498 Infernos Arrival

    [Bone Fortress, 0900 hours  Ice Faction: 12,545, Undead 10]

    Alfie: 21,140

    Edi: 20,350

    Nix: 215

    Pon: 202

    Sasi: 121

    Morti: 75

    Nezbit: 104

    Sharl: 7

    Rhy: 2

    Shae: 34

    Over the next two days, most of the remaining Ice Faction in Sandcrab had been weeded out and either imprisoned or killed.  The 'broken' beast that followed Nix and Nightmare back from the enemy HQ was bonded by Nezbit.  The Inferno cleric used her woodcutter skill tirelessly to create barriers and fortifications for future use.  Pon was able to level up and receive his Fire Starter staff from his active inventory.  The small group waited patiently as the timer slowly ticked down to reopen the Sandcrab Graveyard.

    Nix was crafting more golem soldiers using the red clay near the cliffs on the precinct's western border.  Nearly all the ice in Sandcrab melted over the last few days.  The weather had turned warm and green could be seen sprouting up from the once frozen tundra; Rhy and Shae chatted nearby while he worked.

    "How's the glue working?"  The skeletal salamander glanced over at Nix, apparently, Sharl had some experience making homemade glue.

    Nix grunted but didn't comment further as he focused on the queue.  His skeletal fingers were coated with the sticky substance, something he found to be rather annoying.  His first order of business once Semmi arrived would be to see about reclaiming their original forms.  The novelty of being bones was starting to wear off.  Although they didn't need to eat or drink, those were luxuries that were missed by everyone.

    [Whisper: Pon to Nix]  I'd kill for a **ing burger right now.

    [Whisper: Nix to Pon]  Quit reading my mind, old bastard.

    [Whisper: Pon to Nix]  And a beer.  Five minutes left on the graveyard counter.

    [Whisper: Nix to Pon] We'll start back in a minute.

    [Craft Queue: Miniature Soldier][Composite: Red Clay][Bond: Basic Glue][Elemental Source: Clay Encased Brown Flames]

    Nix stared at the crafting queue. Giant Blinky had lasted for most of the battle and had kept a large part of the enemy's forces focused on killing him. In the end, he was too easy to kill.  The truth was that the remaining Sandcrab Ice Faction were the dregs of their army.  The upper echelon members had been killed by Edi and Alfie a long time ago.  Edi explained it to him very clearly, the upcoming battles from other precincts would present a much higher tier of combatant.  "I need to put armor on these little bastards..."

    "Shouldn't you use granite or some other type of rock?"

    Nix glanced up at Shae's words, his head shaking slowly.  "When I tried that the joints became too rigid, making them easy to topple over.  I'll queue this later, we should head back to the graveyard.  It's about to open."


    The tall innkeeper smiled at all the faces sitting around the table.  Shae visited for a few hours during the night and told them to be ready.  The salamander was currently the only member of the Undead faction that could travel freely to and from the Bone Fortress.  Hyai resumed cooking duties but was making an effort to get enough rest.  Since there wasn't much to do besides wait, both Raine and Chiba assisted her during meal preparations. The [Key of Solomon] would pass to her once Semmi and Wind traveled to the Bone Fortress.

    "It must be the Hardening, although it has been lost to us for some time."  Mortimus's deep voice held everyone's attention as they ate together.  "I only know a bit of the legend.  Titans were rumored to serve Eidengal for a period of time.  The result of this service was greatly beneficial to our race.  We'd become stronger, tougher, and more resilient.  If we died during battle, we'd be returned to our homes; never able to go back."

    Semmi glanced at her hud and then stood up.  "Thanks for the meal, Hyai.  Time to line up."

    /Inferno: Wind: We need to tell Nix about what Mortimus said.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Didn't Shae say that we'd respawn in the graveyard?

    /Inferno: Semmi: We'll figure it out if we get there.

    "The Key is active!  Everyone get into position!"  Hyai watched the key as the reinforcements stepped onto the platforms one by one.  Gil was the last one to step up.  "Still active, good luck!" Green flames roared upward from the platform and the thirteen fighters disappeared from sight.


    Nix watched as the haze over the graveyard vanished into nothingness.  Wrought iron gates swung outward with an eerie screech of rusted hinges.  Hundreds of headstones lined up symmetrically in long rows.  A pavilion with a small marble pulpit overlooked everything.  According to Alfie, this would be the calling point.

    [Guild Messenging has been restored]

    Inferno has unlocked Sandcrab Graveyard.

    All awards will be withheld until the Bone Fortress Instance has been won.

    Thirteen skeletons appeared in the circle next to the calling point.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: Woah... Thin is in!

    /Inferno: Pon: Welcome to the party, unfortunately, we don't have cake.

    /Inferno: Nix: Thanks for coming.

    The smallest of the new arrivals scurried away from the group, his skull encased dark eyes darted everywhere.  "Sasi?  Sasi?"

    "Rabi!"  A second skeleton with a long tail and horns charged toward the first, skidding to a halt before they collided and caught her brother up in a hug. " Rabi!"

    The two siblings held hands and spun in circles while jabbering faster than anyone could understand.

    Alfie has joined Inferno.

    Edie has joined Inferno.

    Alfie has been promoted to Recruitment Officer.

    Nix used his hud to make the necessary adjustments to their numbers.  Using the guild interface would make things much easier for everyone.  After discussing it with Alfie and Edi, he decided to make them temporary Inferno members.  While they inhabited the Bone Fortress, the undead would be welcome in Inferno.

    /Inferno: Nix: Let's see what we are working with.  There's a lot to do before we open up the next precinct.

    Atharabi Qi

    Race: Undead Skeleton

    Class: Shadow Thief

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0

    Donri [Elite]

    Race: Undead Skeleton

    Class: Mage

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0

    Wind Qi  [Elite]

    Race: Undead Skeleton

    Class: Tempest Thief

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0

    Semmi  [Elite]

    Race: Undead Skeleton

    Class: Tempest Thief

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0


    Undead Earth Wraith [Dark Court]

    Class: Dark Reaper

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0

    Jun Li [Elite]

    Race: Undead Skeleton

    Class: Blademaster

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0

    Darsi [Elite]

    Race: Undead Skeleton

    Class: Marksmen

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0

    Ronnie [Elite]

    Race: Undead Skeleton

    Class: Archer

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0

    Del Tali

    Phantom Beast [Special]

    Class: Shadow Scout

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0

    Raine Xai

    Bone Wraith [Bishop]

    Class: Dark Wrathman

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0


    Undead Rapture [Bishop]

    Class: Blade Savant

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0


    Race: Bone Bear [Royal Court]

    Class: Juggernaut

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0


    Race: Bone Turtle [Royal Court]

    Class: Defender

    Rank 1

    Kills: 0

    Nix's eye caught his swordmaster and stopped.  "Chiba?"

    The ugly old woman waved at her apprentice as he walked toward her.  "At last, I'm reunited with my lovely apprentice!"

    Nix stopped within arm's reach, putting a bone hand out to stop her from hugging him.  "Why aren't you a skelly like the rest of us?"

    Chiba glanced down at her flat chest and thin-looking form.  "Because beautiful Chiba is already perfect.  Nothing can change that."

    Nix considered her words without laughing and then quickly discarded them. "Hmm... Do you have your ring on?  Normally you arrive here with nothing."

    Chiba's smile turned creepy.  "Naked?  Shall I take off my clothes?"  The old woman grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started to pull it over before being stopped by Nix.

    /Inferno: Nix: Anyone come here with items?

    /Inferno: Semmi: I have my main weapon.

    /Inferno: Jun Li: So do I.

    /Inferno: Wind: I have a bunch of things actually.

    /Inferno: Ronnie: Just my bow.

    /Inferno: Darsi: My rifle.

    /Inferno: Nix: Does anyone besides Wind have more than one item?

    /Inferno: Semmi: Hmm... Link those items, Wind.

    /Inferno: Wind: Sure.

    Ring of Graves: Legendary

    Description: Summon up to three enemies you've slain to fight on your behalf. Enemy identities may be locked in.  The Ring of Graves will permanently store any three of your fallen foes.

    Spirits: 1/3

    1: Atilla

    Black Lightning

    Flying Transport: Broom Type

    Description: They say that lightning is faster than dragons, but do you dare to use it?

    Black Cat Scroll: Familiar [Unbound]

    Description: This black cat can be difficult under the best of circumstances.  The extent of her abilities is unknown.

    Black Dagger: [Unknown Rating].

    Description: Plunge this dagger directly into the heart of your enemy, and they will never return. You may only use this once.

    Cloak of Shadows: [Witch Slayer Only]

    Description: Instantly move between shadows; line of sight only.

    Witch Token: Hidden Class [Unidentified]

    Description: Set this token on any temple's altar to add a random Witch Class to the Temple's job list.

    /Inferno: Edi: That's witch gear!  Where did you get it?

    /Inferno: Wind: From the Witch Sanctum.

    /Inferno: Semmi: Perhaps witch gear passes through without limit?  Can you take off that ring, Chiba?

    Chiba nodded and slipped her ring off, immediately she morphed into a skeleton.  "Guess I'll be boned with the rest of you for a while."  She stowed her ring away.  "Good thing I masturbated right before we left.  Where can I pick up a sword?"

    /Inferno: Alfie: See me for armor and equipment.

    /Inferno: Nix: Take a few minutes to look around.  We'll meet up in an hour to start planning.
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