32 Advanced Elite!

    As the crowds of monsters thickened with each passing wave, Jiang Fei's Health Points found themselves at a critical point with growing frequency. Thanks to the two Cleric girls, he did not pay it much mind.

    "Two more waves, and we'll be encountering the first BOSS!" said Jiang Fei spiritedly. His experience bar was already half full again. The Elite Mode was a treasure trove of experience points!

    "Ah, I wanted this to last a little longer!" said Rosette Rose, slightly disgruntled. The experience points flow was truly addictive. There was no better place to grind. Unfortunately, she had heard from Jiang Fei that each difficulty level of the dungeon could only be cleared once per day. If not, everyone would be camping day and night in dungeons!

    Soon after Jiang Fei and the others cleared those two waves, they stood before the first boss, whispering amongst themselves.

    Zaire, the Ferocious Tiger (Humanoid, Advanced Elite)

    Level: 19

    Health Points: 5,000

    Attack Power: 275

    Skill: Heavy Hit, Bite, Swipe, Frenzy, Blitz Assault

    Remark: Advanced Elite is the classification for a significantly powerful threat, with attack power that is worthy of the name. High threat level!

    Zaire the Ferocious Tiger of the Elite Mode dungeon was way stronger than the boss in the Normal Mode. Not only had its stats been multiplied twofold, it even had two additional skills to boot!

    "Everyone, get to full Health Points. Don't panic when I start the fight. Do as I say, and everything will be fine!" Jiang Fei warned.

    "Don't worry, Brother Glider. These girls in the party have been handpicked by myself. They've been through multiple games with me. They may not be pros, but dungeons are their home ground!" Rosa Rose nodded.

    "Alright, I'm going on!" Jiang Fei saw that everyone was ready. With the Blacksmith Hammer in his hand, his feet exploded off the ground!



    The boss may be an Advanced Elite, but it was just the first boss. It was not immune to staggers and interruptions like a real boss. Jiang Fei's collision had immediately sent it into a stun cycle!

    Iron Fist!


    Blazing Hammer!

    -624! (Critical Hit)

    "Just... Fire at will!" Jiang Fei had initially intended to take a few more seconds to stabilize the aggro. He had not expected the Blazing Hammer to land a critical blow. In that case, go for it, ladies! Just, beat the boss to death already!

    "Okay!" Rosa Rose took the lead. The melee attackers surrounded the boss and got to work!

    "Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz..." The long-ranged Sorceresses and Hunter classes released their volleys. Their magic spells and arrows flew at Zaire the Ferocious Tiger with a generosity that could rival that of nature and its oxygen!

    The boss had an immense 5,000 Health Points. All party members within the team were attackers, except for him and the two Clerics. The Warriors and Knights had no accessible slots for shields at their current Level. Even if they wanted to, they could not yet pick up a Defense-oriented role. They had no such plans for their characters, either. Thus, they poured all their ability points into Strength. The party seemed to be filled with Heavy Armors, but all of them were attackers. The boss quickly lost his Health Points!



    -347! (Heavy Hit)

    -174 (Bite)

    -30 (Bleeding)

    Two seconds later, the boss regained consciousness. Its ferocious reciprocation took the cat out of Jiang Fei's tongue. He had 300 Defense points, and 5% Physical Damage Reduction on top of that. Even so, he definitely felt that one. If a Warrior tank had been in his position, he would most probably already be waiting for the reload screen to his respawn point!



    There were two Clerics, but even they were struggling to keep up with the boss's damage output. The Ferocious Tiger boss was not slow and clumsy like the upcoming Bear boss! It was a big, fast, angry cat!

    "Miaomiao, use Great Heal. Peach, use Lesser Heal. Try to stabilize his Health Points!" Not long after, Jiang Fei's Health Points dropped to below 50%. Jiang Fei was fading fast. His conventional methods were not going to cut it!

    "Okay!" the two Clerics replied. They started switching tactics. Jiang Fei's Health Points was no longer in the red!

    "Everyone, stop! Miaomiao and Peach, I need both of you to use Greater Heal and get me back to full Health Points!" Jiang Fei saw the boss' Health Points was quickly approaching the 50% mark. The Great Bash was coming!

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei was the only person with actual experience with this dungeon. The girls asked no questions and did their best to comply.

    "Healers, stop!" Jiang Fei's Health Points were back to full. With one Blazing Hammer, he knocked the boss' Health Points below 50%!

    "Roar!" As expected, the boss swung its tail and launched Swipe. Jiang Fei was sent flying. At the same time, the boss' aggro table was reset!


    By then, everyone had stopped attacking. By default, the boss was going to go for Rosa Phantom, who was now standing closest to it. That was when Jiang Fei's bleeding effect started biting into the boss!

    "Ow!" The boss registered the damage and spun towards Jiang Fei. You don't have to come to me, I'll go to you!

    "I'm all on cooldown! I'll need time to stabilize the aggro. Everyone but Clerics would have to stand back!" Jiang Fei managed to squeeze those words out between the exchange of blows.

    "This time, Peach, Greater Heal, Miaomiao, Lesser Heal, just keep those Health Points stable!" Rosa Miaomiao had been spamming Greater Heal just now. Even with her Mana Potions, she was quickly running dry. That was why Jiang Fei had ordered the switch.

    Blazing Hammer!


    "Alright, go for it, ladies!"

    After accumulating his aggro, Jiang Fei gave them the all-green!


    The boss' Health Points was fast approaching the 30% mark. With a roar, its entire body glowed red. Frenzy mode!



    A frenzied state meant frenzied attacks!

    "Both Clerics, Greater Heal. Just, spam your Mana Potions!" As Jiang Fei was giving orders, he drank a Health Potion as well!

    The next frontier, the 10% mark began showing up. Jiang Fei did not forget to warn the girls!

    "The boss is going to unleash its ultimate. Just stay calm. Clerics, heal yourself. Everyone else would have to pile up on it. Try to stay afloat with your own Health Potions!"

    "Ow!" With a roar, the boss let loose with Blitz Assault!

    This was an Elite version of the Blitz Assault! Compared to the original twelve hits, this was twenty hits! Moreover, its attack had drastically increased. Each time those claws swept through Jiang Fei's body 400 points rose up in the air. The damage on Cloth Armored girls was almost multiplied. They were close to the 800 range!

    Fortunately, Jiang Fei had given an early warning. The boss had vanished from sight and everyone's Health Points were beginning to drop like crazy, but nobody was losing composure yet. The two weakest Clerics were fully occupied with their own Health Bars. Sorceresses Rosa Fox and Rosa Narcissus only took one hit each. Although they were in danger, they were not yet dead.
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