455 Tembai Academy part one

    A half-hour later, the group was sitting in a large courtyard that doubled as the training area for four separate buildings. As Una informed them, the largest of the buildings belonged to her while the other three were owned by her extended family.

    Nix listened to the story with interest, at one time Unaqoir had used all of her dragon marrow to keep Verynzai in the air.  When her supply was depleted, she abandoned her dragon form and decided to live in Everspire as a human.  She sent her dragon spawn to other cities to live so that her bloodline would continue.  Eventually, she was able to assume the form of a lesser creature which was shortly before the time that she was captured and enslaved by Menial.  "Why do I get the feeling that you can assume dragon form again?"

    "Not yet, but soon."  Una poured each of them a glass of wine.  "Before I get into that, where are Semmi and Pon?"

    "Semmi is working on an important quest while the old bastard is mopping up our current mission."  Nix glanced around the courtyard, although it looked worn every was in good repair.  The buildings were made from a red brick that seemed out of place when compared to the dark cobblestones.  "What's this trial for?"

    Una pursed her lips slightly as if considering her words carefully.  "I already owe you too much, so I will not request your aide in this matter."

    Nix shrugged slightly, although he hadn't spent much time with Una before placing her in elemental puppet, she made a positive impression on him.  "We have our own interest here. We are after a swordsman named Milamber, Raya Remis, and unknown Necromancer."

    "The Necromancer would be Dotha the Black, both Milamber and Remis are on his team."  Una studied Nix for a few moments while Inferno considered their options.  "Dotha has no connection with Khione."

    /Alpha: Nix: Opinions?

    /Alpha: Chiba: I think Milamber and Raya have decided to leave the mid-spire forever.  Let's go back, we can consider the Dhou quest cleared if Pon cleared out Aledo's army.

    /Alpha: Wind: Up to you guys, I'm itching for a fight after the last fiasco.

    /Alpha: Raine: Whatever you decide is fine with me.

    Four Corner Quest Updated: Report to General Remis in Dhou has been completed.

    Report to Quartermaster Felid Sah in Vespri

    Report to the Thieves Guild in Mocai.

    Report to Madam Ravine in Lana.

    /Alpha: Wind: Pon already wiped them out?

    /Alpha: Nix: Maybe.  Either that or they surrendered without any of their leaders.

    /Alpha: Chiba: Vespri next then?

    /Alpha: Nix: Not so fast.  I'm not willing to let Milamber go.  He treated my Master badly and killed her dog.  What kind of Apprentice would I be if I let that slide?

    Chiba's face reddened noticeably, pressing her perfect hands against her cheeks.  "I have the best Apprentice."

    Nix nodded in agreement.  "Tell us about this tournament.  What's the prize?"

    "I can reclaim my dragon form."  Although Una's pale face was expressionless, there was an undertone of excitement in her voice.  "Do you know what a wildling is?"

    Nix shook his head.  "No idea."

    Una leaned closer and inhaled slightly. "You know something about Krelandur?"

    "Why are you smelling me?  Yeah, I understand Krelandur."

    Una shook her head.  "No reason.  Not all the dragons reside in the Dragon Cities, however, those are the most powerful ones." She swirled the red wine in her glass for a moment before finishing it off.  "There are those who attempt to breed outside of the collective will of the dragons."

    Chiba's pretty face broke into a wide smile.  "Everything wants to **... Right?  Even dragons."

    The green-haired elemental smiled at the statement.  She didn't know Chiba, but she already had a good idea of her personality.  "It is never completely successful. When a dragon is born, the collective will of dragons gathers together to strengthen its soul."

    Nix understood that dragon souls were special, but he hadn't known why.  When Tharaka consumed his own heart while occupying a Nether-Rat puppet, its dragon soul was temporarily transferred.  Unaqoir had done the same thing while in a Dire Wolf puppet during the Menial raid. "Does this have anything to do with why you consumed your own heart?"

    Una nodded. "My dragon soul is much more important than my consciousness.  It represents the approval of the dragon collective. It is anchored to our hearts."

    Nix glanced at Wind who was looking as confused as he felt. "I'm missing something.  What happens when dragons are born away from the collective will?"

    "A dragon body is special, it takes a powerful soul to reside inside it.  Without the presence of a strong soul, half of them become mindless creatures sometime during their adolescence."  Una's face looked grim when she spoke.  It was obvious that she found the idea abhorrent. "These creatures kill and burn everything in sight.  The dragon collective hunts these creatures."

    "They become crazy because their soul detaches?"  Nix remembered from their fight with the Diaz dragon puppet in Neva pass, adolescent dragons were very strong.

    "In simple terms, yes. Once the wildlings are captured, the body is preserved and a tournament is held.  This time there are two wildling dragons."  Una's brown eyes studied the group for a moment.  "There are two ways to be considered for insertion.  One is to already have a soul suitable for a dragon."

    Nix nodded slightly.  "Which both you and Tharaka already have."

    "The other is to prove your mettle in a qualifying tournament.  Dotha and his team have advanced  through the Provincial Dragon Academy."

    Nix swore loudly, the word slipping out before he could help it.  Deidra had kidnapped him from Loki and marooned him during the Academy's War Games for a week.  Although he hadn't done anything other than hide, he was still angry about being strong-armed.  "I was an unwilling participant in the H \u0026 K portion of the games, Deidra released me after the week was over."

    "According to what I know, Dotha and his team progressed through that route."  The surprize on Una's face was evident.  Why would Deidra invite Nix to the H \u0026 K?  " Now that Dotha's team is in Tembai, they will fight for the Wildling."

    ***********Author's Reminder**********

    In Chapter 221, Nix is brought to the trials by Deidra.  He spent the week crafting in one of the dragon fir trees that she later confiscated for her own use.  For reasons unknown, she released him after the week was over. The H \u0026 K section means Hunt and Kill.


    Nix glanced at Raine, the Fir'Dhassi was taking everything in stride.  "What happens to you when you are placed into a wildling?"

    Una smiled, it had been years since she was in her own dragon body.  "To claim a wildling dragon means that your elements and abilities will be removed.  These will be replaced with basic dragon abilities and you will be sent to the Provincial Dragon Academy to develop properly."

    Nix asked, even though he didn't need to.  "You want this?"

    Una nodded.  "Yes.  I didn't have a team ready, my extended family is influential but not overly strong."

    /Alpha: Nix: Let's vote, Aye or Nay.  We leave unless it's unanimous.

    /Alpha: Chiba: Aye.

    /Alpha: Raine: Aye.

    /Alpha: Wind: Aye.

    /Alpha: Nix: Aye's have it.

    Nix clapped his hands together. "We'll do it!  How many does a team have?"

    "Six, including myself."  Una smiled at the group.  "Thank you!"

    /Alpha: Nix: Guess we'll bring in the old bastard. Crap, my Archon abilities are disabled, I can't breach him in.

    /Alpha: Wind: You can head back to the portal... I'm not going anywhere near that rope bridge a second time.

    /Alpha: Nix: Wait here.

    "I'm going to head back and grab Pon. This will be better with some fire support."  Nix finished off his glass and stood up.  "Do I need an escort?"

    Una shook her head slightly.  "Not really, but I'll bring you to the rope bridge and then wait while you get Pon."


    It took Nix less than an hour to retrieve the last member of their group.  By the time everyone was reunited there was only time for a quick meeting.

    /Alpha: Nix: We are one of four teams competing, the winning team claims two wildlings.

    /Alpha: Pon: Nix filled me in, what are we going to do with the second wildling?

    /Alpha: Wind: We haven't won yet.

    /Alpha: Una: You don't have to decide right away, you can wait.

    /Alpha: Nix: It's a 6v6 competition with four teams.  The first round will be us against a random team.  If we win, we'll fight against the winner of the other match-up.  Two wins get you into the finals.  You are eliminated when you get two losses.

    /Alpha: Una: The team matches will be posted in the morning.  I'll have them for you as soon as I can.

    /Alpha: Nix: We'll bring in Morti and Shadai for assistance.

    Nix: DPS/CC  Heals: Shadai, Tank: Morti

    Wind: DPS

    Pon: DPS

    Raine: DPS

    Chiba: DPS

    Una: DPS/CC
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