443 Four Corners: Dhou part four

    Semmi sat comfortably in Nix's chair in Inferno's Parliamentary Guild Office.  She'd been spending her days helping Lucid convert the small band of Desert Fox refugees into Scorpion Titans.  "It always begins with one."  The pretty blond smiled to herself despite wanting to be elsewhere.  She missed Alpha team and Pon.  She spent the afternoon gathering data for the upcoming meeting.  Fajii and her Acolytes managed to take all of the known Khione Disciples in one fell swoop. Jun Li and her team were about to storm the Cultist Training Grounds, and Nihlus killed the totem beast he had challenged.  The Fire Lion Clan had already changed their name to the White Lion Clan.  Semmi updated the Fire Team's progress in Ice'Engarde and then closed her hud.  A knock on the guild office door caught her attention.  "Damn... I should have closed the blinds."

    Semmi noted that there was a large group standing outside the door before cracking it open and peering into the hallway.  "Yes?"

    "Semmi?  Good to see you again."

    Semmi cocked her head to one side, her brow wrinkling slightly before recognition set in.  "Tura Raine Xai?"

    "Just Raine is fine.  Is Nix here?"

    Semmi shook her head.  She rubbed her eyes with one hand, Tura Raine Xai was the leader of the Xai Clan.  She was the single most influential person among the Fir'Dhassi.  "I didn't recognize you without the armor."  Raine's customary brown armor and single braid had been replaced with a flowing blue dress and hair weaved with white flowers; she looked absolutely beautiful.  "Nix is currently on an important mission."

    "I see."  Raine didn't seem bothered by the news; if anything, there was a bit of relief on her face.  "Could we leave these with you?"  She stepped into the office and gestured for her small group to follow.  One by one, they stacked boxes of assorted shapes and sizes on the floor.

    "Um..."  Semmi faked a pleasant smile.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Anyone in Parliament?

    /Inferno: Bev: I am.  What's up?

    /Inferno: Semmi: Tura Raine Xai just showed up at our office with gifts for Nix. Did he mention anything about that?

    /Inferno: Bev: My brother is always in trouble; maybe he did something bad.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Then why would they give him presents?

    /Inferno: Bev: Nix is really good at doing bad things and then making other people take the blame.

    Semmi covered a laugh before turning back toward Raine. She needed to stall and figure out what Raine was doing.  "Our customs are a bit different, so I'm not sure what is expected going forward."

    Raine's pale face blushed slightly.  "Ideally, Nix and I should spend some time traveling together for a while, to determine compatibility."

    /Inferno: Semmi: Oh **...

    /Inferno: Bev: What?

    /Inferno: Semmi: Seems like Tura Raine might be proposing marriage.

    /Inferno: Bev: To you?  She is kinda pretty.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Funny.  No, to your brother.

    Semmi smiled brightly.  "That is a great idea.  Have you met Nix's sister?  She happens to be here in Parliament."

    /Inferno: Semmi: I love it when fun things happen.  Can you come to the Guild Office, Bev?

    /Inferno: Bev: Sure.  I'll be there in a bit.


    Nix watched as Sinfaya opened up a breach.  He had one hand resting on the black Orion that was standing next to him.  "You specialize in spatial magic?"

    Sinfaya nodded.  Her eyes were still red and wet from crying.  "I can shrink or enlarge inanimate objects.  I can also form temporary dimensional spaces."  She stepped through the breach when it became obvious that Nix wasn't going first.

    Nix pushed fury flames into Wrath and stepped through the breach, the giant black panther padded slowly behind.

    The Rebel camp was nestled snugly into the side of a cliff.  Nix spotted snipers on top, keeping an eye on the horizon; there was a makeshift tent city, nowhere near as organized as the one belonging to General Remis.  A trio of armored men were already talking toward Sinfaya.  Nix approached them, not bothering to put his sword away.

    "Guild Leader Nix."  A wide-shouldered man in gray furred armor smiled pleasantly at him, his sharp eyes noticing the weapon.  "I'm Cathor, the leader of this group."

    Nix noted the dragon spawn's horns were hidden and that he didn't carry a weapon.  His armor was a blend of medium and light, a sure sign that he was some sort of caster class, perhaps a hybrid. "Greetings Cathor.  I've been sent to stabilize Dhou."  Nix didn't reveal the man's identity since he was playing the role of rebellion leader.  "Is this all your people?"

    Cathor nodded.  "We've been on the run mostly, using guerilla tactics to avoid direct confrontations with General Remis."

    "Remis is dead,"  Nix said it matter of factly, noticing the surprise on Cathor's face.  Apparently, his Dragon Master hadn't briefed him yet.

    Cathor motioned for him to follow and walked toward a large tent with two armed guards standing outside the entrance.  Sinfaya fell in step beside Nix, his black Orion shadow trailing them quietly.

    [Whisper: Sinfaya to Nix] I hadn't had the chance to tell Cathor anything.  Thank you for not giving him away.

    Nix remembered that only about half of the rebellion were Sinfaya's men, with most of the army gone, they'd still have to contend with the troops of Aledo and his sister.

    [Whisper: Nix to Sinfaya] It's fine. I want to talk to him, then head back to Belatora. I have people keeping tabs on Aledo.


    [Seyath the Nerrialle has been Slain]

    [Filamina has been Slain]

    /Bravo: Jun Li: Shit... Fall back to the outer wall.  I need those reinforcements, Leva!

    /Bravo: Leva: Incoming.

    The Fallen Chancellor was stealthed and sprinting along the top of the outer wall.  Unexpectedly the area had been lined with dozens of different traps. Mina had died immediately, and when Seyath attempted to retrieve her from the air, archers stormed up out of the ground and killed him.  She skidded to a halt on top of the wall, her dark eyes widening at the number of troops coming up out of the ground.  Leva extended her dark wings and flew over the rapidly developing battlefield.

    /Bravo: Leva: They have at least two battalions here Junie, I'll flank them and call in reinforcements.

    /Bravo: Jun Li: It's fine, this is only the first round.  Get me some ranged support on the walls and some front line guys.

    /Bravo: Leva: Right away!

    As soon as the sun dipped below the horizon, Bravo team killed the roving guards that circled the temple grounds and headed to the inner courtyards.  The team advanced through the dense undergrowth on foot.  Somehow Mina stepped directly into one of the fire traps, instantly removing her and all of her Villa from the impending fight.

    /Nether Command: Overseer Leva: Archers stay on the southern walls, provide support to Inferno and the front lines.  Front Line, push forward, keep them backing up, away from our ranged fighters.

    Leva opened up two breaches in succession, the first breach at the top of the wall saw Nether Ranged fighters of all shapes and sizes pour out.  Surprisingly disciplined, the Nether force continued to move away from the breach, enabling the flow of reinforcements to continue until the southern wall was completely fortified.  The second breach formed in the courtyard under the wall, the first half dozen to exit were Dire Kings.  Twice the size of a human and clad in black armor, the behemoths moved forward with Great Axes slung over their shoulders.  As they continued their progress, the second wave of ground troops exited the breach.

    Jun Li nodded to herself.  Losing her spirit companion and Mina before the fight started made her angry, but Leva was fulfilling her role perfectly.

    /Bravo: Juni: Locas, find a vantage point, and give us cover fire from this side.

    /Bravo: Locas: Already in position, move at your leisure.

    Jun Li caught Vooni's eye and started to move toward the inner court entrance.

    /Bravo: Jun Li: We're a bit light without Mina's Vila, but we'll make it work.

    /Bravo: Vooni: We could have Leva bring in some air sup...

    A flash in the air interrupted her sentence as a breach opened, and winged fighters streamed through.  Vooni's normally stoic composure dropped for a moment as her lips curved into a smile.  "My guys..."

    Omak has joined Bravo channel.

    Nunzo has joined Bravo channel.

    Aja has joined Bravo channel.

    /Bravo: Aja: Captain!

    /Bravo: Nunzo: Dragon Master Deidra sent us. Reporting for duty!

    /Bravo: Omak: Hey... Where's Pon the Magnificent?


    Author's Reminder: Vooni's original training team that Nix joined under the guise of Pon the Magnificent consisted of Omak, Nunzo, and Aja.


    /Bravo: Jun Li: Welcome!  Classes?

    /Bravo: Vooni: Nunzo is a Flame Knight, Aja is a rogue and Omak a ranged fighter.

    A soft glow surrounded Jun Li, it swirled for a moment and then started to pulse until it burst outward in an explosion of power.

    [Jun Li has unlocked her bloodline]

    [Special Class Detected: Archon Gemini]

    Anyone grouped with the Archon Gemini may deploy basic Gemini abilities.

    Jun Li grimaced in pain when a pure white wing burst from the left side of her back; an instant later, a black wing sprouted next to it.  She flapped her wings once and then rose into the air.

    /Bravo: Jun Li: On me, no more playing.


    [Brief Character Reminder]


    Raine Xai: Leader of the Xai Clan. (Fir'Dhassi)

    Delyn Xai: Raine's Master and supporter within the Clan. (Fir'Dhassi)

    Del Tali: An Ain'Dhassi Ranger that Nix saved in Ever Flame, currently residing in a Dragon Egg. (Ain'Dhassi)

    Sai Tali: Grand Elder of the Ain'Dhassi and Del's grandfather. (Ain'Dhassi)

    Aja: A Wyvern Archon Rogue.

    Omak: Fire Drake Ranged Fighter.

    Nunzo: Flame Knight Tank.
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