446 Four Corners: Dhou part seven

    Nix frowned at the Orion.  "You must have been exploring the area around Fraya'Selene when Sinfaya and I took a detour."

    "Yes.  I've been able to explore for a while now."  The Orion looked unconcerned by the stares of Inferno.  "You assumed I was one of your people, and I went along with it because I wanted to help."

    Nix shook his head slightly.  "I'll send you back when we are finished."

    "I refuse."

    /Officer: Bali: What's the harm boss?  Del is a seasoned fighter and she really can't get hurt in this form.

    /Officer: Nix: Who cares about her? I'm worried about my puppet.

    /Officer: Semmi: Normally when inhabiting a puppet, you're limited by the demands of your real body.  This is a good experiment.  She should be able to live as an Orion until she comes out the dragon egg.

    Nix nodded, there was no need to be stubborn.  Inferno could always use more bodies.  "You follow the orders of Inferno Officers."

    Del licked her paw without comment before turning her back on the group.

    /Officer: Ronnie: She can sleep in my tent.

    /Officer: Nix: Anything else?  It's getting late.

    /Officer: Semmi: I've got something neat.

    /Officer: Jun Li: What else is there?

    /Officer: Semmi:  Tura Raine Xai, the Clan Leader of the Xai Clan has accepted Nix's proposal of marriage.  She stopped by the guild office today and delivered all sorts of betrothal gifts.

    /Officer: Nix: The f*ck is that supposed to mean?

    /Officer: Wind: The boss is so daring.

    /Officer: Shae: Nix?

    /Officer: Fajii: Raine Xai?

    /Officer: Ronnie: She's the really pretty one right?  I'm in too!

    /Officer: Semmi: She's currently at your sister's house in Loki.

    /Officer: Nix: Relax... I didn't propose anything to Tura Raine.  Just send her packing.

    /Officer: Shae: Even if it is a misunderstanding Nix, you can't be so abrupt.

    /Officer: Fajii: If she accepted a proposal by accident, her feelings will be hurt if you don't handle it properly.

    /Officer: Nix: Feelings?  What a load of crap.  I haven't spoken to anyone from the Xai Clan about anything.  They can go pound sand.

    /Officer: Fajii: It's best if I handle it.

    /Officer: Shae: I agree.  Speak with her on Nix's behalf.

    /Officer: Nix: Fine.  Apologize for the misunderstanding and return the gifts.

    /Officer: Pon: We done then?

    /Officer: Nix: Yes.  I'll join the three of you in the morning.


    Nix left the Orion in his tent and opened a breach to the Turtle House.  The lights were already dimmed for the evening when he stepped into the living room.  "Min?"

    "Up here."

    Nix followed the voice up the stairs to the second-floor bedroom.  With Hyai and Shae on assignment, it should be just Fajii and Mina.  He opened the double doors, immediately spotting Mina sitting on the couch.  "Where's Fajii?"

    Mina stood when he approached and hugged him close.  "She took Nansu and left for Loki.  What's going on over there?"

    Nix shook his head slightly.  "Not really sure.  Some sort of mix-up with the Xai Clan.  Fajii will sort it out."

    "You must have heard about today.  I'm fine Nix."  Mina sat on the couch and pulled him gently beside her, she gripped his hand tightly in hers.

    "No more missions for you,"  Nix spoke quietly, although she was the one who pushed to have a child, he wanted to ensure everything went well.  "You'll stay here or at our home in Haven."

    Mina leaned closer, her pale eyes watching him.  "It's a bit early for that, but I will do as you ask."

    Nix smiled warmly.  "It's nice that you decided to listen to me."


    [0600 Ice'Enguarde Portal]

    Nix stood and watched the dragon patiently.  He could tell that the draconian element had allowed her abilities to advance. "Can you do it or not?"

    Sinfaya nodded. "I can. However, I can't stop them from discovering the truth eventually."

    "That's no concern of mine, I just need them out of the way so we can deal with the Ice Seeds."

    /Fire: Nix: Come to the portal cavern.

    /Fire: Pon: Why so early?

    /Fire: Shae: We're at the Inn, give us a few minutes.

    /Fire: Nix: No worries, I can wait.

    "Destroying anchored Ice Seeds is going to take some very hot flames."  Sinfaya confidence had improved overnight.  For the first time in her long life, she felt strong.

    "We've got a plan.  Just do your part."  Nix said it with a smile, the last thing he wanted to deal with a crying dragon again.  He watched as she pulled out something that looked suspiciously like a crystal ball.  "The hell is that thing?"

    "Spatial container, more than enough to hold this city."  Sinfaya fixed her eyes on him.  "You should hit the seeds and then retreat. I'm forbidden from using any offensive spells, this is the most I can do."

    Nix shrugged slightly.  "Who needs your weak-ass flames?"

    The fire trio showed up a few minutes later, although none of them said it, they were all relieved to have Nix with them while they were so close to the lion's den.  Nix activated his aura and focused his attention on Hyai.

    /Fire: Nix: Flame up, we have to hit the ground running.  Once this city disappears, you head for the nearest seed.  We'll back you up.

    Nix nodded toward Sinfaya and quickly activated his aura.  The dragon began casting while Hyai stepped closer to him.

    /Fire: Hyai:  Flaming up, Hun.

    Hyai's clothes seemed to turn into fire as her entire body engulfed in flames.  Nix's emerald aura changed to brilliantly white fury flames a moment later, causing the entire area to light up.

    Nix lean closed and kissed her gently, immediately turning the orange flamed Djinn into a fury flamed one.

    /Fire: Shae: Nice way to transfer flames, I approve.

    An instant later the ground shook beneath them and the city winked out of sight.

    /Fire: Pon: The f*ck was that?

    Sinfaya held up the crystal ball in one hand.  "Go!"

    /Fire: Nix: Looks like a snow globe.

    /Fire: Pon: Let me shake it!

    The entire cavern where the city had been was now a vast open space, Hyai shot into the air for a moment and then headed down into the solid rock.

    /Fire: Nix: The first seed is three hundred meters straight ahead.

    Unlike the other flames that turned rock into a liquid, a large vacuum of heat formed around the Djinn, the solid rock offered no resistance as it was simply removed from existence.

    /Fire: Pon: Your girlfriend is really hot.

    /Fire: Nix: You don't have to tell me.  Shield UP!

    Hyai flew directly into the first seed, it was a large white sphere approximately three meters in diameter.  When the Djinn disappeared inside of it, it darkened suddenly and then bulged outward. Nix threw up an earth shield around the group, a moment before the trio was picked up by the enormous force and flung away.

    /Fire: Pon: Holy crap...

    /Fire: Hyai: Heading to the next one!

    /Fire: Shae: We'll catch up.

    Three archons regrouped and pursued Hyai, Pon gave Nix a wide-eyed look.

    /Fire: Pon: I've never seen that kind of power.

    /Fire: Nix: Let's finish it!


    Bali stared at the Orion who was sitting calmly in Nix's tent.  Del Tali was someone she was very close to.  "We already invited you to share our tent, Del."

    The black feline turned her back on the ranger and circled once before settling down.  "I refuse."

    Ronni scowled at Del Tali.  "Now see here..."  Her words were interrupted by the ground buckling beneath her feet, both her and Bali were tossed into the air.  She climbed to her feet a moment later just to be tossed against the roof of the tent.

    /Inferno: Ronnie: What's going on?


    Mina picked herself off of the floor, her pale eyes showed confusion as she glanced around the room.

    [Alert: User Filamina, the Turtle House has detected an unknown power increase and is activating the security shields.]

    Mina climbed to her feet, moving into the kitchen to look outside, the entire house shifted again, causing her fall against the window.

    [Alert: User Filamina, the Turtle House has determined that Ionova is no longer safe.]

    Mina's pale eyes widened when a giant image of a turtle formed over the home, long thick legs emerged from the shell and started moving.

    /Inferno: Mina: Nix!  Your house is running!

    Mina moved to the kitchen island, bracing herself when the third explosion hit.  "My eyes!"  A blinding flash followed by a massive release of power.  The turtle house was picked off the ground like an errant fly and tossed into the air.
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