10 The Heroic Momen

    "Pass the ball!" cried Jiang Fei once again.

    "Yes, Brother Fei!"

    Everyone on the team was getting along fine with Jiang Fei at that moment.

    "Since you like basketball so much, let me show you how it's done!" Jiang Fei growled like a ferocious tiger. When he got the ball in his hand, he jumped up high, outside the penalty line and tossed the ball. It flew high above, went over the heads of two opposing players, and went into the hoop -- hard!

    *Beep* 2 Points!

    "WOAH!" Everyone in the court, including the spectators from both sides gasped. Their expressions were not acted out. They had just witnessed an alien possessing Jiang Fei!

    "What's going on with that little geek!"

    "Michael Jordan reincarnated?"

    "What's his name?! I only know that he's a geek! Nothing more! Why has no one else spoken about him?!"

    Jiang Fei smirked as he heard the overwhelmed grunts of the sixth class players. He then turned to his own team and said, "Guys! Keep it up! We can turn this around and win the match!"

    "Heck yea!" the team responded happily as they huddled up and cheered.

    "Everyone, stay frosty. Have faith. Out of the five of them, only one of them is a good player. The other four aren't much! We can win this!" said Xu Hao. His perception towards Jiang Fei had shifted 180 degrees. At first, he was completely making fun of him; now, despite not admitting it, he was genuinely scared of the geek! That and how the morale of the entire team had risen drastically! Inversely, the sixth class' playstyle had changed. They had started to focus on defense and were stalling as much as possible. They were consciously trying to maintain the lead! They could not afford anything reckless anymore. Jiang Fei could just turn the tables around!


    By the end of the third round, Jiang Fei had already narrowed the score down to 85 - 62! It was a miracle!

    In the first two rounds, they had managed to score 77 points. When Jiang Fei entered the court in the third round, the sixth class had only managed to score 8 points, while the ninth class, under Jiang Fei's lead, had managed to score 49 points!

    "Brother Fei, what the hell man! Did an alien get inside your body?" Zhao Feng hurried over to Jiang Fei when the entire team cleared the court.

    Without any warning or whatsoever, Zhao Feng began to observe Jiang Fei's body at point blank.

    "Yo! Keep your hands off me! I'm not into that sort of thing," Jiang Fei snarled as Zhao Feng came to him with his outstretched arms.

    "Good job Jiang Fei. You have outdone yourself today. I have never known that you could be quite the player in the court. I'd always thought that you were always in front of a screen 24/7. You have indeed changed my mind. I'm proud of you."

    Sun Mengmeng was beside Zhao Feng when she praised Jiang Fei. When Jiang Fei saw her, he was momentarily stunned. Her large eyes were glimmering with light from the court. From a certain perspective, it could send the wrong signals.

    "Wow! Jiang Fei, you're such a genius! You're so cool! Never will I judge a book by its cover again!" cried one of the girls from Jiang Fei's own class. In less than a breath, the entire class was running towards Jiang Fei for a premature celebration.

    "Hehe. It's no biggie." Jiang Fei laughed it off. To be honest, Jiang Fei's skills were only average. That, and the fact that it had been years since he last dribbled a ball. All the "magic" in the court had been thanks to the Cat Spirit Boots of Accuracy. His superhuman speed and agility allowed him to place himself at any spot of the court without being stopped by anyone. The out-worldly jump height allowed him to throw the ball from any position he wanted! The cherry on top of the cream was the accuracy buff he had. That was just overpowered! Jiang Fei could score a Three-Point throw from anywhere outside the penalty line! 100% rate too, at that!


    The last, final round kicked off with the shrill whistle.

    "Brothers! It is our time to kick their ass!" said Jiang Fei with vigor.

    "HELL YEAH!" Wang Chen and the rest of the team's morale was on a fever pitch. With Jiang Fei, the newfound god of basketball on their side, they would easily crush the sixth class sports athletes!

    "DEFENSE! FOCUS ON DEFENSE! Ignore the rest of them! Keep your eyes glued on Jiang Fei, and Jiang Fei only! We cannot afford to lose!" Xu Hao gritted his teeth and snarled at his own team. He had expected this to be a cakewalk. Little did he know that he was about to eat his own words!

    "HOOP!" Jiang Fei lashed out with another huge shot!


    "Three Points!"

    "Let's go! Make sure you don't blink!" cried Jiang Wei as he circled around the point guard and two others before slam dunking the ball right through the loop. He made sure to hang on to the hoop for dramatic effect!


    "Two points!"


    "I quit. This is outrageous!"

    "F*cking hell! This is a one-man show, and we're his extras!"

    "Sunova gun! I ain't playing no more!"

    Just in the middle of the fourth round, Jiang Fei had managed to even out the score between his team and the opposite team! While his entire team was basically on fire, the other team had had their morale beaten down the drain!



    The last whistle blow ended the match, and the final score was 92 - 104!

    The ninth class had achieved the final epic comeback, beating the sixth class sports athletes!

    "Go nines! Go nines! Jiang Fei rules!"

    The entire class was in a frenzy as Jiang Fei and the team returned to the bench with a victory smile on their faces. What that seemed to be a devastating, hopeless, and undesirable match had turned out to be an epic battle with the help of Jiang Fei, a man who was basically a miracle from the heavens!

    "H-H-Hold up girls! Watch where your hands are!"

    The moment the team got out of the court, they were swarmed by the girls of their class. Some had brought them refreshments, others brought them towels, and others were just laying their hands on their bodies for some unknown reason.

    "Not bad. Not bad at all, Jiang Fei. Why haven't you come out of the closer any sooner?" said Sun Mengmeng, as she came to Jiang Fei after the crowd dispersed. She had a finger buried in Jiang Fei's chest as she questioned him.

    "Hmm. I have no interest in basketball," said Jiang Fei, shrugging.

    "Like I care about that. Next time, whenever we have a basketball match, your participation is compulsory! I want the class to be the champions! You hear me?!" said Sun Mengmeng as she approached Jiang Fei even more. Perhaps a little to close.

    "Fu..." Jiang Fei drew a deep breath. It was pleasant. The lingering scent of the girls was still in the air around him. He then grinned and said, "Ma'am class monitor, could you please keep some distance between us. I might accidentally kiss you..."

    "Y-YOU!" Sun Mengmeng roared. She would never have expected Jiang Fei to say something like that! Blood rushed to her cheeks when she realized that she was indeed a few inches away from touching his lips.

    "Haha!" Jiang Fei laughed barbarically. The class monitor was indeed very cute. However, it was a question of her upbringing. How was it possible for one to resort to violence, yet blush like a peach in an embarrassing moment.

    "I take it that I have your consent! If you dare to cross me, I-I-I I'll make sure that... ARGH!"

    Sun Mengmeng could not stand it any longer and decided to bolt as Jiang Fei was still laughing like a monkey.

    "That's sick bro! I'm impressed! Not only were your basketball skills impressive! You could also tease the class monitor and send her running red! Am I dreaming? Is this real?!" Zhao Feng teased Jiang Fei.

    "Haha! That was all real. Keep your eyes peeled for more. Let's head back. Class is about to start!"

    Jiang Fei stopped laughing and smiled. He never intended to explain himself. Ever since he had obtained the mysterious ring, Jiang Fei had changed. Before the ring had entered his life, Jiang Fei was already infamous for the wrong reasons. A gamer geek would never earn any honor in school. Jiang Fei academic results were extremely mediocre and his P.E was atrocious. That had all culminated in Jiang Fei becoming an actual invisible man among the girls in class. Or rather, the school.

    No one would consciously approach Jiang Fei without a valid reason. Even Jiang Fei himself preferred keeping to himself. He had never thought of talking to any girls. Even if he fancied some girl, he would only keep his imagination in his mind. Things have changed since the ring found itself on his finger. He was braver. He was bolder. He had obtained the heart of an alpha male. There was no fear; only confidence. With that change of attitude, it was only natural that he would find the guts to speak to girls. Especially since he had helped the class to win what seems to be an impossible match! He was the hero, and the entire class had witnessed his heroic moment. With that, it was time for the girls to start gossiping about him.
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