411 The Greater House of Inferno part three

    Vooni cursed loudly and drove her halberd into the Water Mage, effectively pinning him to the wall.  The other Aquarion moved away and sent all of her creatures after the dragon descendent.

    "F*CK!"  Vooni knew many Aquarions, however, the inherent weakness of the stable owner variety prevented most of them from becoming Archons.  She flung the corpse of the mage to one side and equipped her shield.

    Most stables were filled with water creatures and would be useless on both land and air.  This Aquarion possessed a reptilian-hybrid stable, much like the Vilas that Mina used. They were slightly smaller and not enhanced like Mina's but there were forty of them.

    Vooni has activated [Dragon Roar].

    When the creatures scattered in all directions, Vooni charged the remaining Aquarion. The first water mage managed to effectively ground her with a [Heavy Water] spell.  The second Aquarion was starting to panic, the [Heavy Water] spell that her companion used would wear off soon.

    Vooni cut the distance between them in half, before the water creatures swarmed her again.  Although not particularly dangerous to a top-end Tank, their sheer numbers made them troublesome.

    Vooni has activated [Aura Burst].  The dragon descendent's aura erupted outward in all directions, scorching the pests attacking her.

    Vooni has resisted Heavy Water.

    A flash of black and the armored tank was back in the air, a moment later her target was split vertically from head to crotch as the razor-sharp halberd slammed down on her head and then continued its path all the way to the ground.

    /Alpha: Nix: Well done, Captain.

    Vooni looked up to see Vy and Nix entering her room.  In her head, the archon trainer still referred to him as Pon the Magnificent. They enjoyed a close relationship that had developed a familial tie when she started seeing Rico.

    /Alpha: Vooni: Could have used your help a minute ago.

    /Alpha: Nix: Didn't want to spoil you too much.  First or second room?

    /Alpha: Vooni: First.

    Nix paused long enough to rid the dead Aquarion of her ricoli artifact, when he offered it to Vooni she shook her head so he stowed it away for the Inferno Aquarions.

    The trio headed toward the door Vooni indicated and were just about to exit when Chiba stepped through it.

    /Alpha: Chiba: The rooms rotate if you spend too much time, I've already cleared the three rooms this way.

    Nix swore under his breath. "Of course."

    Chiba was wearing her ring once again, the old ugly face wore a look of grim determination.  Anything associated with the planar trials brought out the swordmaster's serious side.

    /Alpha: Vooni: We should move faster, follow me.

    The group ran single file through three empty rooms before finding one that no one had cleared.

    /Alpha: Nix: I think we are supposed to stay here.

    /Alpha: Chiba: Why?

    /Alpha: Vy: Five doors.

    The room was pentagon-shaped with pair of torches on every wall.  It was larger than any of the rooms that had previously been cleared and was tiled with black marble.

    /Alpha: Chiba: Yep, this is it. Check these out.

    The rest of the group joined her at the center of the room where five pictured tiles could be seen.  An iridescent salamander, a black dragon, crossed silver swords, feathered black wings, and a golden crown.

    Vooni bent slightly and touched her hand to the dragon tile.  "I'm glad we are finally raising this house."

    Chiba nodded in agreement.  "Why now?  With everything else we have going on?"

    Nix gave them a sly smile.  "No reason."

    [You have been summoned by Shae]

    "Oops!  Gotta go."  Nix disappeared with a wave, leaving the group staring at each other.

    /Alpha: Chiba: Where did Nix go?

    /Alpha: Vy: Shae must have summoned him.

    Nix appeared a moment later in a room of fire.  Flames licked at the walls and ceiling, making them glow, Shae wielded two flaming swords while trying to fend off three fire archons.

    "Thanks for coming!" Shae slammed both swords into the head of the nearest fire archon, sending it flying toward the far wall.

    Nix saw the problem immediately. It was similar to the issue Shae's Fire group had during her Archon training.  Most fire creatures were immune to fire damage, so battles against other flames beasts were often drawn out and would sometime end in stalemate.

    Nix pushed Black Ice into Wrath and sent a dozen strands of Ice fire into the closest Archon.  The beast screeched in surprise at the pain of the ice-cold flames.

    Nix activated [Storm Rider] and appeared directly behind his target while dropping his strands. The Black Ice blade stabbed through the creature's torso causing it to flail helplessly while it was lifted completely off the ground.

    A Fire Archon has been slain.

    While Nix was finishing off the first Fire Archon, Shae used her flame swords to bludgeon a second one toward him.  She beat it back slowly, the booming sounds of her blades striking rock-like flesh echoed in the room.

    [Storm Rider] [Rockfist]

    Combination Successful.

    Nix appeared next to the second Archon, he grabbed it by the waist and slammed it headfirst into the floor.  In a frenzy of blows, he hammered against its face until the creature's flames burned out.

    A Fire Archon has been slain.

    Shae managed to corner the last Archon, her frustration was evident as she wacked away at it with her swords.  Through sheer will, she managed to push one of her flaming swords into the shoulder of the Archon.

    Nix flashed toward her, placing both hands on her shoulders.

    [Air Burst]

    The creatures shoulder blew apart, wailing in misery it attempted to shield itself with its remaining arm but died with a pitiful wail when it was impaled by a Black Ice Lance and pinned it to the wall.

    Nix turned back toward Shae, only to be enveloped in a super-heated embrace.  The redhaired salamander took out her frustration by squeezing him tightly.

    "How many rooms was this Shae?"

    Shae finally released him but maintained a grip on his hand. "This was my third room.  The first was filled with water creatures, that was nice.  The second room was a group of Air Wraiths."

    Nix squeeze her hand and pulled her toward the exit.  "The rooms are shifting, so we might have to search a bit to find the others."

    "Were you with them when I summoned you?"

    Nix nodded.  "Let's get you a few spare weapons, maybe some ice damage ones."

    "Thank you, Nix."

    "No worries."  Nix opened his hud, frowning when he noticed that Morti' was still with Tautius.  "Morti is unavailable, guess I'll bring in the others."

    "Good thinking, our boss fight may start as soon as we join the others."

    [Summons: Ducky]

    [Summons: Fey]

    Ducky and Fey appeared a moment later.  Ducky offered them a smile while Fey hugged the redheaded salamander.

    Ducky has joined Alpha channel.

    Fey has joined Alpha channel.

    /Alpha: Ducky: We were at the Turtle House Nix.  Where's Soupy?

    [Summons Soup]

    Soup appeared in his Shadow Sphinx form, he shifted immediately to Ducky's shoulder.

    /Alpha: Nix: Morti is still with Tautius, once we find the other Foundation members, we'll be taking on a boss.

    /Alpha: Fey: Understood.

    The group progressed through several empty rooms before they were able to reunite with the others.

    Nix walked toward the center of the room, pausing to summon his healer Arch Wind.

    Ea Shadai appeared in the air directly in front of him, her white wings flapping slowly.  The vaulted ceilings gave her about thirty feet of space, more than enough to retreat if she was threatened.

    "This is a boss battle Shadai.  You are the only healer, Vooni will be tanking.  Make her your priority."

    "Okay, Nix."

    /Alpha: Vooni: Welcome back.

    /Alpha: Nix: Don't suppose you three took on the boss while we were gone?

    /Alpha: Rhy: No.

    Shae and Nix joined the others in the center of the room.

    /Alpha: Shae: Now what?

    /Alpha: Nix: You sure you didn't kill the boss yet?

    /Alpha: Vooni: Pretty sure.

    /Alpha: Chiba: Awkward.

    /Alpha: Rhy: Step on your own tile.

    Nix waited until the others were ready, then he stepped onto his.  Immediately a peal of loud laughter echoed in the room.

    "You've come to challenge us?"  A deep voice spoke from the far side of the room.  A figure cloaked in black watched them.  On either side of him were two elementals.

    /Chiba: Elementals?

    /Rhy: Yes.  Lightning and Air, not sure about the other two.

    /Nix: Nether and Black Fire.

    /Shae: Black FIre?  Like Donri?

    /Nix: Yes.


    Donri was the tank that converted into a Black Fire mage and became the Seneschal to the royal family in the newly formed Central Kingdom.  He was also in an early group with Nix when they killed Bulo the black bear. (Morti's future pelt)


    The Black Cloaked figured moved forward, his face was hidden in shadow.  "I am Taro.  We are the Embassy's chosen.  When we defeat you, it will be us that raise the Greater House of Chaos within Solomon City."

    /Alpha: Nix: Hold the boss, while we deal with the others.

    /Alpha: Ducky: I'll CC the lightning element.

    Nix stepped forward and equipped a silver pole, stabbing it through the marble tile.

    Nix has placed Inferno's Guideon on the Battlefield.

    Guideon: Inferno Battle Flag [Silver Standard]

    + 2000 AC

    +50 All Stats.

    +100 ATK

    +100 Defense

    Description: Plant your Guild Flag

    on the battlefield and reap the benefits

    of unity and loyalty.
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