410 The Greater House of Inferno part two

    The world flip-flopped leaving Nix by himself in a dark room, the only light came from the tile he was laying on, most of that was obstructed by his body.  As he climbed to his feet the light from the stone grew slightly, illuminating several pairs of eyes that were moving toward him.

    [Dragon Eyes]

    Nix pushed fury flames into Wrath, the white sonic blade humming in protest while it pushed back some of the darkness. He swiped the blade once in the air, smiling at the familiar noise.

    Two Humanoid figures wearing armor, charged toward him, while two others wearing black robes held back, their hands glowing with an eerie blue light.

    Nix activated [Daisy Chains], causing lightning to spider between the four combatants, immobilizing them for twenty seconds.

    He sent six strands of emerald flames at the nearest caster, the barbed ends stabbing into the chest of the mage. With a hard jerk, he pulled the caster toward him. At the same time, he targeted the second caster and used [vacuum] to summon him.

    Both casters arrived at the same time, Nix released the flame strands and sliced horizontally at the mages while already targeting the melee fighters.

    Nix has activated, [Master's Strike: Spellsword] [Storm Rider] [Thunderfist].

    Triple Combination Successful!

    Niri Spindle has been slain.

    Tafeytte Choral has been slain.

    Both casters dropped lifelessly to the floor, one losing his head from his nose upward while the other was sliced in half at the shoulders. Nix noticed none of this, already behind the first Melee fighter, he slammed his fist into the head of his target, sending him careening across the room to bounce off the wall.

    A Wayfarer Knight has been stunned.

    Nix stabbed his blade into the throat of the second Knight, the sonic tip pushed through without resistance and then flicked to his right, causing the helmeted head to teeter obscenely to one side.

    A Wayfarer Knight has been slain.

    [Storm Rider][Rockfist]

    Combination Successful!

    Nix appeared behind the stunned Knight, his free hand transformed into a large boulder.  He hammer fisted onto the back of the Knight's helm, the second strike dented it while the third and fourth strike flattened it completely, sending a disgusting mush of bone and brain oozing out.

    A  Wayfarer Knight has been slain.

    [Aura Ignition: Emerald Flames]

    Green flames lit the room up, exposing the only door in the room.  Less than a minute after entering the Greater House, Nix had cleared his first room and exited into the next one.

    The first step into the next room resulted in a three-foot drop, that caused Nix to stumble awkwardly to one knee.

    Thregfiell has cast, [Molten Earth].

    Nix reflexively swatted the sneak-attack spell to one side, the weight and momentum of the projectile caused him to spin off-balance.

    [Spell Defense: Partial Block]

    Nix has been slowed by 10 percent.

    A single creature faced him, at first glance, Nix classified it as a combination of an Ape and Komodo dragon.  It stood a head taller than him, with a wide, heavily muscled body covered in black scales. It had the flat face of a primate, its impressive canines were exposed in a snarl.  A long tail with three sharp spikes extended behind it.

    "Fire and Earth Beast?"  Nix equipped one of Tai'Qui's mudpies and flung it at the creature, seemingly unworried, it raised a huge fingered hand to block it.

    [Earth Slow: Dragon Master]

    Thregfiell has been slowed by 70 percent.

    A look of shocked outrage showed on the beast's face.  A large spear appeared in his hand and with a slow movement of its arm, he sent it toward Nix.

    [Dread Spear: Earth Advanced]

    Nix nearly laughed at the pedestrian-like movement.  Apparently, Tai'Qui knew what she was doing.

    Nix threw up an arm and cast [Shield: Black Ice]. A large Kite-Shield appeared in front of him just as he dodged to one side.  Unexpectedly the spear changed course with his movement and impacted dead center on the shield.

    "Enough of this **."  Nix moved in a large circle, he could feel that the ten percent slow was throwing him off.

    Nix has cast [Null][Lance: Black Ice]

    Combination Successful.

    Thregfiell has been silenced.

    The beast opened its mouth wide in a silent roar, stumbling back a step when Nix's lance sunk deep into its side.

    Nix has scored a critical hit on Thregfielle.

    [Critical Hit: Racial Weakness discovered, Black Ice.]

    It dropped to all fours and started running toward Nix with a stride that could only be called ridiculously slow.

    Nix continued to run in a wide circle while spamming his only Black Ice Attack.

    [Lance: Black Ice] [Lance: Black Ice] [Lance: Black Ice]

    Triple Combination Successful!

    Nix has scored a critical hit on Thregfielle.

    Nix has scored a critical hit on Thregfielle.

    Nix has scored a critical hit on Thregfielle.

    Thregfielle has been mortally wounded and has activated [Rampage].

    Thregfielle's size increased by about a third, its eyes glowed red as it slammed both fists onto the ground.

    [Earth Shatter]

    Nix has resisted Stun.

    Nix fled before the overpowering strength of the rampaging primate, although its 'enraged' state increased its speed, Inferno's guild leader was able to stay ahead of it until the creature staggered to the ground, its lungs heaving while blood spurted from its wounds.

    Nix pushed Black Ice into Wrath and flashed forward.

    [Execution: Black Ice]

    The blade stabbed through the chest of the beast, pushing into the ground beneath it before Nix extracted it.

    Thregfielle has been slain.

    Nix shook his head at the dead corpse.  "What the flying f*ck were you?"  It had the strength and size of a tank, coupled with Fire/Earth abilities.  "F*cking OP bastard."

    Noticing a door on the far side of the room, Nix started walking toward it.  Purposefully moving slowly so that the Molten Earth would have time to wear off. However, his plans were changed when he heard the familiar sound of an air burst.

    [You have discovered one of your team and may now use group chat.]

    "Rhylia!"  Nix dashed toward the door and charged into the next room.  The elevation of the room dropped again, but this time he was prepared and both of his feet splashed safely into the knee-deep water.

    The Air Elemental had her hands full, it darted through the air, fleeing from the gigantic head of a 40-foot Python.  Rhy didn't have any powerful attacks, her real strength was her ability to assist and support her allies.

    /Alpha: Nix: Did someone call for the Champion of the Air Palace?

    /Alpha: Rhylia: NIX!

    The black-winged elemental banked toward him, deftly dodging a strike from the serpent.  Rhylia has cast, [Air Express].

    Nix's speed has been increased by 30 percent.

    Nix raised both hands and sent a dozen emerald strands into the belly of the snake, the barbed ends pushed deep just as Rhy laid both hands on his shoulders.

    [Air Burst]

    Blood, bone, and flesh exploded outward in all directions covering both teammates in gore as the snake was blown into separate pieces.

    Nix spat into the water, his face wrinkled in disgust.  "Shit, I had my mouth open... LOOK OUT!"

    Both teammates were caught by surprise when the head and ten feet of snake struck at Rhylia's back.

    [Gemini Swap][Earth Shield]

    Nix changed places with Rhylia while managing to throw up a shield at the last second.  The Inferno guild leader was sent flying into the bloody water, disappearing in a wave of crimson.

    Rhylia drew her blade and flashed by the Python, slicing a shallow cut across its face while managing to dodge another strike.

    [Balefire: Ice Flame] [Rockfist]

    A burst of ice blue flames struck the Python in the back of the head, its entire body slowed suddenly as it temporarily froze in place.  An instant later Nix appeared behind it and slammed his boulder fists on either side its head.  A sound like the shattering of glass echoed in the room, a moment before the snake ruptured into countless pieces.

    "You okay, Nix?"  Rhylia couldn't keep the admiration out of her voice, her champion had grown much stronger since Elementia.

    "Sure."  Nix noticed that this room had three doors.  "Which door did you come out?"

    Rhy landed beside him, resting a hand on his shoulder while she examined him for wounds.  She pursed her lips slightly and wiped some of the blood from his face.  "You need to level up your air abilities."

    Nix nodded, "I know it.  Which door?"

    Rhy crossed arms, her dark eyes staring stubbornly.  Although she had progressed to Archon since coming to Inferno, Nix's progression was impressive.  "As soon as we're done, you are coming to the Air Palace with me."

    Nix held his hands up in surrender.  "I have promised to train at the House of Tempest for a few more days, after that, I will come to see you.  Promise.

    Rhy smiled in approval.  "Good enough.  I came through the south door."

    "That only leaves the north door."  Nix started splashing toward the third door, while Rhy hovered above the water.  "Is this your second room?"

    Rhy shook her head.  "First."  Her dark eyes showed a hint of amusement.  "It must be difficult to be wingless. Bet you wish you had wings again."

    Nix gave her a deadpan look.  "Nope.  I'm perfectly happy splashing through this disgusting water while you fly over it."

    Rhylia's laugh echoed in the room.  "I could carry you."

    Nix scowled at her and grabbed the door handle.  "Pass."
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