483 The Mayors Journal

    Wind climbed up out of the dark passageway, glad to be above ground once again.

    [Quest Completed: Black Harvest]

    [Quest Completed: Destroy the Coven]

    You have been awarded the deed to the Flaming Swan Tavern.

    Inferno has claimed the Witches Sanctum as its own.

    The Witches Sanctum has been upgraded.

    You have been awarded Black Lightning.

    A new Title has been earned: Witch Slayer.

    A Flying Mount has been placed in your inventory.

    "I'll sort this out once we wrap up Mocai." The dark-haired thief smiled to himself.  "A quick peek at the mount won't hurt."

    Black Lightning

    Flying Transport: Broom Type

    Description: They say that lightning is faster than dragons, but do you dare to use it?

    "The ** is that?"  Wind scowled in disgust at the sleek-looking black broom before exiting the Tavern through the back door.  The Gemini Thief summoned his Daiken and headed toward the guild.

    /Alpha: Wind: I'll be back at the Guild in two minutes.

    /Alpha: Semmi: See ya soon.


    [Create Breach: Mocai Thieves Guild: Free Trader City: R \u0026 B Pawnshop]

    Nix waited for their last companion while Semmi studied the blueprint of the Mayor's Mansion.  "We have to be careful here, Chael will bring up track, and I've no idea what kind of capabilities an Urban Ranger has.  We have to assume they hold some serious advantages while operating within a city."

    Ronnie stole a quick glance at Bali; the tiny ranger hadn't stopped smiling since Nix first brought up the job.  "Chael will assume I'm operating independently since this is the sort of stuff I like to..."  Her voice filtered off when the new arrival stepped through the breach.

    "Finally... What took you so...  The hell is on your head?"  Nix stared at the sharp-looking black horns that were protruding slightly from the sides of Wind's head.  Unlike dragon spawn horns that were closer to the forehead, these had a definite demon look.  The Inferno guild leader grinned at his fellow member.  "I sense a story."

    Wind nodded, his expression showing only his normal stoic calm.  "There was a witch coven in the sewers of Mocai. They summoned a demon and were trying to use it to strengthen themselves. When I spirit bonded with the encircled demon, it changed the bond slightly and caused a mutation in my bloodline."

    Semmi looked up from her hud.  "Much nicer than the dragon horns.  Wonder what Beta will say?"

    A tiny red gecko crawled out from Wind's cloak and jumped nimbly to Nix's shoulder; he almost always made a habit to greet the Inferno Leader.  Standing quietly while placing a webbed hand on Nix's cheek, he didn't realize he had the room's attention room.

    "Oh, god... What did you do to the King?"  Nix stroked the red gecko's smooth head and touched one of the tiny black horns.  "Kinda looks badass, actually."

    Wind nodded, letting a long breath out.  "Let's hope, Beta agrees."

    Nix chuckled at his friend and turned his eyes back toward the plans.  "I was talking about Demon King Lubo; they look ridiculous on you."

    Ronnie and Bali had both advanced.  The dark archer extended a hand and touched Wind's horn.  "I disagree; gives you a sinister look that matches that expression you always wear."

    Bali nodded in agreement.  "Yep.  I'm going to put you on my wall with Captain Locas and Nix."

    /Alpha: Nix: We have a new icon on our hud.  It's called Return to Sanctum.

    /Alpha: Wind: There were so many messages when I exited, there wasn't time to read them all.  I do remember something about Inferno claiming the Witch's Sanctum.

    /Alpha: Semmi: Nice contribution, we should investigate after we do this job. That aside, why does the guild roster list you as Wind Qi?

    /Alpha: Wind: The demon in the circle was Rabi Qi.

    Nix's grin widened until his face started to hurt.  "The demon they summoned was Rabi Qi?"

    Wind nodded.  "He's my new spirit companion.

    The gears started turning in Nix's head as he formulated a plan.  Using Rabi for this mission would work here since Chael wasn't acquainted with him.  "Congrats, Rabi is really strong despite his antics.  He also has great thieving skills."

    /Alpha: Wind: Add him in then.

    /Alpha: Nix:  Done.

    /Alpha: Semmi: The Mayor's bedroom is on the northwest corner of the top floor.  It has a balcony, so that may be a good entry point.

    /Alpha: Nix: Chael takes his coach from his compound to the Mayor's Mansion at 0900 every morning.  The team returns at 0945 and stays with the stablemaster until the end of the day.

    Ronnie pointed at the only bridge on the route.  "He takes the river route to avoid the crowds.  We'll take the team at the bridge while they are in transit back to the stables."  The dark archer's eyes watch Nix; her excitement was obvious.  "They'll be close to the west gate when they cross the bridge, two minutes after that, and we're outside the gate."

    Semmi dropped her leather armor on the counter and flexed her lean muscles.  "Chael will only take the bait if he believes his horses are being stolen."

    Ronni nodded in agreement. "He will since I plan on taking them if he doesn't pursue."

    [Summons: Wilo]

    A moment later, the buzzing of the Air Elemental's wings filled the shop.  She hovered for a moment before landing next to Ronnie.  She immediately spotted Lubo and held out a small hand so that he could join her.  "Horns! Demon King?"

    Lubo hopped on her hand and took a seat on her shoulder.

    Ronnie nodded.  "You remember Chael?"

    "Chael?  Nansu's Chael?"

    "Keep an eye on him tomorrow morning; make sure you aren't seen."  Ronnie had faith in her companion; the air elemental was the best scout she'd ever seen.

    Wind pointed to the West Gate. "I'll make sure things at the gate go smoothly. Wouldn't want the guards to close it on, Ronnie."

    "Risky."  Nix shook his head slightly.  "Chael's methodical; once he's notified of the team's hijacking, he's going to start tracking."

    Ronnie reached behind the counter and pulled out a set of two-way mats.  "I'll put one of these rights outside the guard post. Wind can step on it and be back here in a moment."

    Nix stared at the two-way mat; it was definitely the same one she used to abduct him. "That works.  Inferno members frequent your Pawnshop so that he won't think anything of it."

    "Rabi, Semmi, and I drop in on the balcony."  Nix glanced up at the blonde officer who was watching her hud.  "What's your lockpick skill at?"

    "Level 3, 45/100."  Semmi's pale face reddened slightly.  "There's nothing to practice on unless I start breaking into houses."

    Nix waved her off. "No worries. Rabi can open anything.  When this is done, I'm sending you to the House of Tempest.  They have an entire wing dedicated to thief skills."

    "Works for me.  The three of us enter the Mayor's bedroom and find the safe.  Do you think the journal will be with the city plans?"

    Nix shook his head.  "Maybe, we grab everything in the safe, and then I'll open a breach out."

    /Inferno: Tai'Qui: Could you meet with me, Nix?"

    /Inferno: Nix: Sure.  Let's meet in the market in five minutes.

    /Alpha: Semmi: I'll review our plan and try to find any holes. Are we staying in town tonight?

    /Alpha: Nix: Wherever you like.  Just meet back here at 0700 tomorrow.


    "Nix!"  Tai spotted the Inferno guild leader sampling the food vendor wares that bordered Free Trader City's southern wall.  He wore green armor and was laughing at something an older man had said.

    "That your girl?"  The toothless old man took Nix's money; his wrinkled eyes stared shamelessly at the dragon.

    Nix shook his head slightly.  "I wouldn't dare claim such a thing, Pops.  Someone like her could raze this entire city, and none of us could do anything but flee."

    The old man gave him a doubtful look before turning to the next customer in line.

    Tai offered Nix a smile; seeing him eating one of the meat-on-sticks made him seem young.  "Going to share?"

    Nix shook his head, noting that the bandanna that Tai wore had changed to a bright green, a color that brought out her warm eyes.  "I don't think you'd appreciate it, it's dragon!"

    The smile on Tai's pretty face widened considerably.  "That's not dragon."

    "Pops says it is!" Nix shrugged, "why would he lie?"

    Tai realized he was joking and let it go.  She didn't understand his humor but found that part of him interesting.  "I want to talk about Nihlus and Sindi."

    Nix led her over to a row of stone benches that were placed against the city wall.  "They exhibiting some of their old abilities?"

    Tai didn't hide her surprise.  "How'd you know that?"

    "Some of Del's ranger abilities have resurfaced.  This is a good thing."  Nix waited for her to continue since she obviously wanted to say more.
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