33 Dividing The Spoils

    It may be Jiang Fei's high Luck going around the party, or it may be the boss' gentlemanly nature of not hitting a girl. Regardless, when the boss' Ultimate ended, all ten party members were still left standing, no worse for the wear!

    In the process, Jiang Fei alone had eaten six out of the twenty hits. The Heavy Armor users had taken two to three hits each. The girls in Cloth and Leather Armor had taken a hit each. That was how everyone had gotten away with their lives!

    The boss was a cheat, that was the naked truth. If a Cloth Armor players took too many hits, she would have to nail it down to tough luck. There was just no way of surviving it. At their current Level, Priests were unable to put up shields. Knights were unable to grant others invincibility. Magicians had no skills to keep themselves alive. In short, they were sitting ducks for the boss to skewer!

    Regardless, the entire party got through the boss' Ultimate. Zaire was all spent. It was still capable of packing a punch, but it no longer had the Health to last long enough for that power to come into effect. Down it went!

    "Ding! You have killed Zaire the Ferocious Tiger. Obtained 12,500 Experience Points!"

    Just one boss, and everyone had received an average of more than 10,000 Experience Points. It was mind blowing. The girls who were almost going to Level up suddenly flashed gold. Now, nobody in the party was below Level 17, except for Jiang Fei!

    "Huh? Where's the loot?!"

    Rosette Rose poked at the corpse. It was still coins and Linens. It was far more than usual, but the Guildmaster was still very disappointed.

    Jiang Fei grinned.

    "A treasure chest would be spawned at the end. You'd find the rewards in that chest!"

    "Owh! That's more like it!"

    Rosette Rose nodded, her mood significantly brighter.

    As expected, the boss' corpse was quickly replaced by a silver treasure chest!

    "Brother Glider, you have golden Luck. Do the honors!" said Rosette Rose to Jiang Fei, as he had told her about how he had ramped up his Luck attribute through a hidden quest.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei went on ahead. He strode towards the treasure chest!

    "Cutie, you must get me some equipment!" Rosette Miaomiao shouted at his back.

    "Recipe! Recipe! Recipe!" Jiang Fei could care less about those clingy girls. He kept on chanting the Recipe mantra!

    "Swish!" A flash of blue light later, Jiang Fei was once again disappointed. There were no Recipes!

    Tiger's Fang (Main Hand: Dagger, Excellent)

    Attack +70

    Agility: +5

    Accuracy: +5

    Equipped: Increases your attack by 5%!

    Level requirement: Level 15

    Aquamoon Magician Robe (Cloth Armor: Upper Body, Excellent)

    Physical Defense +25

    Magical Defense +20

    Intelligence: +5

    Vitality: +5

    Equipped: Grants you an active skill ------ Aquashield. Summons a magic shield. Absorbs 500 damage. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown duration: 5 minutes!

    Level Requirement: 15

    After all, the Elite Mode was a 10-men dungeon. That would be twice the drops. Two pieces of Blue tier equipment popped out. They were both of the Ascended variety, with three additional attributes. This was justified by the first kill bonus and Jiang Fei's high Luck!

    "Cutie, hurry and give me the dagger already!" Unknowingly, Rosette Phantom had already ran up to Jiang Fei's back. When she spoke, her fragrance flowed over the back of Jiang Fei's neck. It was akin to a warm breath of wind, but Jiang Fei was still taken aback!

    "What the hell! Seriously, miss, why can't you make some noise when moving? You'll give me a heart attack!"

    Rosette Phantom had not spoken much. She had never joined in whenever the girls teased Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei had thought that she was one of those rare introverts. He had never expected her lady to be filled with dirty tricks too!

    "Ohhh, just hurry up and give it to me. If not, I'll climb up the window of your house and frighten you to death!"

    Rosette Phantom stretched her slender white hands out, groping for Jiang Fei.

    "Here it is! Here it is! You terrify me!"

    No one else within the party needed this dagger anyway. Jiang Fei hurriedly sent her away with the dagger.

    "Handsome, who do you think this Magician Robe belongs to?" teased Rosette Fox, ogling at Jiang Fei.


    It was Jiang Fei's turn to have a headache. The dagger just now was an easy call. Rosette Phantom was the only one who needed it. Now, there were four girls standing before him. Two Magicians and two Priests, all staring at him anxiously!

    Jiang Fei was a Blacksmith. Therefore, even if a Mail-type equipment dropped from the boss, the Heavily Armor users would not be as anxious. Jiang Fei had already produced a generous amount of Ascended equipment. They were pleased enough with their gear. The girls with Cloth Armor were not as fortunate. The four of them only had three Level 10 White tier equipment between them. The rest were all equipment received from the quest rewards of the Beginner's Village. Therefore, the sight of a Level 15 Blue tier equipment was enough to turn them into raving lunatics!

    "Guildmaster, what say you?"

    Jiang Fei was not stupid. He could not make this decision. No matter how he went on with this, he would make himself an enemy out of three girls!

    "How would I know?" Rosette Rose huffed and turned away. You do not want to make an enemy out of anyone, well so do I.

    "Forget it! I'm not making this decision. Settle it yourselves!"

    After all, the girls within the Knighthood knew each other better. This could not be their first time experiencing such a scenario!

    "Okay! Rock, paper, scissors!" Rosette Miaomiao was the first to agree. Looking at how she had already dug her feet in the dirt, she seemed more interested in the game than the equipment!

    After a few rounds, the results were out. Rosette Narcissus had defeated the rest of the Cloth Armor girls and won the Blue grade Magician Robe!

    "This is unfair! Narcissus is a freak. All these years, she has never once lost this game!" Rosette Fox took him aside and whispered.

    "That's right! That's right!" Rosette Peach nodded frantically.

    "Hee hee! Stop being sore losers. Cutie bro, hand it over! These Beginner's Village rewards are just hideous!"

    Rosette Narcissus rolled her eyes at the two of them. She excitedly donned the newly acquired Aquamoon Magician Robe!

    "Wow! Sister Narcissus, you're so beautiful!" Rosette Miaomiao cooed.

    The Aquamoon Magician Robe was quite the looker. It was like an Aqua Blue, Han-style robe that 'really' accentuate the curves on the top front portion. It truly brought out Rosette Narcissus's voluptuous figure. Rosette Fox, still stuck in her White grade sorceress robe was filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred all at the same time. Her eyes were on fire.

    Rosette Fox was not alone in her rage. The moment such beautiful clothing appeared, the eyes of the Heavily Armor users also started smothering!

    "Alright! Dungeon first. That might just be the first of many!"

    Unlike the other girls, Rosette Rose had recovered relatively swiftly, although she too had momentarily glanced at the sorceress robe in envy. In her eyes, the honor of clearing the dungeon as the first party was just as important!

    By the time Jiang Fei and the others had taken down the first boss of the Elite Mode, other players have finally found the entrance of the dungeon. Within 5 minutes, word of mouth had ensured that the location of the dungeon, "Deep in the Night Forest" was now public knowledge within the entirety of Dawnlight City!
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