467 Harvest Fair

    Leva sat silently behind the office desk in her Nether Fortress. Ducky, Sazo Del, and a black Orion were the only other occupants. Her dark eyes stared at the prisoner who was shackled and gagged.  "I wonder what the Del Clan would think of this... One of their top young people joining Khione's forces."

    The Ain'Dhassi's pale eyes were filled with scorn, he mumbled something against the gag and then struggled against his restraints.

    "We're waiting for Semmi, then we can start."  Ducky smiled at the prisoner, "I'd like to start now, but I'm concerned about your endurance."  The water witch traced the curve of his face with a single finger.

    The door opened a moment later, the blond officer walked in accompanied by an old fire mage.

    Leva's dark eyes finally left the prisoner.  "How's Nix?"

    Pon scowled and shrugged slightly.  "Bastards sleeping still, taking it easy while I do all the work.  This the guy?  Let me just heat up his nuts a bit, I'm sure he'll talk."

    Semmi nudged the old man with an elbow and shook her head slightly.  "Ducky will be doing to questioning.  Ungag him please."

    "What?"  Pon glanced from Ducky to Semmi.  "The ** did I have to come then?"

    Semmi smiled and pulled him to one side so that they could observe.  "Because you get all squirrely when Nix isn't around."

    Pon crossed his arms in front of his chest.  "Let's get on with it then.  We're in the middle of Harvest."

    Semmi nodded, all of Haven was hurrying to get their product ready.  Most of Inferno brought in outside help during the season.  They were thoroughly vetted and enabled the players to have experienced hands helping them.

    [Whisper: Semmi to Ducky] Let him say whatever is on his mind before you charm him.

    [Whisper Ducky to Semmi] Got it.

    Ducky released the prisoner's gag and held up a canteen for him to drink from.  "We're going to ask you some questions, Sazo.  How this proceeds depends on your cooperation."

    "You are nothing but Rebels."  The Ain'Dhassi's tone showed his belligerence.

    Ducky clucked her tongue softly.  "Not the best start.  Why are you working with Khione?"

    "She is the rightful leader of all Colonial.  Once Khione is restored to power, the humans will be forced back to the hole they crawled out of."  Sazo spit in the direction Semmi, before it could land, a tiny ball of flame intercepted it with a loud hiss.  Saza grimaced in pain, his brows and lashes were scorched completely off.

    "Try that again **nut... I'll remove your eyes and testicles for the second round of questions."  Pon's hand glowed with orange flames, the crackling intensity of his flame warmed the small office.

    "Khione is not the rightful ruler, she's an ice-based elemental of enormous power."  Ducky's voice was calm and reasonable.  "We stand against her while she attempts to subjugate the people of four realms.  Do your actions represent the goals of the Ain'Dhassi?"

    "The Ain'Dhassi will be spared when Khione cleanses Oasis. My Clan will thank me."

    "What would Sai Tali say about this?"  Ducky's blue eyes glanced at the Orion who seemed to be hanging on every word.  Del Tali knew this man personally, which is why she was asked to sit in.

    "He would never believe it. The days of ice are approaching.  Humans will be washed away."  Sazo seemed like he was tempted to spit again, but he could feel the old man watching him.

    /Inferno: Pon: Enough of this.  Have Del talk to him.

    The Orion walked around the desk and stood in front of the Ain'Dhassi.  Its sleek black coat shimmered slightly with each graceful movement.  "What have you done Sazo?"

    Sazo's eyes stared at the black cat.  The voice seemed familiar.  "Who are you?"

    Instead of answering the cat turned back to Ducky.  "After you've questioned him, I'd like him returned to my people."

    "No."  Pon spoke quietly, his voice barely discernable.  "He knowingly participated and even helped plan an act of war against Inferno.  That doesn't come with any benefits.  By the way, **head, after you failed miserably, Inferno kicked the ** out of Khione and sent her back to her Ice Hole."

    Semmi nodded in agreement.

    The black cat didn't argue, she'd only made the request because Sazo was a member of her extended family.  "Sazo...  You shall be removed from the family book.  Your accomplishments until now will be stricken from our records.  The Tali family name will be revoked from you, your wife, and your children."

    "Who... Del Tali?"  The Ain'Dhassi's pale face looked sickly in the flickering light.

    The black cat turned away from him and sat on the floor facing the wall.  "I will no longer recognize your words or name."

    Pon watched the interaction, involving the dhassi's wife and kids seemed a bit harsh but it didn't pass his bottom line.  "Do you think Khione will provide for your kids?  Cooperate and Inferno will make sure they have enough to survive."

    A gate opened in the office, Semmi waited while Pon and the Orion stepped through.  "One word from Nix and your family could find refuge in Izzin."

    [Whisper: Semm to Ducky]  Give him a chance to cooperate before you charm him.  Verify everything he says.

    [Whisper: Ducky to Semmi]  Sure Semmi, see you later.

    Leva closed the gate before walking around her desk to stand in front of Sazo.  Her hand flashed out and a blade appeared in Sazo's shoulder.  She held it there while leaning over him.  "I personally invited Semmi here, and you try to spit on her?"  She turned the blade slightly, making the Ain'Dhassi scream.

    Ducky shook her head slightly.  "Not too much, save some of that for later."  Ducky waited until Leva stepped away, the blade was still protruding from the captive's shoulder.  "When did you first start working with Khione?"


    Nix patted the demon horse's back while brushing her sleek fur.  He had woken up less than an hour before and had come out here to check on Nightmare.  Morti was sleeping peacefully at the Gladis Hub.  It had taken a dozen Ashobel warriors to move him inside.  "I'll get you a good companion, that damned goat wasn't good enough for you... Although on a side note, he did taste good."

    "Want us to take her with the herd, Boss?"  A voice called from outside the stable.

    Nix led Nightmare outside and then released her.  Rand and her co-workers were taking the entire herd to the southern plateau to graze for a few days. "Yes, bring Moonlight also."

    /Inferno: Hyai: Nix?  Why aren't you in bed?

    /Inferno: Nix: Slept an entire day already.

    Rand sent the herd ledger to his hud and he started scanning it while he walked back toward the ranch.  The dragons were nesting, Shi and her Acolytes were in process of moving into Haven and Inferno was taking the time to bring in their first harvest.

    /Inferno: Nix; Officer meeting at Jun Li's in an hour.

    /Inferno: Pon: We've got a crop to bring in!

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Can't it wait?

    /Inferno: Milat: Not the best time.

    Nix laughed at the complains, perhaps they did need the time off.

    /Inferno: Nix: This isn't Khione related, its Harvest related.  I was thinking we'd have a Fair.

    /Inferno: Pon: With ribbons and contests?  Yeah!

    /Inferno: Shae: What's that?

    /Inferno: Jun Li: We'd have to come up with categories and judging.

    /Inferno: Rico: I can organize it if you want.

    /Inferno: Nix: Way to step up, Dad.

    /Inferno: Rico: I'll have something drawn up by dinner time.

    /Inferno: Nix: No meeting then.  Party at the Riverside tonight.  Pon will supply the booze but bring food.

    /Inferno: Pon:  Fine, but only because I love a good Fair.

    [Whisper: Jun Li to Nix]  I love the idea.  Have you chose a temple?"

    [Whisper: Nix to Jun Li]  Not yet, just a team. You and Sharl will take a team to acquire a temple for Shi and her people.

    [Whisper: Jun Li to Nix]  Isn't Sharl busy with the Snake Clan?

    [Whisper: Nix to Jun Li]  She was, but now she's done.

    /Inferno: Nix: No more Khione stuff until after the Fair and Harvest festival, enjoy the next two weeks.

    /Inferno: Ronnie: Finally some time off, I can work in my library.

    /Inferno: Tai'Qui:  Stop by when you get the chance, Nix.  Bring Shae with you.

    /Inferno: Nix: Sure.
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