "How often does that happen?"

    Hara laughed at her expression.  "A bit more than 80 percent of the time."

    "What if I meet with someone who I suspect is a DRPer?"[Deep Role Player]

    Hara nodded.  "You aren't allowed to mention it."

    "So if we meet by accident, I can't expect any aid from you?"

    "I know the rules better than anyone.  I would help you, but not in a way that would alert Balto. Our program is working, its nearly impossible to distinguish between NPCs and DRPs."

    Glory covered her face with both hands.  "It would be nice knowing."

    Hara nodded her head.  "In the early days of the program, we had a code that we used."

    Glory dropped her hands. "Code?"

    Hara nodded. "It was like a challenge/password type code.  You would say, 'the path of an elemental is filled with danger,' and they would reply with a certain phrase."

    "What phrase?"

    Hara winked at her. "Not saying.  We don't do that anymore."

    Glory faked a frown.  "Tease."

    "Sorry. Want to grab something to eat?"

    "Sure, I spent my lunch in the viewing room.  Cadie had her heart broken by a cheating boyfriend.  Would it be bad if I paid him back?"

    "Sounds like a reasonable response." Hara led her into the hall before placing a hand on the door's sensor.  "Director Sahara Obrien, signing out."

    [Good Day, Director]

    Hara offered her an encouraging smile.  "Don't worry, I'll find a way to keep tabs on you. Cadie has a lot of potential."

    ************************[Author's Recap]****************

    On the 90th floor of the Embassy, there is a quest to raise a Greater House in Solomon City.  The prerequisite for starting that quest is the possession of a Foundation Stone.  For a brief time in Solomon City there existed a house called the Greater House of Oasis.  Because of infighting among the foundation members, the house ended up fragmenting.

    One of the members of the Greater House stole the foundation stone, causing its collapse.  The search for the foundation stone led Inferno to the Vale, a sacred location within Inuit.  They found that the stone had been implanted inside Juri Mtui,  with the assistance of Breach Commander Mtui, they were able to remove the stone from his brother.

    Greater House deeds are linear in nature, after stopping Archon Zar's attempt to restore the House of Oasis,  Inferno completely destroyed the old house and gained the deed.  Shortly after, five Inferno members underwent their planar trials in the Embassy and became the Foundation for the Greater House of Inferno. (Rhylia, Vooni, Shae, Chiba, Nix). The four corner pillars were added after that.  (Fajii, Semmi, Wind, Pon). A total of 12 pillars were required, the four corner pillars and eight normal pillars. At that time, those who were ready starting attempting the trials. (Mina, Jun Li, Sharl, Ronnie, Milat, Tess, Gypsy Rose, Zhava) Nearly everyone has finished the planar trials, but only the first 12 are pillars.


    1300 hours House of Tempest, Day 5

    Sasi held tightly onto Nix's hand, her dark eyes watching him closely.  "Back tomorrow for sure?"

    Nix nodded. "It's only day five.  I said we'd stay for seven."

    Thanks to the efforts of the Nether mages from the House of Tempest, both Chiba and Nix were able to make progression with spell deflection.  With the Greater House quest looming, training stopped at lunch so they would both be well-rested.

    After lunch and a long nap, Nix left the House of Tempest through the front gate and headed to the empty plot that used to be the Greater House of Oasis.  A small footbridge crossed over the narrow channel.  Here he paused to study the area.  If Inferno were successful, they would be fairly close to the House of Tempest, the drawback was that they'd be equally close to the House of Aquarion.

    "Aren't you a bit early?"

    Nix turned to see Fajii walking toward him. She was wearing her Nether armor and held a trident loosely in one hand.  "I may be a bit excited. After training the past five days, I'm spoiling for a fight."

    Fajii slipped a hand through his arm and leaned against him.  "I really missed you this week."

    "Same here, we have to figure out how Third can help our cause."  Nix pushed an errant strand of hair out of her face.  "Why are you in Solomon City?"

    "Shopping with Shae."  Fajii gestured toward the approaching Salamander who was being tailed by three individuals.

    Nix has joined Alpha channel.

    Fajii has joined Alpha channel.

    Wind has joined Alpha channel.

    Semmi has joined Alpha channel.

    Pon has joined Alpha channel.

    Shae has joined Alpha channel.

    /Alpha Team: Pon: Now it's a party.

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: I'm so excited!  How do you think the Embassy Greater House will compare to these?

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Unsure, but there's only one way to find out.

    Shae stepped close and hugged Nix close, before raising her chin and kissing the side of his face.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: How is the egg-sitting?

    /Alpha Team: Shae: I'll only have to check on them daily now.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: With you and Fajii back, the Turtle House will be full again.

    /Alpha Team: Fajii: I can't wait to see it.

    /Alpha Team: Shae: Me too.

    /Alpha Team: Semmi: Chiba, Vooni, and Rhy are all in Glory.

    /Alpha Team: Nix: Let's join them and walk over to the Embassy.


    1800 hours, Embassy on Glory Island. 90th Floor.

    Semmi read the mission brief aloud, while the rest of the raid followed along.

    [Greater House Embassy Quest: Brief]

    Once we start the mission, we'll be sent to random places within the Greater House. The Foundations members will be sent to the lower floor, while the four Corner Pillars are sent to the upper.  Both teams will fight there way to a central chamber, once united each team will fight the Foundation boss and the Pillar boss, respectively.  The teams will then unite in the outer Courtyard and challenge the Greater House Boss.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Pretty straight forward.  The Foundation team will be using Alpha channel, while the Pillar team uses Bravo. Once the two teams unite, we'll all switch to Alpha.  Questions?

    /Inferno: Nix: Summon your pets when you get inside. Shadai and Eron will be on heals.  Here's the raid sheet.

    /Inferno: Fajii: Incoming Buffs.


    Nix: CC (Shadai: Heals)

    Rhy: CC

    Shae: DPS

    Vooni: Tank

    Chiba: DPS


    Pon: DPS

    Wind: DPS

    Semmi: DPS

    Fajii: Buffs, DPS (Eron: Heals)

    A few minutes later, Nix stepped into the entrance of the Greater House Quest.

    [Do you wish to initiate the Final part of the Greater House Quest?]

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