438 Aledo Remis

    Wind and the rest of the group moved away from the jail, pushing the two guards with them. The first few groups of guards attempted to stop Nix, but after they were dealt with harshly, they kept their distance.

    Bali watched the white flames engulf the building she had been held in, after being ordered to stand down, she watched while he torched the building and tossed the guards around like a handful of dried leaves.  The two buildings on either side of the jail were stone structures; however, Nix walked in and melted them into shapeless blobs.  Long white strands of flames flowed around him, tearing through stone walls while destroying everything in his path.

    /Alpha: Wind: Want me to call the guild here?  The army is approaching; this could get interesting.

    /Alpha: Nix: No worries.

    /Allied Command: Commander Nix: All forces, prepare for battle.

    "F*ck..."  Bali whispered under her breath.  It hadn't really hurt when they hit her.  Had she or Ronnie really resisted, the two of them wouldn't have been arrested.

    [Whisper: Ronnie to Nix] Hey... I got your back in this, but perhaps its time to take a deep breath?

    [Whisper: Nix to Ronnie] Hmmm?  They think stone buildings are safe, that's not really the case.  Everything burns, everything.

    Ronnie approached slowly, as a Scorched Earth Ranged fighter, her tolerance for flames was quite high.  However, nothing could stand before the Fury Flames.  The sonic white-hot flames tore through everything.  "Nix?"

    Nix turned toward the voice.  "You shouldn't be here, Ronnie, it's dangerous.

    Ronnie nodded in agreement but moved closer anyways. She could feet the blistering heat on her face. Nix spoke quietly, but there was a rage in his eyes. His mana should have run out within a few minutes, but it didn't. "Drop the flames, hun, for me."

    Colonial's Apex Fire Mage stared at the Dark Archer for a moment before dropping his aura completely.  "Fine."

    Ronnie offered him a slight smile and walked forward, the heat was still more than she could handle, but she forced herself to his side and grabbed his hand.  "Come with me."

    Nix nodded and complied.  "Let's get you out of here; you're taking damage."

    Ronnie stopped and shook her head before hugging him close.  Slim hands cupped Nix's face.  "These people are idiots, but they aren't the enemy."

    Nix considered her words for a moment before taking a deep breath and releasing it. "No, they aren't.  Any fatalities?"

    Ronnie shook her head.  When she saw the anger on his face, it was like he was a different person.  "Whatever that was, it's not the man I adore.  Save that side of you for Armageddon."

    Nix glanced around, there was no bucket brigade forming, as soon as he stopped raging, the fires burned out within a few seconds.  The air surrounding the five buildings seemed twisted by the waves of heat.  "Probably shouldn't say that 'adore' part too loud."

    "I'm not worried about the 'wives.'" Ronnie pulled him toward the street, her dark face creased in a wide smile. "Besides, it's an easy fix.  I'll just seduce your women. I'm pretty sure at least Hyai would be up for it."

    [Whisper: Nix to Ronnie] That's never going to work.

    [Whisper: Ronnie to Nix]  You telling me to drop it?

    [Whisper: Nix to Ronnie] Nope.

    /Alpha: Wind: Pon is going to be pissed that he missed this.  Went for a joyride, got thrown in the slammer, and ended up burning half the town.

    /Alpha: Bali: Sorry.  I instigated this entire mess.  It's only five buildings, not half of the town.

    /Alpha: Wind: Looks like the army is coming, Boss.

    Nix walked out of the melted rubbled with Ronnie following close behind.  The two of them joined the rest of their group before facing the approaching horses.  It looked like 25 or 30 soldiers on horseback.  At the front of the group was a heavily armored figure with a closed helm.

    /Alpha: Nix: Let me do the talking and follow my lead.

    /Alpha: Wind: Understood.


    Darsi frowned slightly at the dinner tray that was brought to her room.  The wine was stale, and the meat dry.  "Not the best."

    [Whisper: Ducky to Darsi]  I'm coming up the stairs.

    [Whisper: Darsi to Ducky] Room 22, it's open.

    A few moments later, the door opened slowly, and Inferno's Water Witch walked in.  She smiled at the Sniper and greeted her with a hug.  "I haven't seen you in a while."

    Darsi nodded in agreement.  All the snipers from the Gladis Hub were making an effort to grind levels and increase their strength.  "Aledo Remis is in this Inn.  We'll have to find his room and question him."

    "I already know his room.  I'll bring him back in a bit."  Ducky's all blue eyes glanced around the room.  "Can we share this?"

    Darsi nodded.  There was only one bed, but it was wide enough for both of them.  "I don't mind.  The food here is terrible; maybe we can find somewhere else to eat."

    A few minutes later, Ducky walked down the hallway toward the nicer rooms.  She opened a set of double doors and entered casually.  There were three men in the room, although they glanced at her, none seemed to find her presence threatening.

    Ducky has charmed Aledo Remis.

    The Water Witch gripped the army captain's hand.  "I can't believe we've met again after so long."

    Aledo smoothed back his brown hair.  He was young and handsome. "You do seem familiar. I must apologize, I'm bad with names."

    "I'm Ducky.  Don't worry about remembering.  Our paths cross once or twice a year; we don't usually do much talking."  The Water Witch leaned closer and kissed the side of his face.  "Want to come with me to my room?"

    Aledo nodded and turned towards one of the other men.  "Ducky is an old friend, don't bother us."

    Ducky held his hand as they walked toward the door; she noticed a large cart that was pushed to one side.  "Is that dinner?"

    "Yes.  We were going to eat after discussing our plans."  Aledo took a step toward the cart. "Shall I bring it with us?"

    "Yes, please."

    Darsi waited patiently for Ducky to return; the Water Witch was well known through Inferno for her Overpowered CC abilities.  Secretly Darsi found her beautiful and terrifying.  She turned at a soft knock on the door.  A food cart was pushed in by a slim man with brown hair; Ducky closed the door behind them.

    "This is Aledo; he was nice enough to bring us dinner."

    Darsi kept her face straight but felt the hairs on the back on her neck stand up; only Nix knew the full extent of Ducky's abilities.  "Thank you very much."

    Aledo pushed the cart over the rough wooden floor, stopping at a small table with four chairs.  "Is this good?"

    Ducky nodded and let the Army Captain seat her. "Let's talk while we eat."

    There were three covered plates on the tray; two were chicken while the third was fish.  Ducky smiled apologetically and nabbed the fish for herself.  "I can't eat chicken; they are way too cute."

    Darsi smiled and nodded in agreement.  "I think so too, but I'll gladly eat them."

    Ducky used her fork to cut off a small portion of the fish.  "How did the caravan raid go today?"

    "Not good."  Aledo didn't eat; he just stared at Ducky.  "We were in position, but then an unknown group showed up and exposed us."

    Ducky clucked her tongue in sympathy.  "That's too bad.  Has your father found out?"

    Aledo gave her a confused look.  "My father died four years ago."

    Ducky placed a hand on his arm, her warm blue eyes showing concern.  "Of course, I apologize for forgetting."

    Aledo waved a hand in the air.  "That's fine; we weren't very close.  To this day, I'm surprised my mother fell for a merchant."

    /Inferno: Darsi: I thought General Remis was his father.

    /Inferno: Ducky: I'll ask.

    "How are things with General Remis?"

    Aledo frowned at the name.  "My mother is the same iron-hearted bitch she's always been."

    /Inferno: Darsi: That clears it up.  The caravan master said that General Remis has two children in the military.  He didn't mention that Remis is a female.

    Ducky continued to eat while she considered the options. "Does General Remis know about the raid?"

    Aledo nodded.  "She planned it.  We were going to kill all but a few and then take the supplies."

    "I see... Why leave witnesses?"

    "Mother wanted to leave a few alive, so they could come back and place the blame on the rebellion."

    /Inferno: Darsi: Bingo. Find out about the rebellion and any raids he is planning.

    An hour later, Ducky returned Aledo to his room.  She rejoined Darsi at the table, opened up the hud.  "They plan to raid several farms and villages in the area."

    Darsi had listened while Aledo told them everything.  "Will he remember us?"

    Ducky shook her head. "No, he and his friends will remember drinking too much and then going to bed late."
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