31 Challenging the Elite mode


    Rosette Rose had initially intended to tease Jiang Fei and smother him with her girls. But her eyes lit up when she heard Jiang Fei mention "First Party to Clear Elite mode." She was highly competitive and ambitious. The opportunity had yet to present itself to her. Therefore, she could only run about with her girls like a pack of wild animals. Now, here was her chance to earn a name for her Rosette Knighthood. How could she possibly let such golden opportunity slip through!

    Nine elites were chosen from among the 40 odd girls. The remaining divided themselves into five teams of five-member-parties to challenge the dungeon in Normal mode! Within ten minutes, they had hurriedly filed into their new places.

    The Rosette Knighthood girls only had average gaming skills. But thanks to Jiang Fei, these girls were well-equipped, especially those who were able to equip Heavy Armor. Therefore, Rosette Knighthood had more than an ample supply of tanks. They were thus able to concurrently form multiple parties for the dungeon!

    While some parties were complete and at the ready, about half a dozen girls had to be stuck outside the entrance, training. At that moment, they were unable to enter the dungeon due to the mismatch of classes. All was still good, for they could easily switch positions with the ones within the dungeon anytime the need arose!

    After Rosette Rose turned her adult lady mode on, she distributed her members in good order. She certainly had the potential to be one of those premium Guildmasters!

    Soon after, Jiang Fei found himself in a solid ten-member-party. Obviously, he was their main tank. But there were up to four other Heavy Armor class girls ready to share the load. Once again, thanks to Jiang Fei, the Heavily Armored girls within the Knighthood most probably had the highest attributes and raw statuses! When it came to a First time attempt on an Elite dungeon, every little bit mattered!

    This party comprised of Rosette Rose the Knight, Rosette Miaomiao and Rosette Peach the two Priests, Rosette Fox and Rosette Narcissus the two Magicians, Rosette Dragoness and Rosette Dazzledance the two Warriors, Rosette Phantom the Bandit, and Rosette Bubbles the Hunter.

    "Brother Glider, since you've already been through this once, take the lead. We'll be right behind you!"

    After the party was formed, Rosette Rose transferred the party leadership to Jiang Fei.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei quickly took up the offer. After all, as the party leader, he had the right to mark the monsters himself. It gave him the finesse and fine control over the battle!

    "Ding! You're entering the dungeon, "Deep in the Night Forest." Please select the difficulty!"

    "Elite mode!" answered Jiang Fei in sonorous.

    "Swish!" After a white light enveloped them, Jiang Fei and the others found themselves standing on dungeon soil.

    In Normal mode, a miniature safe zone could be found at the entrance of the dungeon. It gave players the sanctuary to make ample preparations for their adventure. Close to the entrance, doorkeeper NPCs actually stood watch over the players!

    This time, Jiang Fei was in for a big surprise. Deep within his heart, he considered himself lucky for not being arrogant enough to challenge the Elite mode solo. It would not have ended well for him!

    Instead of doorkeepers, two Demonized Tigermen were there to welcome them. They may just be Demonized Tigermen, but in Elite mode, they were freaking bosses!

    Demonized Tigerman (Humanoid, Elite)

    Level: 17

    Health Points: 2,000

    Attack Power: 152

    Remarks: Demonized ferocious tiger, immense offensive capabilities. Medium threat level.

    They were mere grunts, but their basic attributes had already exceeded that of the Normal Mode's first boss! What the heck would an Elite mode boss be like?!

    "F*ck me! No wonder it's called the Elite mode! Even the mobs are Elites!" Jiang Fei murmured to himself.

    "Wowo! So, this is the dungeon!"

    "Oooo, Elite mobs!"

    "Uh huh! That's insane!"

    The girls immediately started chirping like curious birds.

    "Shut it, all of you!"

    Before Jiang Fei could open his mouth, Rosette Rose got them snapping back into attention. After all, this was serious. They could possibly be the "first party to clear the dungeon in Elite Mode." Girls were girls, but Rosette Rose could not possibly allow these girls to waste time with chatter!

    "Okay!" the girls answered in unison.

    Rosette Rose stood atop quite the pedestal within the hearts of these girls. One line was enough to silence them.

    "Brother Glider, take the girls and get a formation up! We must fight for the first place!" said Rosette Rose, bunching her little fists up together. Right now, her eyes were sparkling -- filled with the desire to earn the honor of being the first party to clear the dungeon!


    Her thoughts coincided with Jiang Fei's. He was most certainly not in the mood to waste any time. Thus, he immediately dashed towards the two door-keepers. At the same time, he said, "Everyone, try to keep up. Healers, pay attention to my Health Points. Attack whichever mob I mark!"

    Jiang Fei had no AoE skills. He was afraid that the girls would mess up and gain the monster's full attention instead. Therefore, he first marked a Tigerman. He did not dare start off with a Charge, lest the girls fail to keep up!


    At least the sight of his face had triggered the aggro quite nicely. Within the first few steps, the two Tigermen took note of his existence, who swiftly swooped over!

    Iron Fist!


    Blazing Hammer!


    Jiang Fei landed two merciless blows on his marked target. Due to the recent growth spurt of his Health Points, his Blazing Hammer now hurt, a lot more!


    -10 (Lifesteal)

    -10 (Laceration, 1 stack)

    After those first two skills, Jiang Fei swiveled around and landed a normal attack on the other monster, gaining his aggro as well. Since Jiang Fei now had the Might of the Tiger necklace around his neck, his attack value had finally exceeded 100. 105 attack was not exactly high, but it was nowhere as weak as before!



    The two Tigermen answered with their own. Had Jiang Fei not entered without forming a party, he might not have been able to stand against them, even with the aid of potions.

    "Focus your attack on the one I've marked!"

    Jiang Fei had deducted one-sixth of the Tigerman's Health Points after his first cycle of attacks. But he was not alone. The girls have quickly caught up!

    Although all of Jiang Fei's skills were on cooldown, the girls behind quickly ensured that the two monsters were no longer a threat! Not only was there strength in numbers, but the girls' were significantly higher leveled. Rosette Rose was already Level 19. The other girls were between Levels 16 and 17. Besides, they were able to equip actual, offensive weapons. Even a Magician with a full set of White grade equipment would have a higher normal attack attribute than Jiang Fei!

    "Wow! Look at all this linen!" shouted Rosette Miaomiao. The regular quality items were quickly snatched away as members took turns looting. The overall drop rate of the entire dungeon had increased, due to Jiang Fei's existence!

    "Indeed! Every mob gives so many EXP. No wonder Cutie bro leveled up like a hurricane!" said Rosette Peach, surprised. Although it was a 10-man party, the monsters were all Elites. Evenly divided, each person still earned more than 1,000 Experience Points!

    "That's right! That's right!" The girls in the party had not yet quite gotten over their shock, not like they had the time to. Jiang Fei had only been Level 10 when he came online today, and in the blink of an eye, he had attained Level 15. Now, the mystery was solved!
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