466 Family Ties

    "Round three actually... Since I already kicked your ass sideways once."  The emerald fury flames roared up around him as he walked toward the Ice Goddess.  "You probably remember it differently."

    [Elemental Napalm: Emerald Fury Flame][Elemental Fiend: Emerald Fury Beast][Fire Storm]

    Triple Combination Successful.

    An elemental fiend has been summoned.

    A gelatinous blob of emerald goo splattered against Khione's shield, melting through it almost immediately and causing the ice goddess to scream out in pain. At the same time, the area around her resembled a green sun as a firestorm raged throughout the dome. The Emerald fiend retreated to guard Nix; it was equipped with earth armor and a rock shield.

    Khione's human avatar has been defeated.

    Khione has activated her second-tier avatar [Ice Maiden].

    A heavily armored woman gestured the flames away with a sweep of her blade.  She barely resembled what Nix thought of as the ice goddess.  She radiated physical power.  "My turn..."

    [Ice Flash] [Shield Slam] [Champion's Strike]

    Khione has executed a successful triple combination.

    Nix has succumbed to snow blindness.

    Nix has been Stunned.

    Khione has landed a significant strike on Nix.

    Nix's vision changed to whiteout a moment before his limbs stopped working.  He didn't see the blade cut deeply into his shoulder,  causing a large portion of his health to disappear.

    [Interference][Transferred Wrath] [Fiends Favor]

    An Emerald Fury Fiend has executed a successful triple combination.

    The Fiend blocked the followed up attack, pushing the heavily armored Khione back several steps.

    All direct attacks at Nix will be transferred to the Elemental Fiend for the next thirty seconds.

    An Elemental Fiend has given a portion of his health to heal Nix.

    Nix has resisted stun.

    Nis has resisted Snow Blindness.

    Nix has activated his bloodline.

    [Second Form: Salamander]

    Dozens of emerald flame strands flashed outward, their barbed tips punched through Khione's heavy armor, making her scream out in misery.

    Nix has activated [Burst].

    Khione's body burst apart with an explosion that sent the Salamander skidding across the ice field until it slammed against the dome wall.

    Khione's paladin avatar has been defeated.

    Khione has activated her third-tier avatar [Ice Goddess].

    The emerald salamander advanced while Khione's essence reformed.  The Ice Goddess hovered, her ice wings flapped slowly while creating a visible ice shield around her.  Her cold blue eyes stared at the Salamander, the beautiful face showing obvious shock.  "Without manifesting fully, this is the last avatar I can fight with.  It is more than enough to end you."

    [Ice Trap][Lightning Strike][ Silver Spear]

    Khione's Triple Combination has been partially successful.

    A box of white ice formed around Nix, not touching him but blocking his sight and earing. An instant after the box formed, it was shattered by a devastating lightning strike that shook the dome.

    An Elemental Fiend has been mortally wounded.

    Nix has been stunned.

    A silver spear blurred through the air, piercing through the fiend and its shield before striking Nix.

    An Elemental Fiend has been slain.

    Khione has landed a significant strike on Nix.

    The Salamander ignored the spear, impaling its shoulder.  A half dozen emerald strands flashed outward, but instead of targeting the Ice Goddess, they stabbed into the ground and flung the Salamander forward.

    [Dreadfire: Emerald Fury]

    A single column of green flame blazed from the Salamander's hand; it passed through the Ice Shield before striking the Ice Goddess, side.

    Nix has landed a significant strike on Khione.

    Before he could follow up the attack, she winked out of existence only to appear on the far side of the dome a moment later.  Rivulets of light blue blood ran down her side and splashed onto the ground, her blue eyes were filled with pain and a hint of fear.  "Now... I will kill you, but before I leave, the rest of your friends will die also."

    The threat hung in the air, chilling the atmosphere by several degrees.

    Nix has activated his bloodline.

    [Final Form: Dread Beast]

    Emerald green light flashed outward with an expulsion of power that melted everything in its path.  A moment later, calm yellow eyes blinked once as the creature took in its surroundings.  It had feathered wings that combined red and orange feathers, its scales appeared to be heavily armored and were capped off by long spikes that extended outward from the shoulders.  The beast raised a green claw and pulled the spear loose from its shoulder.

    "A dread beast..."  Khione's words were barely whispered.  "I wouldn't have come here alone had I known, this will cause me one of my trump cards."

    The beast ignored her words, seemingly unconcerned by her presence.  Its eyes took in the surrounding dome.

    "Disconnected consciousness?"  Khione stopped whatever she was going to do and moved closer.  "I've changed my mind.  I will take you back and trap you in this form.  Together we shall remake this world into something beautiful."

    The dread beast continued to stare at the arena; it huffed once, sending flames in all directions.  Without warning, it flashed toward the ceiling, striking it with a sharp claw.  It repeated the process a half dozen times; the dome was filled with the echo of powerful strikes.

    "I can free you from this place."  Khione's cold face took on a more kindly expression, and she moved forward.  The beast ignored her until she was within thirty meters, then it faced her again.  This time baleful yellow eyes stared at her.  She stopped immediately.  "I mean you no harm; let's escape this trap together."

    Countless emerald strands flashed outward and wrapped up the Ice Goddess; her screams of agony filled the air as hundreds of them pinned her arms to her body.  Her weapon clattered on the ice as she was pulled toward the beast.

    [Ice Seed: Sacrifice]

    Khione has forfeited part of her core seed to escape.

    "YOU DARE TOUCH ME!"  The air around the Ice Goddess shimmered with power as she pointed at Nix.  "DIE, FOOL!"

    [Death Blow: Silver Ice]

    A death strike has been partially effective.

    Half of the dread beast turned to ice; when it struggled to break free, the back rear leg and a portion of its body broke off.  The accompanying howl of rage and pain caused Khione to throw up an ice shield.

    [Lightning Strike][Pierced Heaven]

    Khione has executed a successful combination.

    Lightning struck the wounded beast, slamming it down with enough force to create a crater.  Thousands of silver spears rained into the crater in a stream of light that lasted for several seconds.

    [Ground Pounder]

    Mortimer has interrupted Pierced Heaven.

    Thirty feet of bear stood protectively over the crater; an instant later, two females appeared on either side of him; the Titan cub spotted Khione and charged.

    [Evactuation: Ice Fortress]

    Casting Interrupted.

    Ducky has charmed Khione.

    Ducky smiled at the Ice Goddess.  "Let's be friends."

    Khione has broken Ducky's charm.

    Ducky's smile didn't waver.  "No?"  Her blue wings appeared suddenly as she took to the air.

    [Evactuation: Ice Fortress]

    Casting Interrupted.

    A Silver Drakon sent a column of silver flames at the Ice Goddess; Khione screamed and extinguished the flames with a wave of her hand.  "You shall all die h..."

    Her words were interrupted with a large paw slammed into her,  sending her streaking into the air until she crashed off the dome ceiling.

    Khione has been stunned.

    The Ice Goddess landed heavily on the ground in the middle of the dome.  Immediately she struggled to her feet; her clothing and armor were badly damage.  The beautiful cold face was covered in blood.   The rage in her eyes converted instantly to fear when Morti caught her again.  The titan cub reared back on his hind legs before coming down on her with both paws extended.  Khione disappeared into the ground like a hammered spike.

    Ducky circled once, her bow held outward.  She watched as Fey landed near Nix.  She could tell by Morti's size that he had been summoned in full rage.

    /Family: Ducky: Morti, move away from her before you collapse. We'll take it from here.

    The bear lumbered toward Fey, not stopping until it was once again shielding Nix.

    The ground beneath them shook a moment before Khione burst from her hole.  "ALL OF YOU WILL DIE!"

    [Ice Crisis: Extermination]

    Casting Interrupted.

    [Balefire: Hexed Spear]

    A spear made of pure orange flames impaled the Ice Goddess an instant later.  Her face showed her surprise as she glanced up at the mage who hovered in the air.  His old face glowed with the power of flame.

    "Don't underestimate this old man."

    Pon has slain Khione.

    The dome faded from view along with an echoing scream from the vanquished Ice Goddess.  Pon landed next to the Titan cub, who was already falling asleep.

    Ducky favored the old mage with a smile.  "How did you get in here."

    /Inferno: Pon: Bring a cleric to heal Nix.

    Pon shook his head slightly; he'd never seen a creature like the Dread Beast.  "Nix had me sneak in behind him and Nightmare.  Pays to have a backup plan. Did Nix summon you guys?"

    Ducky shook her head.  "When Nix's life is in danger, we don't need to be summoned."

    Fey had changed back into her human form. She picked up the long scepter that Khione had dropped.

    Winter's Scepter

    Ice Elementals Only: Nemesis or Higher

    +200 to Ice Abilities

    +200 to Defense

    All Fire Attacks are reduced by half.

    All Earth Attacks are reduced by half.

    All Lightning Attacks are reduced by half.

    Special Ability: Summon Angel.


    Pon whistled softly. "Too bad that isn't  the fire version."

    [Whisper: Semmi to Pon]  When did you get here?

    [Whisper: Pon to Semmi]  Been here the entire time.
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