18 The Overly Attached Girl?

    "Erhm... Guildmaster? What are you doing?" said Jiang Fei nervously. Rosette Rose was beautiful, and that was perhaps an understatement. How would one feel when a girl stood extreme close to you, staring into your eyes as if she was staring into your soul? Some might feel happy, or their hearts might even skip a beat, but Jiang Fei was not one of those people. On the contrary, it was creeping him out!

    "Urgh... My apologies. Perhaps if we could have this conversation in another place?" said Rosette Rose.


    Something was different. Rosette Rose had changed the manner of her speech. The tone of her voice was extremely tender, the same kind of tone one would expect when confessing to their love.

    "What are you going to do to me?" Jiang Fei quickly snapped. He did not mind the tone of her speech, but the sudden change was way too suspicious.

    "It's too rowdy here. Let's have a change of atmosphere!" said Rosette Rose. She immediately grabbed hold onto Jiang Fei's arm and dragged him away.

    At that moment, unbeknownst to Jiang Fei, Rosette Rose was fighting the turmoil in her heart. The contract she had previously given Jiang Fei had been too simple! How could she have known that Jiang Fei would be this capable? Jiang Fei did perform admirably by having a high chance of crafting Ascended equipment, but Rosette Rose still did not plan to use him as a money-making mule. She never had that intention from the start. However, things changed when Jiang Fei drew his trump card; being able to constantly produce equipment with an additional attribute! Money had never been on this guy's mind!

    By then, an epiphany dawned upon her. This was only the third day prior to the server launch. Those who were able to "graduate" from the Beginner's Village in such a short amount of time would either be a member of a guild or professional lone players. However, when professional players chose a Profession class instead of a combat class... what did that mean?

    The man must have either obtained a powerful item or an enigmatic skill to support his perplexing choice of play style! No random pug player (1) would choose the boring life of crafting or gathering over the exciting adventures of the common class!

    Rosette Rose then regretted giving Jiang Fei such a lax contract. She had believed that the money would have been enough to buy his loyalty. She was only in this game to prove something to herself. She was a veteran MMORPG player, but her band of ladies were not. This was all about herself, not the formation of a top-end guild.

    Amongst the members of Rosette Knighthood, Rose most probably had the most experience. The rest of them were just playing it for the fun of it. That was why nothing in her party stood out. As prideful as Rosette Rose was, this had left her slightly disgruntled. Anyhow, she had to hold herself back and remain as a pub gamer if she wanted to keep playing with them. Today, Jiang Fei had reignited the fire in her heart. The fire that could drive her little guild into one of the top-ranking guilds of the game!

    Now, Jiang Fei was her VVIP. She swore that this Verdure Glider would never leave her guild alive. Desperation had momentarily driven her to resort to the cheap "lady lure" tactic.

    The signed contract was now a new source of headache. That contract had been written on the basis of having fun. It was extremely flexible, and the contracted player could just pay a minimal violation fee and be done with the guild. This Verdure Glider might just glide away whenever he liked!

    "Brother Glider, something has been on my mind. You've had a good look at the guild. You're the only man around the sea of girls. See... there are things that us, girls, could never do as well as you could. Are you the man that I think you are? Are you capable of taking up such a responsibility?" Rosette Rose took extra care to layer her voice with a hint of seduction. They were in a quiet hotel room. Jiang Fei had been sandwiched between Rose and Miaomiao with the both of them caressing his arms.

    "Erhm... Guildmaster! I-I-I-I-I-I I cannot accept this! Could we just talk normally?! I-I-I-I-I feel extreme weird right now!" Jiang Fei cried out. Rose was beautiful, there was no doubt about that. But when two world-class beauties were sitting arm-to-arm with him, the only thing that rose were his goosebumps. It was as expected of a virgin.

    "Shishishis... Nishishi..." Miaomiao started off with a snicker. It quickly grew into a ridiculously deafening guffaw.

    "YOU LITTLE BRAT! WHY'D YOU LAUGH!" Rose started to laugh as well. The both of them started to laugh as if Jiang Fei had just pulled off the best stand up comedy in years.

    "Excuses us... Haha. That was a little inappropriate," Rosette Rose quickly tried to return to being as lady-like as possible.

    "Erhm... F-Fine," Jiang Fei stuttered. At first, he actually believed that Rose was going to court him. He felt an immediate relief when Miaomiao and Rose started laughing like possessed hyenas. That embarrassing moment had made Jiang Fei relax for a bit. That maniacal laughing was more heartfelt and sincere than anything else that came from them. Before that, he felt like he was about to be pranked, or worse, blackmailed.

    "I'll be frank. The contract that you signed earlier was a mistake on my part, and I deeply regret it. If it's alright with you, I'd like to offer you a new one," said Rosette Rose bashfully.


    Jiang Fei cocked his head. Although there was a saying that girls changed clothes faster than the flipping of a page, but this was just too fast! It had only been several hours before!

    "Here's the new contract. Please read it thoroughly," said Rose, handing over a new contract. Dragging Jiang Fei all the way to the hotel while crafting a new contract at the same time was no easy feat. That only proved just how capable that girl was.

    "Hmm... This is a little..."

    Jiang Fei read the new contract and did not know what to feel. The previous contract had come as enough of a shock with that ridiculous profit sharing ratio. This revision blew the old one out the window! That ridiculous profit sharing had just gotten even more... Ridiculous!

    The profit sharing remained the same as before, but there was new clause beneath it. Jiang Fei now had the authority to withdraw anything from the guild storage. Moreover, he was now the Vice Guildmaster! Most shockingly, Rosette Rose had handed Jiang Fei 50% of the shares! This was not a contract! It's a partnership! And a pretty clingy one at that, too!

    "Erhm... Miss, are you trying a little too hard? Am I that good of man?" Jiang Fei muttered quietly. For a moment, he felt smug about himself. For the longest time, he had been an invisible man, treated as if he had never existed in the school. However, the girl in front of him, Rose, was different. Unlike others, she was "proposing" to "be with him"!

    "Alright. I see nothing wrong here. I'm in."

    The contract was too good to be true, but he could find no reason to reject her proposal. Jiang Fei had deliberately turned a blind eye to one particular condition, and that was -- Jiang Fei was not allowed to leave Rosette Knighthood by his volition. Who cares about that condition! Everything else was crazy! Only a fool would drop it!
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