24 Clearing the Storage

    Four to five hours later, Jiang Fei was once more all out of materials. In its place was 1,100 White tier equipment and over 420 Green ones! That heightened success rate of crafting equipment as well as the appearance of equipment with bonus attributes was clearly shining!

    Fortunately, the temporary storage system did not have a maximum capacity, or else Jiang Fei would have been in serious trouble! After carefully reviewing all the equipment, Jiang Fei had placed aside the best 100 for the Rosette Knighthood. On the other hand, the best out of the entire batch were placed in the ring's blue slots! The rest of the equipment would most likely be sold off.

    Truth be told, Jiang Fei had little to no knowledge about the mysterious ring. There were still a few pieces of White equipment in the red slot that the ring had yet to consume. Jiang Fei had even thrown in a few Greens. Even so, the ring had not taken anything in. It was as if the ring had stopped leveling up after reaching Level 3. Even though Jiang Fei did not fully understand the ring, he suspected that there were some conditions to fulfill. Conditions that he did not yet know.

    "Wow! Cutey bro has made another hundred Greens!" said Rosette Miaomiao, as Jiang Fei was depositing the Green equipment into Rosette Knighthood's storage. She had appeared out of nowhere and had clung onto Jiang Fei like a young little sister.

    "Are you really that bored, Miaomiao? Why aren't you training together with the other members?"

    "Hey! I did! I'm already Level 15! Nishishishi!" said Miaomiao, puffing her chest out in pride. Even though reaching Level 15 was an achievement to some, it was ato snail's pace for elites. Miaomiao was a Priest. This meant that she could afford falling behind on a few levels.

    "What are you doing here, then?" said Jiang Fei, slightly annoyed.

    "I'm here to restock potions for Sister Xue! Cute brother, this game is soooo hard! The monsters are toooo strong. It takes so much money, with all the damage taken and the healing potions. Someone has to return to the city and restock the potions for the party, and I'm the girl this time!" Miaomiao complained.

    If only she knew just how lucky she and the other princesses of the guild were. Potions were the most expensive method when it came to spam training! That was one of the reasons why whales could gain levels faster than free-to-play players. Perhaps, not even the top four guilds would be willing to spend real money just for the sake of faster leveling!

    "Tsk! What are you still doing here then? Go! Stop bothering me! Be quick about it, or the Guildmaster will slap that butt!" said Jiang Fei, laughing.

    "Bleh! Sister Xue would never be that violent!" Rosette Miaomiao blew raspberries at Jiang Fei and quickly left for the potion shop.

    After she left, Jiang Fei deposited one hundred Greens. He found that the previous batch of Green equipment were all gone. The current batch would most likely be snatched away just as quickly. Most importantly, all Heavy Armor classes would be fully equipped. With Jiang Fei constantly supplying and upgrading the guild's armory, Rosette Knighthood would soon be the best-equipped guild in the entire game! His efforts would undoubtedly boost their leveling rate too.

    What remained in his inventory was over a thousand White equipment and 300 Green equipment. The only way to deal with them was to sell them away, especially now that he had a good source of income! The four guilds!

    "Large quantities of equipment for sale! Please come to XXX,XXX if you wish to purchase them."

    Jiang Fei had copy-pasted the same message to all four big figures.

    "I will be right there." In less than a minute, all four of them had replied. They now knew that Jiang Fei's "large quantities," had to equate to several hundred, at the very least.

    By the time Jiang Fei got to his coordinates, the four players were already waiting for him. Fortunately for Jiang Fei, there was more than one Blacksmith's Workshop in the city. Jiang Fei had chosen a particularly remote location to prevent players from attacking him.

    "Hoho! Brother, it would seem that your little Workshop is quite the productive one!" Southern Azuresword spoke up as Jiang Fei approached.

    "Hoho. It's only normal for us to produce this much. There's still plenty more to go," said Jiang Fei.

    "Little brother! Didn't I tell you to contact only me if you wanted to sell equipment? Why did you contact the rest of these buggers?" said Lady Casanova as she approached Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei could have sworn that she had eclipsed the sunlight that shone upon him.

    "Sister Casanova. You shouldn't get too greedy, hogging away all the nice equipment for yourself," said Happy Drunk, as elegant and calm as always. Jiang Fei was shocked, but he hid his expression well when he saw Happy Drunk's Level. In just one day, the man had surpassed Lady Casanova's Level and had reached Level 19!

    "Yeah! Remember to share!" Daemon's Grimace joined the fray and started complaining.

    Jiang Fei glanced outside the Blacksmith's Workshop and saw a large number of player gathering. It was evident that those four big shots had brought in their members as a show of their power.

    "Enough chit chat. This current sale is meant for clear the Workshop's storage. We would not be selling any equipment for the time being. Right now, there's a total of 1,100 White tier equipment and 320 Green equipment. The prices remain the same as yesterday," said Jiang Fei with a stoic expression.

    "Good man," said Southern Azuresword. Even though all four of them knew that Jiang Fei had mentioned "large amounts," they would have never guessed the number would actually exceed three digits! Since Jiang Fei was clearing an entire guild's "storage," that amount made some sense.

    "Brother, what is the name of your Workshop? Does it belong to any guilds?" asked Daemon's Grimace. To have such a productive Workshop would mean that its parent guild was bound to would be extremely powerful. If they were not attached to anyone but themselves, it was the perfect opportunity to reel him in.

    "Hoho. Business first. That conversation could wait. When the time is right, we shall reveal ourselves." Jiang Fei turned, trying to hide the fact that there was no such thing as a Workshop, to begin with!

    "Alright. Let's get on with business," said Southern Azuresword.

    "Lady Casanova, perhaps we could have more equipment this time? Each of us shall have 200 White equipment while you could take 300. As for the Green equipment, each of us shall have 70, and the remaining 110 would be yours. How's that?" said Happy Drunk.

    "That's alright with me." Lady Casanova nodded. Even though the numbers were not as high as the previous transaction, it was fine. As a matter of fact, the four of them were in the same city. It would be unwise for either one of them to grow too powerful and monopolize everything.

    "How about you guys?" Happy Drunk turned to Daemon's Grimace and Southern Azuresword.

    "That shouldn't be a problem!" Lady Casanova answered on their behalves.

    The transaction was quickly made, and Jiang Fei walked away with 430 gold coins in hand.

    The fact that the four guilds, as well as Rosette Knighthood, treated gold coins like the paper currency in a game of Monopoly notwithstanding, the 430 gold coins in Jiang Fei's pocket right then was worth at least four thousand RMB in the black market!

    Even though Jiang Fei did craft some equipment, it was nothing but scrap for the four big guilds. Arkosios Sanctuary alone should have over 10,000 players, and they were the smallest amongst the four! A few hundred articles of equipment was nothing but a spoonful of water for a thousand soldiers. They were only buying this equipment for their elite forces! Not even the core members of their guild would be able to live under the shadow of such equipment!
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