418 Nihlus and Sindi

    Nix placed his Nether Rat puppet on the egg that Nihlus was in and told Tai the entire Del story. "I'll step back and let you handle everything."  He was also interested in seeing more of Tai's ability.

    Tai nodded, she lifted one hand, a single glowing tendril moved from her hand to the egg.  As soon as it made contact, a blurred image of Nihlus appeared over the egg.

    Nix didn't bother to hide his amazement.  In a week, Tai managed to leave Del's progress in the dust.

    "He can only hear me for now.  The image you see is mostly caused by my longing for my son."

    The glowing tendril reminded Nix of a hair ribbon.  It forked next to the egg and wrapped around the Nether rat.  Slowly over the next minute, the tendrils grew brighter and thicker.

    "Holy crap."  Nix stared in wonder as the Nether Rat stood up.


    Nix could hear the word plainly, it wasn't like the weak mumble that Del made, this was like an inhabited puppet.

    "One-moment Nihlus. I will strengthen you."  The tendrils pulsed with energy for several moments and then without warning faded away.

    Nihlus hopped down from the egg, his red eyes glancing from Nix to Tai'Qui.  "Amazing.  Simply amazing."

    Tai'Qui scooped up the Nether Rat and brought it to her face.  "My son... It's really you."

    There was something comical about watching Tai'Qui hug the rat close, but Nix didn't say anything.

    Tai turned her brown eyes on Nix.  "Whatever you want, if it within my ability I will certainly do it."

    "No mother."  Nihlus stared at Nix.  "This debt is mine.  I owe you my life Guild Leader Nix."

    Nix nodded in agreement.  "Which is why I don't feel bad about asking for payment."

    After discussing payment Nix's payment option for the next hour, he was finally ready to leave.

    Tai'Qui placed a warm hand on his shoulder.  "The meeting is today?"

    Nix nodded.  "Come to the Greater House of Inferno when I contact you."


    Nix entered the Greater House of Inferno through the front gates.  There were no guards yet, they weren't really required until the protections were lifted in 90 days.  As someone who visited other Greater Houses, he knew exactly where his room was located.

    No one was around when he stepped through the large double doors at the main entrance.  There was a large reception area with comfortable looking couches and warm fireplaces.  The front of the manor had more windows than Nix had ever seen on a house.  His room was actually a mini-suite.  It started out as a large office, with a connecting bathroom.  The bathroom connected to a walk-thru closet that led to a spacious bedroom.

    "Not bad."  Nix walked around the bedroom,  two more doors led to the outside hallway; the route through the closet was only for his convenience.  There was also a Master Bathroom, Nix peeked in the door to take a look, but since he wasn't planning on taking up residence he didn't stay long.

    /Alliance: Commander Nix: Inferno has raised a Greater House in Solomon City, those who wish to take the planar trials and take up residence are free to do so. Contact Vooni if this is the case.

    Nix wasn't overly interested in building a huge presence in Solomon City, but he didn't want the Greater House to look like a ghost town either. With Vooni training small squads in the training yard, it was likely that only a few dozen Inferno members would be there.  Tai'Qui would dispatch part of her elite troops to take over guard duty when the protections expired.

    /Guild Officers: Jun Li: Nansu is the only officer who isn't coming.  She hasn't passed the planar trial.

    /Guild Officers: Nix: That's fine, we won't discuss any lifestyle issues.

    Instead of heading to the Greater House Conference room, the officers of Inferno sat next to the fountain, chatting with each other while they waited for the last few members showed up.

    Shae and Rhy were the last arrivals.  Rhy was preparing to move into the Greater House full time.  She would handle the day to day operations while performing her Speaker Duties. She had already signed alliances with the House of Tempest and the House of Dragons.

    Shae squeezed in next to Nix, her small hand reaching down to hold his.  "Hyai told us we better make sure to drag you back home when this meeting is over."

    Nix laughed at her expression.  "I will definitely head back with you guys."

    /Guild Officers: Jun Li: Seems like everyone is here, let's get started. We have a few important tasks to start in the next two weeks.  The Mid-Spire quests that advance our Khione agenda and of course the Restoration of the Titan Clans.

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: I know the restoration task seems daunting, however, we have a plan.

    /Guild Officers: Nix: We'll start with the Scorpion Clan, since Lucid is already a member of Inferno.

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: Nix will be giving Lucid one of the Gemini Mage stones.  She'll remain a healer but we need her to be a Gemini.

    /Guild Officers: Jun Li: How does that help?

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: Gemini sharing enables using each other skills, it also influences training and comprehension.  It's an experiment, each of these Clansmen has the Titan bloodline.  We're going to force them to unlock it.

    /Guild Officers: Sharl: Wouldn't they all have to be Gemini then for that to work?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: Yes.

    /Guild Officers: Jun Li: We are only allotted a few skill stones a month. How is that possible?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: Phase I, Kidnap a dozen or so Clansmen and bring them back to the Gemini Temple.

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: Phase II, Our Temple priestess makes them all acolytes.  Gemini Acolytes enjoy the same sharing ability.

    /Guild Officers: Nix: Phase III, Lucid trains the Clansmen, constantly using her Titan abilities.

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: If it works, then we have a way to reestablish the bloodlines.

    /Guild Officers: Fajii: Will this work?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: I noticed last week while Chiba and I were doing endless reps, we were both learning things faster than we should.

    /Guild Officers: Jun Li: It's worth a try.  It's the numbers that concern me.  We're talking about hundreds, eventually thousands.

    /Guild Officers: Semmi:  Let's see if we can unlock a dozen first.

    /Guild Officers: Jun Li: We'll have to confine them to the Temple.  Shouldn't be an issue.

    /Guild Officers: Nix: Ronnie can you research where the Scorpion Clan was located?  Finding direct descendants might increase our chance of unlocking bloodlines.

    /Guild Officers: Ronnie: I can do that.

    /Guild Officers: Pon: I want to help with the Mid-Spire quests, Nix.

    /Guild Officers: Nix: I will take you, Darsi, and Wind.  It starts in Free Trader City, not sure what else is involved.

    /Guild Officers: Jun Li: What about the Khione Temples?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: We have solid intel on the locations of each Temple. Seems like we should deal with them.

    /Guild Officers: Wind: Eliminate the cultists and don't let the Temples get built.  Sometimes simple works best.

    /Guild Officers: Fajii: I will send my Lamia Acolytes after these cultists.  If we know their locations, we can remove them.

    /Guild Officers: Jun Li: That should be everything on our agenda.  Unless someone has something else.

    /Guild Officers: Nix: I do.  I ask first that everyone keeps an open mind.

    /Guild Officers: Pon: Now I'm interested.

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: Spill it Nix.

    [Whisper: Nix to Tai'Qui] Please join us in our courtyard.

    A few moments later, a breach opened in the courtyard and Tai'Qui exited with an enormous white-maned lion and a Scorpion.

    /Guild Officers: Pon: Why's Tai here?

    /Guild Officers: Semmi: Are those Titans Nix?

    /Guild Officers: Nix: They are.

    The two Titans were both noticeably smaller than the Titans who had taken the trial of Firsts.  Nix used .25 ratio on constructing both of them. However, they were built using the ancient powerhouses from the Titan graveyard and could match up against their full-sized counterparts.

    Nix stood up and moved next to the newly arrived the lion was a brutal looking beast and stood roughly the size of a mountain pony.  Muscles rippled beneath its white coat when he moved.  The scorpion was about the size of a large crocodile.  Its arched tail hung over his head while its pincers were held out in front of him.

    Jun Li stood slowly and walked toward the Lion.  "If this is a puppet, then who is inhabiting it?"

    The lion turned its gaze on Jun Li.  "Allow me to present myself properly.  I am Nihlus, son of Tai'Qui.  This is Sindi, a member of Houdinya's Elite guard."

    Jun Li reached out and stroked the Lion's white mane. "The ones that Nix brought back from Eidengal and placed in Dragon Eggs?  How did you get out?"

    "They didn't,"  Tai'Qui spoke softly.  Unlike Deidra, the Earth Dragon was on friendly terms with nearly everyone present.  "They still inhabit the eggs in my nursery.  I can assure you they can travel anywhere and will fight for you."

    Semmi had to bite down on a smile, Junie was being a bit forward.  She probably didn't even realize it since she loved cats.  "You'll help with the Titan training at the Gemini Temple?"

    Tai'Qui nodded.  "They'll follow  your commands without question until their eggs are hatched."

    Nix held a hand up to get everyone's attention.  "Tai'Qui has requested Sanctuary in Haven."
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