444 Four Corners: Dhou part five


    Author's Reminder: Xia the Dark Priestess works for the Cabal and is a powerful figure in the Nether.  She was also turned into one of Nix's minions by Leva the Fallen.


    Xia the Dark Priestess has cast [Dark Heart]

    Vooni's health has been restored.

    /Bravo: Jun Li: How'd you get Xia to volunteer?

    /Bravo: Leva: I asked nicely.

    /Bravo: Vooni: Teronxi is next!

    Vooni dived straight into the maw of the huge beast.  It was nearly the size of Morti and had two sets of arms.

    Vooni has [Taunted Teronxi the Great Ape.]

    Teronxi must attack only Vooni for the next 90 seconds.

    "HIT HIM HARD!"  Vooni slammed the sharp point of her dragon shield into the tiled floor of the inner courtyard and braced it with her shoulder.  Spikes extended downward through the rock, fortifying her position.

    [Gemini Strike][First Blood][Asunder]

    Jun Li has successfully landed a triple combination.

    Jun Li has landed a significant strike.

    [Unbalanced Chain][Knights Reaver]

    Nunzo has followed up Jun Li's attack with a significant strike!

    [Unbalanced Chain][Piercing Arrow]

    Omak has followed up Nunzo's attack with a significant strike!

    [Unbalanced Chain][Double Backstab]

    Aja has followed up Omak's attack with a significant strike!

    Aja has landed a mortal blow.

    [Unbalanced Chain][Champion's Finish]

    Jun Li has followed up Aja's mortal blow with a killing strike.

    Teronxi the Great Ape has been slain.

    The huge beast collapsed forward, nearly landing on the surprized Vooni who yanked her shield out of the stone and leaped to one side.  All of the major players were dead, Teronxi was the boss of the Cultist Training Grounds.

    /Bravo: Aja: What the hell is Unbalanced Chain?

    Aja's orange flame-colored hair was splattered with black blood.  Nearly every time Jun Li attacked she created either a critical chain or and unbalanced chain.

    /Bravo: Vooni: It's what makes Inferno so strong.  Each strike can be followed up by one of their Gemini teammates.  They can literally keep their enemies perma-stunned while hacking away at them.

    Aja shook her head in amazement.  Her hud notified her that a follow-up strike was possible whenever Jun Li attacked.

    /Bravo: Omak: I like the multi-colored wings.  You're a Gemini Archon?

    /Bravo: Jun Li: Guess so.  This is the first time I've been able to unlock my full ability.

    [Whisper: Aja to Vooni] Hidden dragons everywhere.

    [Whisper: Vooni to Aja]  She's not even the strongest.

    /Bravo: Jun Li: Ask Xia to rez Mina, please.

    /Bravo: Leva: Okay Junie.

    Jun Li smiled at the Fallen Chancellor. It was her first grouping with her, she was just starting to understand how many powerful allies Nix held in reserve.

    /Bravo: Jun Li: We'll sweep for survivors and then destroy everything.

    /Bravo: Vooni: Understood.


    Nansu sipped her tea silently while listening to Fajii describe her mission.  "Shouldn't you head to Belatora?  I thought Nix wanted to have an officer briefing."

    Fajii shook her head slightly and started unraveling her braided hair.  "The table interface in our bedroom is nearly identical to Nix's Breach Commander Hud, it's fine if we are represented by a holo."

    Nansu didn't comment, her eyes glancing around the bedroom. She'd spent some time in the turtle house while Nix was away so she knew most of its features.  "May I ask you something?"

    Fajii smiled slightly.  "You want to know how we manage to share Nix?"

    Nansu's pretty face blushed slightly.  "That's very personal.  I'm sorry for asking."

    "It's fine."  Fajii pursed her lips for a moment as if considering the question.  "It's a very large bed."

    "Oh god..."  Nansu covered her face, her ears heating up.  "I use to get so jealous when other females would even talk to Chael."

    Fajii stroked Nansu's head, something Aquarion women did to their close friends.  "Do you still think about Chael?"

    Nansu shook her head slightly.  "Not really.  I mean I haven't really moved on yet, but at the same time, I have no interest in spending time with him."

    Fajii smiled even though she didn't understand, Aquarions were very straightforward when it came to relationships.  "Gil seems to like talking to you."

    Nansu uncovered her eyes for a moment, "Gil the Titan Turtle?"

    Fajii didn't comment further, Gil often escorted Nansu while she searched for herbs with the Ionova Gathering crew run by Tin-Tin.  "You really should get your own place in Haven."

    Nansu and Chael shared a place in Haven before the incident.  Chael now resided there by himself.  "Can't I stay here?  There are plenty of rooms."

    "Nix won't allow that."  Fajii didn't even have to ask, everyone who approached Nix about staying at the Turtle House was turned down immediately.


    "We can speak freely here, the inside of this tent is my private dimension.  No one can overhear."  Sinfaya gestured toward a comfortable looking chair before sitting in an adjacent one.

    Nix raised an eyebrow, the inside of the tent had a fireplace and wood floors.  Even the walls and ceiling appeared to be a comfortable room.  "How big are the remaining forces?"

    Cathor stood directly behind his Dragon Master, his thin face looking somewhat grim.  "Even with the General's troops gone, we are still up against a superior force."

    Nix glanced from the dragon back to her dragon spawn.  Undoubtedly they were much weaker than Deidra and her son.  "Are you going to take on the mantle of leadership once the remaining forces are dealt with?"

    Cathor nodded slowly.  "That is our plan.  I will become the War Leader of Dhou and build our forces until you call on us."

    "Then I thank you for your efforts."  Nix bowed slightly, his yellow gaze remaining on the pair.  "Could I talk to Sinfaya alone?"

    Cathor nodded.  "Of course.  I'll be outside."

    Nix waited until he left before speaking.  "There is something odd about you."

    Sinfaya's dark eyes stared at the floor for a moment before speaking.  "Cathor is my son.  You are aware of that?"

    Nix nodded.  "I assumed so since he is a Dragon Spawn."

    Sinfaya shrugged slightly.  "Dragons come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of us are stronger than others.  However, even the least among us is still a dragon."

    "No."  Nix stared at her for a moment, his head shaking slightly.  "You're not a dragon."

    "What does that even mean?"

    Nix continued to watch her, although he could sense her dragon heritage, it seemed faded compared to Jargon or Deidra.  As if something vital was missing.  "It's a secret... Right?"

    Sinfaya's pale face seemed almost sickly, her eyes shining with emotion.  "Why are you so mean to me?"

    Nix accessed his inventory and removed a large vial of golden liquid.  "Tai'Qui said that a very strong dragon spawn could mutate into a dragon if they took this.  She also said that she couldn't substantiate the claim."

    Sinfaya's face scrunched up and tears streaming down her face.  "I was to replace my grandmother as Dragon Master, my marrow would feed the city so that she could continue to live."

    Nix grimaced slightly, he could barely talk to Sinfaya before she started crying. "Then Inferno linked the cities with spectrum and suddenly there was no need for a quasi-dragon. Who else knows?"

    "Only my those in my bloodline, and..."

    "Jargon Kane?"

    "How did you know that?"  Sinfaya's face showed her shock.  "How do you know these things?"

    "The other females that are participating in Krelandur have all been aggressively approached by Jargon Kane.  However, I haven't heard that he is pursuing you.  Now I know why.  He doesn't consider you a dragon."

    "I... I could take part, but... None of the males have approached me."  Sinfaya whispered the sentence, her voice shaking slightly.  "We only had one vial of the draconian element, although the mutation was successful,  I am too weak."

    Nix held up the vial, the gold liquid plainly visible.

    Sinfaya shook her head.  "That only works on Dragon Spawn, not on dragons."

    "You aren't a dragon..."  Nix studied her for a long moment, the spatial ability could be overpowering if Sinfaya was only stronger.

    "Nix... Draconian element is like plain water to a dragon.  I know you aren't impressed with me, but I am still a dragon.  That will have no effect."

    "Let's make a deal."  Nix leaned closer, his yellow eyes staring into hers.  "I'll make sure someone steps up and offers to partner you in Krelandur.  You take this; if there is no effect then I will keep my word and we'll carry on as is."

    "There will be no change Nix and you will have wasted an invaluable resource."

    "Hear me out."  Nix held out the vial until she took it from his hand.  "If this works, I need you to make a dragon's oath, you will become Inferno's secret ally.  Our enemies will become yours, no matter who it is."

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