416 The Greater House of Inferno conclusion

    Vooni didn't speak to anyone, she smiled happily and walked into the courtyard. She had faith in her Inferno friends, but she also realized that unexpected things could happen in a match.  Had she handpicked the five most likely, it would have been Nix, herself, Shae, Chiba, and Pon.  The fighters they had been facing were Archon level, but more like ones that had recently finished training.  In a 5v5 competition, her choices would have been to send out Alpha Team.  Gemini excels in group fights, but only a few of them were experienced in 1v1 situations.

    Vooni arrived in the middle of the courtyard and pointed at a random person.  "You."

    /Alpha: Semmi: Looks like a melee dps?

    /Alpha: Pon: Two swords and medium armor.  It might be a good fight.

    /Alpha: Nix: No it won't.

    /Alpha: Shae: It's already over.


    [Dragon Leap][Shield Slam]

    Combination Successful!

    Vooni appeared in front of her target, her shield slammed through her opponent's guard and into his face.  The sounds of bones breaking could be heard as he was sent skidding across the courtyard.

    Black wings sprouted from Vooni's back, she flashed passed the tumbling fighter, climbed suddenly, and then banked into a steep dive.  Her sword traveled completely through her opponent and into the stone courtyard beneath him.  It didn't stop until her handguard slammed into his armor.

    Bracot Yu has been slain.

    [Winner: Vooni]

    /Alpha: Wind: Holy crap.

    /Alpha: Semmi: Woah... Is that the standard?

    /Alpha: Nix: A very high standard. Everyone did well here, 1v1 fights can be chaotic.

    The blue-robed man appeared in the center of the courtyard, his hands were holding a large scroll.  "Please approach."

    Inferno walked to the center of the courtyard, to their surprise, all nine of their opponents appeared there also.  The mediator turned towards the vanquished.  "You have fought bravely, but have failed in your quest to raise a Greater House.  House of Swords, you are dismissed."

    /Alpha: Nix: House of Swords?

    /Alpha: Vooni: It's one of the normal Houses of Solomon City. I don't know any of them but their reputation is solid.

    The blue-robed man paused while the members from the House of Swords gated out.  Finally, he turned toward Nix.  "Inferno has succeeded in its quest to raise a Greater House."

    Nix was staring at the empty space where their opponent had been standing.  "How did we end up fighting them?"

    "They qualified to attempt the Greater House quest, they have been waiting for another group to do the same."

    /Alpha: Semmi: Single elimination battle?  That's brutal."

    Vooni's dark eyes showed her interest. "Will they be able to attempt it again?"

    "If another Greater House falls, the chance will come again."

    Vooni knew that it probably wouldn't, the House of Swords missed their chance. "How come we chose all the fights?"

    "They were given two options.  Win all five fights of their choosing, or one out of five that their opponents chose."

    /Alpha: Pon: They chose the better deal, there's no way they were going to get five wins over us.

    /Alpha: Vooni: Agreed.

    /Alpha: Nix: Now comes the good part.

    /Alpha: Shae: What?

    /Alpha: Semmi: He's got that look.  What are you up to Nix?

    Nix smiled at the blue-robed man and held out his hand.  "Anything else?"

    "You will need to appoint two individuals.  A House Speaker to sit in on the Greater House Assembly Meetings, and a Battlemaster to train your members."

    Nix already knew who he wanted.  "Rhy will be the House Speaker for the Greater House of Inferno and Vooni will be the Battlemaster."

    /Alpha: Nix: You two okay with that?

    /Alpha: Rhy: Yes.

    /Alpha: Vooni: It will be my pleasure.

    "Well done, may the Greater House of Inferno become a shining light in Solomon City."  The blue-robed man handed Nix the scroll and then faded away.

    Slowly the afternoon sky above them began to darken, the ground beneath them started to shake causing the members of Inferno to cling to each other for support.

    /Alpha: Semmi: HOUSES!

    All around them the courtyard started to change.  The light of the sun was replaced with darkness which quickly turned bright as several lamps grew upward from the courtyard to illuminate their surroundings.  A large red-bricked manor appeared in the central courtyard.  Directly to the east and west of that, two smaller manors formed.

    /SkyKingdom/Solomon City Announcement: The Greater House of Inferno has been raised in Solomon City!

    Nix is now the leader of the Greater House of Inferno.

    Vooni is now the Battlemaster for the Greater House of Inferno.

    Rhylia is now the House Speaker for the Greater House of Inferno.

    [The curse that binds you has been disrupted.  All Archon abilities have been restored.]

    Nix smiled at the message that popped up on his hud.

    /Alpha: Vooni:  All Inferno members should now have a new House icon on their huds.  This enables you to return to this house, from anywhere.

    /Alpha: Pon: Can I go pick a room?

    /Alpha: Vooni: The five foundation members are assigned rooms on the first floor.  The four pillars are placed in the four corner rooms on the second floor.  The rest of the pillars are also on the second floor.

    /Alpha: Semmi: What about the non-pillar members?

    /Alpha: Vooni: Third floor of the central manor.  Greater Houses always start with three floors, there is the option to increase levels but I've heard that it is costly.

    /Alpha: Pon: How did it get so late?  It's already 0200!

    A breach opened up directly in front of the Central Manor, a moment later Deidra stepped into the courtyard.

    "This is unexpected."  Deidra's expression told them that she was pleased.  "I hadn't expected that Inferno was still interested in raising a Greater House in Solomon City, considering that you are in the possession of several dragon cities."

    Nix smiled pleasantly.  "I like it here and we shall do our best to strengthen Solomon City."

    Deidra stared at him for a moment before she realized.  "Your Breach Commander abilities have been restored."

    /Alpha: Shae: What?

    /Alpha: Fajii: Is this true, Nix?

    /Alpha: Nix: Yes.

    /Alpha: Wind: Can't keep the boss down!

    /Alpha: Pon: We can strike anywhere once again.  F*ck yeah!

    Nix nodded in agreement.  "Soon as our Greater House was raised."

    Deidra's smile widened slightly.  "Greater Houses receive benefits in combat and trade skills from the cities in which they reside.  The City Dragon Masters placed protections on all the foundation members of new houses. This was meant to give them time to grow roots and flourish without worrying about being dragged down."

    /Alpha: Semmi: You knew this Nix?  How long is the protection?

    /Alpha: Nix: I found out recently.  It lasts for 90 days. The protection overwrites the Khione's curse, for the next three months anyway.

    [Whisper: Semmi to Nix] Let's hope the devs don't nerf you again. This will help our plans to restore the Titan Clans.

    [Whisper: Nix to Semmi] I want to have an officer meeting when I finish my training at the House of Tempest.

    [Whisper: Semmi to Nix] We'll have it here.

    Nix could feel the eyes of Shae and Fajii watching him.  "Feel free to explore our new digs, Chiba and I are going to return to the House of Tempest."

    "I'll come to see you tomorrow, Nix."  Deidra opened up a breach and left without saying anything else.

    Nix felt two arms hug him from behind, a glance over his shoulder identified the culprit.  "What are you going to do?"

    Shae walked around him and gripped his face in both hands.  "Remember to fix this Air and Ice problem.  Rhy will help you with the Air."

    "I won't put it off."  He bent down and kissed her upturned face.  "Could I open a breach for you?"

    Shae nodded. "We are going to see Hyai at the Turtle House."

    Fajii waited until Shae stepped away before hugging Nix close.  "Thank you, Nix.  For everything!"

    "Welcome."  Nix stepped away from them and opened a Breach to Ionova. "Before we take on anything else, I'll make sure we get a few days to relax."

    With a quick wave, Shae and Fajii stepped through the breach.

    "Must be nice to have the Breach Commander abilities back again."

    Nix turned to see Chiba standing behind him.  Everyone else had either left or gone inside the house.  "Shall we head back to the House of Tempest?"

    Chiba nodded.  "Let's walk."

    They exited the Greater House through the front gate and headed toward the House of Tempest.  The evening was quiet and mostly dark with the exception of an occasion streetlight.

    "Why was Fajii thanking you?"

    "When I met Fajii, she was an Alchemist.  She had never really seen battle.  I started taking her with me, and eventually made her part of Alpha team."

    Chiba's old face seemed content with the answer.  "Smart move bringing Vooni in as the Battlemaster.  Pardon me for saying it, but the rest of our guild needs to increase their strength."

    Nix nodded in agreement.  "I have a plan for that."

    Chiba glanced sideways at her apprentice.  "Who knew you thought so much?'

    Nix laughed at the backhanded compliment.  "Thank you, Master."
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