460 Tembai Academy: Feys Friend

    Alpha team ran toward the Dotha compound. Nix and Ducky would head inside, while Pon, Wind, Chiba, and Fey were tasked with creating a disturbance in the outer courtyard.  Both Raine and Una would remain at the compound in case a second team was needed. Before he left, Nix summoned Morti to give the hold-backs some muscle in the event they needed to take action.

    /Inferno: Pon: What's our limit here?

    /Inferno: Nix: None... If they push, feel free to make their regret permanent.

    A stealthed Ducky and Nix arrived at the kitchen entrance to the compound.  Ducky grabbed Nix's hand and pulled him toward the door leading downstairs. The kitchen staff looked up when the door opened but otherwise acted like nothing was wrong.

    /Alpha: Ducky: They won't bother us, even if we weren't stealthed.

    Nix nodded and followed willingly; his spirit companion had a potent threat reduction.  She could walk casually into just about any situation.

    A loud boom accompanied by the building shaking caused the two companions to hug the wall just before a half dozen people ran past them; both Milamber and Raya were part of the group.

    /Alpha: Pon: Knock, knock F*ck-heads!

    Nix stepped into the torture room a few moments later; Dotha was disconnecting the latest victim, unconcerned by the disturbance outside.

    [Dotha has been charmed]

    /Alpha: Nix: Ask him some questions while I get our friends.

    Ducky nodded and then favored the dark-haired Necromancer with a sweet smile.  "Sorry I'm late, dear.  Let's talk about our plans."

    Nix opened the unlocked door and proceeded down the dark hall. He could see Lu Ban peeking through the barred door.

    /Alpha: Nix: Gear up and then grab the prisoners, leave the fighting to us for now.

    /Alpha: Lu Ban: You find the key for this door?

    /Alpha: Nix: Yep.  Best if you stand back.

    Nix took three quick steps and then slammed his foot into the center of the door; the thick wood buckled for an instant and then exploded outward into the prisoner's room, taking the hinges, doorframe, and several chunks of brick with it.

    /Alpha: Cadie: Holy **...

    /Alpha: Nix: There's a wooden bin out here with gear, looks like the equipment I made you guys in Ever Flame.

    /Alpha: Mollie: My stuff!

    Nix turned back toward the torture room and broke into a trot.

    [Dotha has broken free of Ducky's charm]

    /Alpha: Ducky: Unexpected resistance, need some help.

    [Death Walker][Grave Snare][Dark Shield]

    Triple Combination partially successful. [2/3]

    A Death Walker has been summoned.

    Ducky has resisted Grave Snare.

    Dotha has surrounded himself with the protection of darkness.

    [Flame Aura: Emerald Fury]

    Light green flames enveloped Nix just as he stepped into the room, the threat of high intense heat made the dragon spawn turned toward him.

    "Wait... You're a Fire mage?"

    Nix has activated his bloodline.

    [Second Form: Salamander]

    /Alpha: Nix: Change in plans.  Kill them all.

    /Alpha: Chiba: Thank you, Apprentice.

    The emerald beast scampered into the room, taking a sharp turn Nix ran up the side of the wall,his yellow eyes staring at the charging Death Walker. He felt slight discomfort when the soulless eyes stared at him, dagger-like claws extended outward.

    A Death Walker has been charmed.

    For a moment, the Death Walker blocked Nix's view of Dotha, causing the salamander to move along the wall.  In that instant, the far door crashed open and two members of the Necromancer's team returned to the basement.

    [Cover Fire][Pulverizing Shot]

    Combination Successful.

    The basement filled with the roar of gunfire, a brown-haired girl charged into the hall, firing the pump shotgun as fast as she could.

    Cadie has landed a significant strike against Shoman.

    Nini has been stunned.

    [Dreadfire: Emerald Fury]

    A single column of emerald flame blazed from the salamander's hand, forcing everyone in the room to move away as the entire room lit up with a brilliant green flash.  The top-half of Dotha's body disappeared in an instant.

    Dotha has been slain.

    Cadie flipped her shotgun and slammed it across the cleric's head before kicking her companion below the belt.  The cleric collapsed onto the floor while the ranger stumbled backward after dropping his bow.

    Nini has been rendered unconscious.

    Before anyone could move further, a single strand of emerald flame punctured the rangers helm.

    [Air Burst]

    The ranger's head exploded outward like a water balloon, covering both Cadie and Ducky in blood, bones, and brain matter.  Nix dropped his salamander form a moment later, his eyes scanning the hallway, not noticing that the two women were staring at him in shock.

    /Alpha:Nix: Sorry about the splatter, let's go.

    Cadie dropped the barrel of the shotgun toward the floor and fired, surprising both Nix and Ducky.  The cleric's head disappeared under the point-blank shot.

    Nini has been slain.

    Nix frowned at the woman for a moment.  "She wasn't going to wake up any time soon."

    "I know it." Cadie wiped some of the blood from her cheek; although her face looked grim, there was no trace of regret.  "That cleric killed two of the girl's in that pile of bodies, after torturing them."

    Nix placed a hand on her shoulder; Fey's friend had warm brown eyes, definitely not the eyes of a killer. "Deserved then, let this be the end of it. You're Cadie, right?  I'm Nix."

    Cadie nodded.  "That's me.  Nice to meet you."

    /Alpha: Mollie: We heading out?

    /Alpha: Nix: Yep. Stay behind me.

    /Alpha: Cadie: I'll bring up the rear.


    Raya has been slain.

    Chiba stepped back, her face expressionless as the sword wielder's head flopped onto the ground.  The blonde circled cautiously while her opponent stared at the corpse on the ground.

    /Alpha: Pon: We'll leave him to you, but if things get squirrely, I'm going to roast him.

    /Alpha: Chiba: Fair enough.

    "Are you crazy?  Her potential was unlimited."  Milamber's dark face was locked in an angry scowl.  They two of them had attacked Chiba hoping to dispatch her quickly; the reality was they lacked the skill.

    Chiba's beautiful face smiled slightly.  "My condolences on the loss of your apprentice."  The swordmaster leaped to one side; her silver blade darted in to slash a deep cut over Milamber's eye.

    "Bitch!"  Milamber cussed he former student and charged forward.

    Chiba laughed at the attempt; she knew Milamber could do better and had deliberately left himself open.  The blonde goddess disengaged instead of pursuing.  "Can't we still be friends?"  Her laughter floated on the wind as she used her footwork to keep her opponent off balance.

    Milamber wiped some of the blood from his eyes; his expression showed anger mixed with fear.  He could no longer defeat her.  "Of course... Let's take a step back and ..."  His words filtered off when Chiba flicked a black disc at him; it stuck to his shoulder and caused his heart to pound.  "What is this?"

    Chiba shrugged slightly.  "It's a black hand.  I put one on your Apprentice also.  It will ensure that you are never rezzed."

    "Ellisand!"  His voice was tinged with terror; he hadn't truly feared death since their team was bound to Dotha's compound.  "I didn't mean to..."

    Milamber has been petrified.

    Chiba stared at the statue, her blue eyes scanning the area.  "Nix!  I thought you were going to leave him to me."

    The basilisk stared at her for a moment.  "He's still alive."

    "Really?"  Chiba stepped closer and stabbed the statue through the chest.

    Milamber has been slain.


    A few hours later, Una's group once again stood in the packed arena.  Their opponent's section was completely empty.

    /Alpha: Pon: This is awkward.

    /Alpha: Wind: Just a bit.

    "Team Una."  A dark-haired dragon with long horns protruding from his head moved to the edge of the arena.  "Your opponent has missed the deadline and, as such, have forfeited the competition. Please come forward."

    Una nodded and led her group toward the edge of the arena.  It wasn't uncommon for teams to sabotage each other during this event, so she wasn't worried about repercussions.  "Follow me up, Nix."

    Una and Nix walked up the three steps to the first level of the arena while the rest of the team waited.  They were handed two identical ornate boxes.

    Ornate Gold Chest: Draconic Biological [Male]

    Description: Inside this spatial container is a living, breathing dragon.  Only reinforced souls should attempt integration.

    Ornate Gold Chest: Draconic Biological [Female]

    Description: Inside this spatial container is a living, breathing dragon.  Only reinforced souls should attempt integration.

    Una Chelonia has joined Inferno.

    /Alpha: Una: Thank you, Nix, A safe place is required for the melding.

    /Alpha: Nix: It's fine, what's another dragon or two.

    /Alpha: Pon: Can we charge them rent?

    /Alpha: Nix: Of course.

    "You are Nix?"  The horned man spoke to Nix after awarding the two chests.

    Nix nodded; the dragon had dark skin and eyes, instantly reminding him of Tai.  "That's correct."

    Unexpectedly the dragon stepped forward and extended his hand.  "I'm Triston Yor."

    Nix shook the man's hand; afterward, his companion also greeted him politely. "I'm Nix, the Guild Leader of Inferno."

    "Roz Yor, from the house of Yor."  The second dragon offered him a greeting.  "Could I trouble you to see the dread flame?"

    The second dragon looked like a male version of unringed Chiba.  He had gold hair and sky-blue eyes, unlike his companion, he had removed his horns.

    /Alpha: Una:  They mean the emerald fury flame.

    Nix glanced at his green-haired companion.  The moment they returned from the Dotha compound, Una had questioned him regarding the flame he used.  Apparently, she sensed it immediately.   "Sure."

    [Flame Aura: Emerald Fury]

    The light green flame erupted around Nix; both dragons stepped back.

    "A dread flame... I shall have to tell her."  Roz smiled slightly.  "On behalf of the house of Yor, I would like to invite you to visit the Provincial Dragon Academy."
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