11 Inevitable Promotion

    While enduring the whole afternoon class session, Jiang Fei had received plenty of small paper passed to him by the girls in his class. There was even one paper that came from other class!

    Jiang Fei had never once experienced such a blissful moment when he was only a gamer geek! That euphoric moment did not stop there. While Jiang Fei was actually listening to the teacher's words, he could feel the stare of other coming from all directions!

    That made Jiang Fei felt excited! Not in the wrong way. He was excited to go back into the game as soon as he could! Whatever happened that day was thanks to a level 10 Green grade boots! Just a Level 10! It changed Jiang Fei from being a regular lame gamer geek into a professional NBA class basketball player! In just one morning, he had become the star attraction! In the future, if he could procure stronger equipment, being Superman would not be a dream but a reality!

    As his mind drifted along the idea of procuring more and more stronger equipment, he got highly agitated! When school was over, he bolted home and finished up his dinner and homework with lightning speed. Once he was done with his daily chores, he sped to his room and waited for the right time to log into the game!

    Once the clock strikes 10pm sharp, Jiang Fei closed his eyes and entered the game.

    Since the boots was taken out of the game, it would not be removed from his physical self. Hence, the only equipment he had with him was a Green grade two-handed sword. The rest of his equips were White grade.

    Even so! Jiang Fei did not regret his decision. The boots had little impact on him in the game but was a huge bonus in real life!

    "Time for me to hit the city! It's time for me to get a class!"

    Jiang Fei hit Level 10 one day ago and was prompted by the system to move on. With the guidance of the huge arrow beneath his character, Jiang Fei headed towards the Village Chief. There, he obtained a Letter of Recommendation which allowed him to advance to a chosen class by handing it to an Instructor.

    To ease every player, a Teleportation Circle was placed right beside the Chief. Jiang Fei walked over to the circle and teleported to a huge city with relative ease.

    "Now this is much merrier than that village!"

    Jiang Fei was bombarded with the sound of the city; busy players rustling around the streets, vendors selling their items, the typical noise that would hear even in the real world.

    The city he was in was one of the four main cities of the China server. The one he was in was called Dawnlight City which was located in the Northeast. The other three were called Saintlight City in Southeast, Sunrise City in Southwest, and Twilight City in Northwest.

    Despite being only the third day since the server had launched, the city was brimming with life. Some of the players had already gathered together to form their own guild!

    "I should be heading to the class advancement hall." Jiang Fei thought to himself as he pondered on the Class system. The best class that he was used to was Warrior and Assassin. He thought that he should seek out the respected class Instructor and compare the differences before choosing one.

    It was not hard for Jiang Fei to look for the Class advancement hall as it was located in the heart of the city.

    "Young man, you look like you would be a fine Warrior! We, the Warrior, have the strongest of body and spirit! We are the best fighter and a must in every battle!" said an Instructor as Jiang Fei approached him.

    "Adventure? Would you like to learn the art of an Assassin? We thrive in the shadow. Silent and deadly. The last thing your enemies will see before they die is the light of the blade that struck them!" said an Assassin Instructor that fades in and out of the shadow.

    Jiang Fei thought about it for a while and since it was inconvenient for him to join Zhao Feng, or anyone else to play, he thought that he should select Assassin instead. A lone adventurer.

    "I choose to be an Assassin!" Jiang Fei voiced out his wish to the Instructor in the shadows.

    "A regrettable decision but not dire. You may talk to the other Instructor and talk to the ones that interest you," said the Assassin Instructor solemnly.

    "Huh? I thought I said I want to," Jiang Fei continued to talk.

    "Please don't waste my time. If you do not wish to learn the arts of the shadows, please leave me alone," said the Instructor as he gestured him to move along.

    "What the heck is going on?" Jiang Fei grunted.

    I just said I wanted to be an Assassin. Why would he think otherwise?

    At the moment Jiang Fei was talking to the Instructor, Jiang Fei had not noticed that something was happening. The ring was glowing in a faint silvery light.

    Ignoring what had happened, Jiang Fei moved on to the Warrior Instructor as he gave up with the first option.

    "Excuse me. I'd like to be a Warrior."

    "Is that right... That's too bad then. Run along and talk to a preferred Class Instructor then," said the Warrior Instructor.

    Wait a minute...

    "What is going on! Yo! I'd told you I want to be a Warrior!" Jiang Fei roared.

    "Please don't waste my time. If you do not wish to be a powerful Warrior, run along and find someone else to talk to!"

    The Warrior Instructor turned his back to Jiang Fei.

    "FML! What?! A bug in the system?!"

    Agitated, Jiang Fei moved on to the nearest Instructor.

    "I want to be a Magician."

    "It's is but alright. Please talk to the other Instructor and find the Class that truly suits you."

    "I want to be a Priest."

    "All is well. Please talk to the other Instructor and find the Class that truly suits you."

    "Oh hell no! It's you! You did this!" cried Jiang Fei when he finally realizes what was happening. The problem was he had already asked all possible Class Instructor there was when he finally realized the ring was making things hard for him!

    Whenever he talks to a Class Instructor, the ring will glow faintly. When it did, the Instructor that Jiang Fei talked to will perceive Jiang Fei rejecting them.

    "F*ck you little metal blowhole! What beef you have with me? I can't be that. I can't be this. What Class can I be?!"


    The ring glowed slightly brighter and a small ray of light shines towards the other side of the hall. Jiang Fei started to frown furiously. The ring was pointing towards the Profession Instructor! More specifically, the Blacksmith!

    "What the hell? A Profession? You want me to take up Blacksmith as my main?! Hell no!" Jiang Fei rejected the idea almost spontaneously.

    In Dawn Break, a player can further advance in their own class. In this game, Profession and Class falls into the same category; they can only take up one, unlike other game where Profession was considered as a secondary class or a supporting class, or most commonly known as Profession. Other MMORPG allows a player to take up multiple Professions and sometimes, multiple combat Class such as ***** Fantasy XIV.

    That was the reason why Jiang Fei rejected the idea to take up Blacksmithing as his main. After dwelling in his sea of thoughts, Jiang Fei turned to the ring and asked, "Can I at least get a combat Class?"

    The ring did not respond.

    "Listen, if you think by having me to become a Blacksmith, I can't continue feeding you equipment! It's not feasible!" said Jiang Fei yet the ring continued to be silent.

    "Fine! I give. You win." Jiang Fei sighed heavily. So, Blacksmith, it was. Jiang Fei was in a dilemma. His father would not allow him to play the game. The only he was able to play was using the ring's power. If he wishes to continue to play the game, he would have to listen, no, obey the ring's command to become a Blacksmith! He had no choice there. He was relying on the ring to gain power! Without the ring, he could not withdraw items out of the game into the real world. In the end, his dream to become as strong as superman was more important to him than playing the game.

    "Excuse me. I want to become a Blacksmith."

    Jiang Fei approached the Instructor.

    "Haha! Sprite young' one ain't cha! Good eyes you'ave there. Trust me! Blacksmitin' be the best occupation!"

    "Ding! The Blacksmith Master, Krug Sarteen, would wish to promote you to become a Blacksmith Apprentice. Do you wish to proceed?"

    As it turns out, the ring did not glow and Jiang Fei finally received the prompt window to become a Blacksmith Apprentice.
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