433 Reporting In

    Nix leaned against the counter of the R \u0026 B pawnshop.  Unlike the last time he was here, the place was crowded with customers.  Two clerks that Ronnie had hired were taking care of the customers while Ronni and Bali when through the chest that contained Nix's old gear.

    Ronnie shook her head in dismay.  "Your crappy gear is better than anyone elses best stuff."

    Bali nodded in agreement.  "We don't have the credits on hand to buy more than a few pieces.

    "It's fine. Take it all on consignment.  We'll settle up after it's sold."  Nix carried the chest in the back room and left it on their workbench. His old gear was bound to him, but as owners of the Pawshop, they could unbind his gear once it was in their possession.

    "Whats-his-name is going to be angry if you don't pick up your armor soon."  Ronnie equipped her weapon and armor, her dark lips curved in a smile.  "What do you think?"

    Nix had already picked up his gear from Arbor, the Eidengal Armorer.  It had impressive stats, but he found the Nether King set more to his liking.  He could travel to the Nether at will, and it had the appearance of regular clothes.

    "Like it?"  Ronnie did a quick turn to show off her new gear.

    "Yes."  Nix smiled slightly; the dark archer wore medium leather armor just like he did; however, hers seemed built for the purpose of hugging her slim curves.  It was green-tinted but built layered for full movement.

    "I had your dad put an enhanced camo-overlay on it, the sound suppressing one you invented."  Ronnie gestured to Bali, who was wearing identical gear.  "We're both going to need a new shapeshifter enhancement."

    Bali's pretty face watched him.  "I need a new Orion and something that flies."

    "Look at the auction house and see what you like.  I'll make whatever you like, but the price of mats is on you."  Nix headed toward the door, "meet up at the Red Crane Tavern in an hour."

    A few moments later, Nix stepped onto the boardwalk and opened his hud.

    [Curse of the Ice Goddess.]

    Objective: Report to Free Trader City at your leisure.

    Description: Report to the Mayor of Free Trader City.

    /Alpha: Nix: I'm going to start my quest, let's meet back at the Market fountain in an hour.

    /Alpha: Ronnie: No problem.

    /Alpha: Wind: Buying some things in Ever Flame but I'll be there.

    /Alpha: Darsi: I picked up some standard 'Hunt Quests.' Keep me in the loop, and I'll stay close.

    Nix headed north through town toward the Mayor's residence. As the elected ruler of a city located in four different provinces, the Mayor of Free Trader City enjoyed one of the more influential positions in Everspire.

    Nix whistled softly when his destination came into view.  "That's impressive."  Towards the end of Beacon Street at the edge of the business district stood a towering structure that bore a close resemblance to the Greek Parthenon. Tall marble columns showcased an open-air first level that featured a spiraling staircase, a stage, and rows of bench seating.  A thin, balding man with brown hair looked up from his desk next to the stairs when Nix entered.

    "Greetings, sir, may I help you?" The man said the right words, but his tone spoke boredom and long hours.

    Nix nodded.  "I'm Nix, the Guild Leader for Inferno.  I am supposed to speak with the Mayor."

    "Guild Leader Nix?  Follow me, sir."  The man bowed respectfully and started up the stairs.

    "This doesn't look like  a residence." Nix couldn't decide if it looked like some sort of ancient coliseum or a  hotel with too much money to spend.

    "His Honor resides on the third floor.  The first floor is for litigation, and the second is where the offices are."

    Nix didn't comment further, whoever built it had no shortage of credits.  The Mayor's Office was on the far side of the second floor.  It had floor to ceiling windows on one side that ran into a balcony large enough to host a dinner party.  A surprisingly youthful man sat at the head of a long table.

    "Mayor Huelix, Nix has arrived."  The clerk introduced Nix like he was expected.

    "Nix?  I'm Inja Huelix; I've been expecting you for a few weeks now."  Inja held out his hand in greeting.

    "I'm afraid my duties as Guild Leader and Steward have delayed this meeting.  It's nice to finally meet you."  Nix shook the hand he was offered, immediately noticing that Inja had the calloused hands of a swordsman.

    "I will get straight to the point.  The Provinces of Lana, Vespri, Mocai, and Dhou are ready to reunite under one banner.  As the Mayor of the City that occupies all four, it stands to reason that I will be the one to accomplish this.  I need someone to influence these Provinces on my behalf."

    You Quest has been Updated.

    [Curse of the Ice Goddess.]

    Objective: The Major of Free Trader City

    has requested that you help him build support

    with leaders of the Four Corners.

    Report to General Remis in Dhou.

    Report to Quartermaster Felid Sah in Vespri

    Report to the Thieves Guild in Mocai.

    Report to Madam Ravine in Lana.

    **********Author's Note**************

    In the interest of avoiding confusion, I need to remind everyone that the Assassin known as Gideon is currently infiltrating the Assassin's guild under the guise of Maia, which is an image of what she really looks like in real life.  I will refer to this person as Maia during this chapter, keep in mind that Maia and Gideon are the same person. These events are happening at the same time as the quests in Everspire.


    Maia dodged to one side, blocking a slash with her own blade and then followed through to slam the hilt into her targets forehead.

    Rayobi has been stunned.

    She grabbed his hair with one hand and plunged her blade upward into his eye.

    Rayobi has been slain.

    "F*ck..." Maia glanced at the door; the fight had been relatively quiet, so there was a good chance that no alarm would be raised. "Was this all a setup?"

    After teaming with Shank and the twins for a few easy jobs, she was asked to report to Rayobi, the leader of the Assassin's Guild.  Evidently, they been watching her for several days and already had a good indication of her capabilities.  That was when things went south.  Maia admitted that she would have no problem performing assassination missions, however, first she had a message to deliver.  The Assassin's Guild was to remain neutral in the war against Khione.  Inferno would not tolerate assassinations aimed at themselves or their allies.

    Maia turned the corpse over, searched it before taking a moment to ransack the office.  She grabbed a thick book that was bound in red leather and readied herself to port out.

    The tiniest sound of cracking caused her to turn back toward the body of the Assassin leader.  "The hell is that...

    The right eye of Rayobi had turned from brown to pale blue; this was accompanied by the room temperature dropping several degrees.  Kneeling quickly, she dug out the discolored eye and placed it in her inventory.

    The frost was already forming on her skin when she activated her binding stone.  An instant later, she arrived in Loki.

    [Whisper: Maia to Nix] I'm in trouble.  Loki portal.

    A breach opened up directly in front of her almost immediately.  Nix stepped through, accompanied by Wind, Ronnie, and Bali.

    Maia was laying on the sand next to the portal when Nix arrived, the ground around her was already starting to freeze.  He picked her up and opened another breach.

    [Create Breach: Loki: Houdinya]

    Fajii and Tai'Qui were training when the group stepped into the dragon master's sanctuary.  Tai offered the newcomers a smile; her once private retreat seemed to be filled with newfound friends.

    "It's Gideon.  I'm not sure what the problem is."  Nix slid the ring off Maia's hand, changing her back to him.  "He was on a special assignment."

    Gideon grimaced and removed the eye from her inventory.  "It's this thing."  As soon as he dropped it on the ground, the ice on his body started to retreat.

    Tai'Qui immediately raised her hand and started casting.  The eye spun in the air, slowly turning brown and then growing as the earth dragon encased it in mud. When she was done Tai picked it up and examined it.

    "Careful."  A voice spoke from behind Fajii.  A small black fox pranced into view.  "That's a spirit splinter, I've never seen a piece this small radiate such power."

    Tai'Qui shook her head slightly.  "Where did this come from?"

    "From the Assassin's Guild leader, their headquarters is hidden in the Great Desert."  Gideon suppressed a chill.  The cold from the eye seemed to have seeped into his bones.

    "It's exactly what Eron said.  An infinitesimal shard of spirit.  It's safe now, you may examine it."  Tai'Qui handed Nix the ovular mudpie she formed around the eye.  It was dry and warm, apparently, Tai'Qui could neutralize the effects.

    Mud Encased Eye

    Description: Caution, a piece

    of Khione resides in this eye.
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