426 Petitioners Challenge

    Nix watched Jun Li spar with the Lion Titan. It was obvious right away that Nihlus's new form was a tank and not a damage dealer.  "He's strong."

    Pon nodded beside him. The two had first watched Semmi and Wind take on Sindi, then Jun Li abruptly challenged the white lion.  "Jun Li is clever, she sets her attacks up several moves in advance."

    "She isn't going all out."  Nix knew what his Gemini Champion could do when she exerted herself, she was obviously using this as a training match.  "Besides... she likes cats."

    Pon's old face nodded sagely. "Semmi told me. Have you given any more thought to Icaraphet?"

    "Yes.  I'm going to put it in the air above Loki  and let Ishna move in with her people."

    Pon stared at him for several seconds, his old face creased in a smile.  "Thank you, Nix.  How are you going to secure it?"

    "You will bring Ishna to Parliament, where she will be able to register as a Clan."  Nix had been considering the Aquarion issue since Pon first brought it up.  "Then I'll add that Clan to the 12 Pillar Alliance and grant limited access to Icaraphet."

    "Going to change the name?"

    Nix nodded.  "Yeah. Suggestions?"

    Pon scratched his head while considering the question.  "Avalon."

    "I don't hate it."  Nix gave the old man a sideways glance.  "Final resting place of Arthur, right?"

    Pon nodded.  "Semmi mentioned it the other day, I like the sound of it."

    "Me too." Nix waved when he spotted Rhy exiting the Great House.  Since being named Speaker, she had moved into her room on the 1st floor.

    The Air Nemesis smiled when she saw Nix waving.  Her black wings flapped once and she covered the distance in a few heartbeats.  "Watching the spars?  Or taking part?"

    Pon shook his head.  "Watching today.  Wind has been really hitting it hard since Semmi became an Archon.  We've been taking turns helping him."

    "He's fine, when we start the Mid-Spire quests he'll probably advance." Nix stood up and faced the Air Elemental.  "Take a knee, Rhylia Thundercloud." He waited patiently while she bent one knee, and then he placed his hand on her finely feathered head.

    Rhy has received the Blessing of Black Ice.

    The Air Elemental stood slowly, placing one hand on Nix's shoulder.  "Thank you, Champion, for this gift and the position you've given me."

    Nix gave her a sly smile.  "Don't think you're off the hook for yesterday...  because you aren't."


    "Unknown at this time."  Beta stood in front of Breach Commander Mtui's desk.  The normal occupant of the desk was missing.

    Deidra shook her head in frustration.  "How does he disappear without anyone seeing or hearing anything?"

    The albino rogue shrugged slightly. "He's a Breach Commander, if he wanted to go somewhere secretly, he could do it."

    "This must be investigated, I would know if he had been killed so he must be imprisoned someplace."

    "On an unrelated subject, Nix is about to face Jargon Kane's Champion in their Greater House training yard."  Beta learned the information from Wind, she also knew the reason behind it.

    Deidra leaned back in her son's chair. "Why would he do that?"  Her first thought was that Jargon may have somehow found out about the Falcon Titan from the Dragon City parade.

    "He's claimed mating rights for Tai'Qui's Krelandur."  Beta paused for a moment, letting her words sink in.  "Since Nihlus was slain, she hasn't chosen another Champion, Nix is representing her interests."

    Deidra stood up quickly and opened a Breach.  "No time to lose then.  Follow me."

    A moment later, Deidra stepped through a breach into the Greater House of Inferno training yard.  She spotted Nix right away, he was sitting off to one side with Pon and an Air Elemental.

    "Good Afternoon, Nix."  Deidra made sure her tone was respectful, Nix's temperament from one day to the next seemed dependent on random things.  "I wonder if I could speak with you."

    Nix waved to Beta, the pink-eyed rogue smiled at the gesture before promptly running off in search of Wind.

    "Dragon Blood."  Nix followed Deidra off to one side and spoke before she could say anything.

    Deidra stared at him for a moment, her beautiful face puzzled.  "Dragon Blood?"

    Nix nodded.  "That's the price for me representing you against Jargon Kane's Champion."

    Deidra sighed heavily.  "What do you know?"

    "Only that your son disappeared and now Jargon is requesting mating rights.  An odd coincidence considering that he also requested the same from Tai'Qui, whose Champion is also indisposed."

    "You think it's a conspiracy?"  Deidra considered the idea for a moment.  "Let's talk about this later. Will you champion my cause Guild Leader Nix?"

    "I accept the temporary appointment, Dragon Master Deidra."  Nix bowed formally.

    /Inferno: Pon: The hell are you doing over there, Nix?

    /Inferno: Nix: Seems like this Jargon dragon is really trying hard to get laid.

    [Whisper Tai'Qui to Nix] Are you cheating on me with another dragon?

    Nix laughed aloud and scanned the area, Fajii and Tai'Qui were both walking toward him.

    [Whisper: Nix to Tai'Qui]  It seems that Deidra is in the same position as you.  She has asked me to represent her against Jargon's champion.

    [Whisper: Tai'Qui to Nix] Is she paying?

    [Whisper: Nix to Tai'Qui] Yes.  Where did Sindi and Nihlus pick up the Sword of King's Quest?

    [Whisper: Tai'Qui to Nix] It was sponsored by Jargon Kane.

    Fajii stepped away from Tai'Qui and hugged Nix for a moment.  "Don't forget to include me in the Rat-Raid!"

    Nix nodded. "Don't worry."

    The noisy training yard went silent a moment later when a breach opened up in the center of the courtyard.  The aura of a powerful beast could be felt exerting pressure as it stepped through.  The beast in question wore human form.  A tall man with wide shoulders, his gold robes shimmered in the sunlight.  His black hair hung to his shoulders, his pale and coldly handsome face seemed devoid of any humanity.

    Nix has activated his aura  [Raging Ignition].

    Fury Flames surrounded Nix as he moved toward the dragon, caught up in his wind aura, it swirled around him like an Inferno. The sand beneath his feet melted and splashed as he stepped on it.  He could feel his own aura slice into Jargon Kane's causing the dragon to lock eyes with him.

    "You will limit useless displays of strength if you expect to visit this Greater House of Inferno."  Nix's voice was calm, the white flames around him drove back the members of Jargon's group.  As house leader, he could expel anyone he wanted, this included any dragon that wasn't the Dragon City Master of Solomon City.

    Jargon let his aura fade away, a fake smile on his face.  "Guild Leader Nix, I haven't seen you since the cities rejoined."

    Nix dropped his flames suddenly and bowed respectfully. "Actually I saw you recently, in the Dragon Master's parade.  You were swimming, I believe."

    [Whisper: Wind to Nix] I knew it was you!  Big f*cking brass balls!

    [Whisper: Nix to Wind] Nonsense.  Chiba told me about it.

    "Tai'Qui!  My champion is here on my behalf to forward my petition."  Jargon Kane turned abruptly away from Nix and faced the earth dragon.

    Deidra stepped forward before anyone else could speak.  "Guild Leader Nix will be representing the interest of Solomon City and Houdinya."

    Jargon stared at Nix.  His dark eyes showing malice.  "You've chosen a human as your champion?"

    Deidra nodded.  "Yes.  I refuse your petition.  Nix will argue my case.

    Tai'Qui smiled slightly.  "I also refuse.  I will leave it to Nix reject your petition."

    Rhy used her hud to change the training yard option to a fighting arena.  A platform rose up in the middle of the yard, while three rows of seating sprouted around the edges.

    /Inferno: Pon: Fancy.

    A dragon spawn stood across the arena from Nix.  He wore emblazoned gold armor complete with a horned helm.  A single great sword was strapped to his back.  "I am Talon Kane, representing the interest of Dragon Master Jargon Kane. He has petitioned to partner with Tai'Qui and Deidra for their Krelandur."

    Nix cleared his throat and pushed flames into Wrath.  The white sonic blade buzzed when he swiped it in the air.  "Jargon Kane's petition is denied."

    The air shimmered for a moment and a man in blue robes appeared.

    /Inferno: Pon: Hey... It's the idiot from the Greater House Trial.

    /Inferno: Wind: The bastard with the lever.

    The man in blue studied each dragon in turn before speaking.  "The specifics have been set. The petitioner will set the winning requirements and start the match."

    Jargon Kane stood in the first row, his face plainly showed the contempt he felt.  "This is a deathmatch challenge. FIGHT!"
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