417 Eggs and Puppets

    **********Dragon City Lore***************

    Originally the 25 dragon cities of Sky Kingdom were built and launched in an effort to escape the continuing conflict with the War-like Titan Clans.  The Titan Clans viewed the Dragons as invaders and were more than willing to fight till the end.  Once separated from Everspire, the Dragon Cities started to prosper.  They raised up Greater Houses in each city, as their culture started to grow the influence of these groups increased.  Together the dragons banded their strength and lay several enchantments on their cities.  This was done to limit access, increase combat abilities, encourage trade skills, and protect the inhabitants. Some of the enchantments vary from city to city, but the strongest ones are the same everywhere. City enchantments are monitored and continually strengthened by the Dragon Masters. The seven cities that failed, lost all of their enchantments.

    [Enchantments on Solomon City]

    **House members may respawn in their houses if they are slain.

    **Newly Formed Houses are protected. [Standard House= 45 days, Greater House=90 days]

    Crafting and Tradeskill successes are increased by 20 percent.

    Armor Class Bonus for Standard House members +1500, Greater House members +3000.

    All citizens of Solomon City are granted [First Strike].

    [Note] City Enchantments that are marked with **; were put in place by the entire dragon populace and as such are the most powerful.


    As promised, Nix spent the next two days training with the members of the House of Tempest. Chiba returned to the House of Inferno, where she decided to take up residence.  With the guild officer meeting looming, Nix received a message from Mora Sai Tali, the Grand Elder of the Tali family.


    Could you please contact me at your convenience.

    Sai Tali.

    Nix scratched the Soup's tiny black head.  He was getting used to having her around.  "Shall we call him?"

    [Direct Contact: Sai Tali]

    A life-size holo of Sai Tali appeared in front of Nix.  This benefit of being a Breach Commander was one of the things Nix's had missed most.

    "Good morning, Mora Tali."

    "Please call me Sai.  I would like to meet with you, whenever you have some free time."  The Grand Elder smiled pleasantly, although he was an important figure among the Ain'Dhassi, he had always treated Nix like an equal.

    "I can come now.  Are you at the Tali Estate in Fraya'Selene?"

    Sai Tali nodded.  Although he was quite old, his pale features seemed ageless.  "Thank you, Nix. I appreciate it."

    "I'll be at the downstairs entryway.  Talk to you soon." Nix closed comm.  "It's nice to be a Breach Commander again."

    [Create Breach: Solomon City: Fraya'Selene]

    Nix stepped through the Breach and into the Tali Estate.  He walked away from the grand staircase and took a seat on one of the chairs.  A few seconds later, he heard steps coming down the stairs.

    "Nix!"  The Ain'Dhassi smiled when she saw him.  Yaven was Del's sister, he met her when he was chasing after information on Sun Devils.

    "Nice to see you."  Nix smiled and accepted the hand she offered him.  A movement from the rail above caused him to look up, Sai Tali nodded politely to him.

    "Please bring Nix up."

    Yaven nodded. "Right away, Grandpa."

    Nix followed Yaven up the stairs, Sai Tali had already disappeared.  "Where we going?"

    Yaven stopped at a familiar set of doors. It was Del's room.  "Please go in, I'll wait outside."

    Nix entered Del's room, it looked much like it had a week earlier.  The dragon egg containing Del still sat in front of the fireplace. Sai Tali sat on a comfortable look chair next to the fire and motioned for Nix to sit in the chair across from him.

    "Del has stopped speaking,"  Sai spoke calmly, but Nix could sense the fear in his voice.

    "How long?"  When Nix visited last, Del was able to communicate with others who came in physical contact with her shell.

    "Almost a week."

    Nix glanced at the egg in question.  Could something have happened?  "That's right after I left."

    Sai nodded. "Yaven had a short conversation with her and she hasn't spoken since."

    Nix stood up, his face turning sour.  "They had a fight? Why come to me over a family squabble?"

    Sai bowed his head slightly.  "I'm sorry Nix.  We are worried and thought you might be able to speak with her."

    "Have Yaven apologize for whatever she said." Nix bit down on his tongue to keep from saying harsher words.

    Sai frowned slightly, Nix was right, it wasn't his job to mediate Tali family issues.  "Del told me what she said to you before she was placed in the dragon egg."

    "You sneaky old bastard!" Nix felt his face heat up.  He stomped over to the egg and placed his hand on it.  "DEL!"

    [Nix? Why are you here?]

    "Because you're acting like a child!  Talk to your family so they'll stop worrying about you."

    [They contacted you?  I am sorry, Nix]

    "Just get over it already and talk to your family."

    [Are you mad?]

    "Well... You told your family that you confessed to me, and now the old bastard wants to make me feel guilty."

    [Did you call my Grandpa an old bastard?]

    "Um... maybe.  You aren't even my type. Why do I have to tiptoe around a bunch of damn snow elves? Do you know how busy I am?"

    Nix stared at the egg for a moment, then at Sai Tali.  The Grand Elder's face had turned several shades of red.  Apparently he had never been called bad words before.  "If this works, then I'll loan the Tali family this puppet."

    Nix took an Orion Emperor puppet out of his inventory. It was one of a few emperor puppets he kept in his inventory for scouting.  When it came to scouting, Nix preferred to use puppets rather than his shifted forms.  The advantage of using puppets was that you stayed relatively safe, even if you were caught.  He placed the puppet on the floor, making sure it was touching the shell.

    "Can you feel that, Del?"

    [What's a snow elf?]

    Nix sighed loudly.  "Can you feel that?"

    [No, I can't feel anything.  Us snow elves are like that.]

    "I placed a black Orion puppet against the lower part of your shell.  I want you to try and inhabit it."

    Almost instantly the Orion moved, the ear twitched and it made a soft sound.

    "Wait... I'll move it slightly."  Nix picked up the Orion and placed it on the dragon egg so that it was straddling the top of it.  "Try again, it's laying across the top of the egg."

    This time the eyes blinked open, it lifted its head up and looked around.  "Nix?  Grandpa?"

    "Del?"  Sai stood up, his eyes shining.  "Del?"

    Nix stepped back, the Orion looked like it was trying to stand but it collapsed completely a few moments later and stopped moving.

    "What happened?"  Sai had walked to Nix's side, the harsh words forgotten.

    "It probably takes a lot of effort and energy."  Nix placed a hand on the dragon shell. "You okay, Del?"

    [Yes.  That was exhausting.  I saw you and Grandpa.]

    "Keep practicing, even if you can't progress passed looking around, it's better than nothing."  Nix glanced at Sai who had one hand on the Orion puppet.  "This is a loan only."

    Sai nodded.  "Thank you, Nix."

    "Hmm... I have to go.  Del, don't be such an ass-pain for your family."

    [I'm sorry.  Thank you.  Every time something happens, you're there for me.]

    "Of course.  We're friends."

    [Create Breach: Fraya'Selene: Houdinya]

    Nix stepped into Tai's sanctuary a moment later.  He had a standing invite to visit whenever he wanted.  Tai was sitting on the grassy banks with her bare feet soaking in the mudbath.  She wore a common blue shirt and pants, along with a blue bandanna wrapped around her head.

    Tai seemed to be in a good mood.  "I have a surprise, Nix!" She grabbed his hand and pulled him into a breach that she opened.

    Nix recognized the place by the sudden increase in temperature and the strong earthy smell.  It was Tai'Qui's nursery.  "Progress with Nihlus and Sindi?"

    Tai clapped her hands together excitedly.  "Yes!  I've been speaking with them both for the last few days.

    Nix smiled at her enthusiasm, he had difficulty picturing Deidra acting the same way.  "I've been visiting my other friend who we put in a dragon egg.  She was able to inhabit a puppet."

    "What?"  Tai's pretty face was clearly shocked.

    Nix nodded. "It was only for a few seconds, but I figure with your ability and bond with the eggs; you might help them do better.
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