17 Mass Producing Equipment with Bonus Attributes

    "Ding... Ding... Dang... Dang..."

    "Ding! You have crafted a Vampiric Corsair's Breastplate!"

    "Ding... Ding..."

    "Ding! You have failed..."

    "Ding... Ding..."

    "Ding! You have crafted a Robber Corsair's Breastplate!"

    "Ding... Ding... Dang... Dang..."

    "Ding! You have crafted a God of Destruction Corsair's Breastplate!"

    After a few attempts, Jiang Fei got the hang of it. After producing two equipment with two extra attributes in a row, Jiang Fei's third attempt had produced a Blue tier sample.

    Vampiric Corsair's Breastplate (Chainmail, Fine)

    Physical Defense +40

    Agility: +3

    Equip: Grants Beginner's Lifesteal. Deals additional 10 damage and heals oneself.

    Level Requirement: 10

    Robber Corsair's Breastplate (Chainmail, Fine)

    Physical Defense +40

    Strength: +3

    Equip: Grants Mug. Attacks have a 10% chance to rob the target of 10 copper coins.

    God of Destruction Corsair's Breastplate (Chainmail, Superior)

    Physical Defense +45

    Strength: +5

    Equip: Grants Destruction Fist. Deals 300 damage to a target and stuns it for one second, 2-minute cooldown duration.

    Level Requirement: 15

    "Phew..." Jiang Fei sighed. Those four samples were already enough to wear him out. Crafting Green tier equipment or better was not as easy as White tier equipment. The crafting process required full concentration, or the process would fail. As such, Jiang Fei had wasted enough materials for six attempts.

    If other Profession players knew of Jiang Fei's success rate, they would have been beside themselves with envy! How could they not be? Their success rate of producing Ascended was even lower than 25%! They were no match to Jiang Fei! Nobody else under Level 10 in the game could possibly acquire 20 Luck points!

    "Wow! Cutey bro! How did you do that? That's so awesome!" said Miaomiao as Jiang Fei leaned back and caught his breath. She gave Jiang Fei a pat to the back, but she did not stop there. Her hands slithered to his chest and started rubbing away vigorously!


    Jiang Fei jerked and involuntarily slapped Miaomiao's hands away. Even that brief moment of contact had been enough for him to feel Miaomiao's soft hands. Jiang Fei may be able to put up a straight face when he was handling others, but when it came to girls, he had zero experience.

    He had been an invisible man since birth, all the way to high school. He had never once spoken to a girl, and he could not care less about them. That was why that slap had been enough to send him steaming red across the cheeks.

    "Nishishishi..." Miaomiao stuck her tongue. She too had realized that she had gone over the line back there. Still, her cute act of brushing things away as if it had been nothing only made her cuter.

    At that moment, the two of them basked in the euphoria and excitement. Crafting such formidable equipment had just opened up a new avenue to the two of them!

    When he became a Blacksmith, he knew what he was signing up for -- a treacherous path that meant zero to no combat ability. His attribution growth rate would not be pretty, either. He would be useless in a fight! However, due to the ring's mysterious abilities, all his work would possess an extra skill at a 100% rate! No other Crafter could boast of this! They needed hundreds of attempts before they could come up with a premium sample!

    Now, as the sole producer of such fine equipment, he had the full right to take the best of the best and wield them himself! He would be a beefed-up Crafter, hacking his way through dungeons and adventure!

    Truth be told, Jiang Fei was not the only one that had that thought. Many other Profession players shared the same thought. However, their success rate was far too low to be feasible! Out of a hundred equipment, one of them might have a skill, who knows. It might not even have a useful skill! They would have to go through thousands of attempts before they finally win the lottery. That would take a lifetime! That was from the point of a Profession player. Some players believed that money was all they needed to win the game. They were called Whales (1). However, it still came down to luck. Unless they were made of money, they could only sit and continue dreaming about their ideal set!

    "I need Recipes! I need more!"

    That was the only thought in Jiang Fei's head. If he wanted to match the combat power of other classes, he needed to start matching skills. He needed multiple copies of the same extra skill! Having just one Corsair's Breastplate was not going to cut it!

    "Sister Xue! Over here!" cried Miaomiao as Jiang Fei was worrying about the upcoming struggle. Rosette Rose came towards them with a warm smile on her face. When Jiang Fei had first produced the first two Green grade pieces of equipment, Miaomiao had silently contacted Rose.

    Rosette Rose real name was Murong Xueqing. Rosette Miaomiao and Xueqing had known each other for a long time. Their families in the real world were close. Jiang Fei had been right. Every single member of this guild were rich Ojou-sans. Murong Xueqing hailed from a wealthy family, and she was the only child. The Murong family ran Wanlong Industries. That was why she behaved ever so elegantly; very much like a woman of the house!

    "What's wrong, Miaomiao? Did someone bully you?" Miaomiao had sounded frantic in her private message. It was only natural for it was not safe to be alone, not even in the city!

    "Nope! I found a big treasure trove! Nishishishi!" Miaomiao snickered as she jumped towards Jiang Fei and hugged his arms. It was the exact behavior of a little girl hugging a teddy bear; her precious treasure.

    "Haha. Is that right..." said Rose as she patted Miaomiao's head and smiled gently.

    "Heyyyy! I'm not a little kid anymore! Don't do that!" Rosette Miaomiao grunted as she pushed Rose's hand away. She brought Rose to the four newly-crafted equipment. With a big grin on her face, she said, "Look at these! Cutey bro made these! Isn't he great!"

    "These... What..." Rose was stunned. As the leader of the Rosette Knighthood, Rose was a fairly experienced player who knew the game far better than Miaomiao, even though she was only 3 years her senior.

    As a woman who had had the value of economics imbued in her by her materialistic family, she knew all too well how valuable such equipment would be, and how important of an asset Jiang Fei was to the group.

    Based on the %$@& drop rate of the game, and the @#$%& success rate of additional attributes, the items that laid out in front of Rose were almost priceless. Especially that Blue tier one with an active skill. At that point, money was no longer the issue. This was the work of the divine!
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