34 The Importance of a Powerful Tank

    "Get the main guild members in parties and make sure that they have competent leaders! We're going for the dungeon ASAP! There's no time. We're heading directly for the Elite Mode. Leave Normal Mode to the low-rankers!" Among the big guilds, Southern Azuresword was the first Guildmaster to catch wind of its location.

    Of course, it was always better to start slow, but the Normal Mode had already been cleared by a solo player. It could not possibly be all that difficult. It was time to earn the glory of clearing the dungeon in Elite Mode. That was why he got his men to head straight for the top!

    After all, such achievements were usually announced city-wide. This was basically free advertisement. The early stages of the game would be the perfect time for all the big guilds to develop and grow. It was the perfect time for recruitment!

    "Interesting. Get my fourth and fifth brother over. Let's go have some fun!" Happy Drunk grinned to himself. The Elite Mode it is!

    "These are the coordinates? About time! Mobilize everyone! Tell them to stock up on potions. This will not be an easy First Kill!" Daemon's Grimace's husky voice boomed through the trees.

    "We have our coordinates now, so why are you all still standing here? Move out!" Lady Casanova lifted her mace and placed it on a shoulder. She made a decisive turn and started heading for the dungeon.


    "Oh! You guys are early!" When Lady Casanova arrived at the dungeon entrance, the other three big guilds were already gathered there. At their forefront were their core members and their fully decked out gear. Hundreds already stood by the entrance!

    "What's up, Miss Casanova? Nice to meet you too?" Happy Drunk had always been soft-spoken and polite.

    "Save me the frill and ribbon talk! If you're not already entering it yourself, then get out of the way!"

    Lady Casanova swung her almost two-meter-long mace single-handedly with a menacing woosh. Several players involuntarily stepped back.

    "If that's how you want to do it, let's play fair. May the best guild win!"

    Happy Drunk smiled.


    Southern Azuresword nodded. He had no qualms about that approach. He gave a pointed look at Lady Casanova.

    After all, "Magithieves" was the strongest guild around. If they intended to hog the dungeon to themselves, they could do it. A fierce war would undoubtedly break out!

    "Why are you looking at me? I'm a pacifist!" Lady Casanova glared back.

    "Heh heh, so, you're a pacifist. But how about that guy behind you? Master Billy, since you're here, why not show yourself!" Daemon's Grimace had very keen eyes. Behind Lady Casanova's huge frame was the target of his latest dig!

    "Hahahaha... Old Demon, still quite the sharp knife!"

    At that moment, a human player stepped out. He seemed to be in his thirties. He had to be a Warrior or Knight.

    "Master Billy, what do you say?" asked Happy Drunk, his eyes narrowing. No one would be free of an impending headache upon the sight of Billy Boy. This guy was a professional PvP Guildmaster. He enjoyed killing people for pleasure. Whenever there was a big skirmish, he would be in the thick of things. The PvP system within "Dawn Break" was almost devoid of rules and regulations. This guy might just stir up the game's first major guild war this early in the game!

    "Me? I'm not interested. Talk to my wife when comes to dungeon stuff!" Billy Boy shrugged.

    "F*ck you. Of course you're not interested in Dungeons. We all know that, just as well as we know how you'll start swinging at us like we're monsters in the dungeon!" The three Guildmasters most definitely had thoughts along these lines, but none dared verbally provoke this lunatic!

    "That's enough. None of these pussies are going in, so get lost already. We're going in, and with you here, we shan't be expecting company!" Lady Casanova grabbed Billy Boy by his collar and dragged him along. A hundred and eighty something man was nothing to a two and a half meter tall shrew cow!

    "I'm leaving! You boys play nice!" Billy Boy shrugged. Fighting was in his blood, but this was the best time to race for levels and strengthen his guild. He did not want his past time to affect the guild's growth!


    When Billy Boy disappeared through the entrance, only did everyone else breathe a sigh of relief. That guy was one loose cannon.

    "Alright. Gauge your individual capabilities and determine your places. Don't even think of causing trouble with the other guilds while we're inside," said Southern Azuresword.

    "No problem! Let's go!" The others nodded. Now that they've got the fair play agreement down, they could breathe easy!

    It resulted in a total of almost 20 10-men parties entering the Elite Mode dungeon at the same time. The other players and members of the small guilds had also started organizing parties to challenge the Normal Mode dungeon. More confident guilds even attempted the Elite Mode. It was not like they wanted the First Kill. They were only asking for equipment and Experience Points!

    Fifteen minutes later, Southern Azuresword appeared at the dungeon entrance. At the 16th minute, Daemon's Grimace also came plodding from the graveyard along with his people. They had all been wiped out!

    "Yo! What an early elimination!"

    He was in a pot-kettle situation, but could not resist throwing a jab at Southern Azuresword.

    "As if you've not been eliminated yourself!" Southern Azuresword rolled his eyes.

    "Either get going already, or get the f*ck out of my way!"

    As the two of them continued poking fun at each other, Lady Casanova appeared behind them!

    "What the f*ck! You guys have been eliminated as well?!" asked Southern Azuresword, his eyes the size of shields.

    "Go to hell! You're allowed to be eliminated, but I'm not?" Lady Casanova roared menacingly.

    "Fellas, We meet again, what a coincidence!"

    This time, Happy Drunk showed up, his party members defeatedly dragging their soles along.

    "Yo! Old Brother, you seemed to have lasted the longest. Where did you guys reach?" Daemon's Grimace asked.

    "The seventh wave!" Happy Drunk shrugged and told them the truth. There was nothing to gain from omitting anything out.

    "You guys got caught at the seventh wave as well? Lady Casanova asked, dubious.

    "Yeah! This dungeon is broken. Five Elite monsters at the sixth wave were fine. But f*cking hell, ten of them turned up in the seventh wave and turned our main tank to mush!" Southern Azuresword lamented.

    "Haha..." The others smiled with embarrassment. It was clear as day. They had all been eliminated in the exact same manner!

    "Cut the bullsh*t. Go in tank-biased!"

    The four of them looked at each other. They had no choice. Their tank was nowhere near as tough as Jiang Fei. Their only option was to throw more tanks in to share the damage!

    Party configurations were adjusted. The four of them rallied their best players and went in again. The other 10-men parties were all disbanded entirely. They changed into Five-men parties and went for the Normal Mode dungeon.

    Even the main tanks of the elite guilds had failed to hold up. What did that mean for regular tanks?

    Tanks made up the soul of a party. He was their footstone. The durability of a tank determined the success or failure of a challenge. Gaming skills, reaction time, and micro controls, the girls within the Rosette Knighthood, not even Rosette Rose could not be compared to the elites of the four big guilds. It was thanks to Jiang Fei's ridiculous durability that gave them such a smooth sail. This was how this noisy, disorganized band of girls had been able to take down the first boss of the Elite Mode dungeon. On the other hand, the big four had been wiped out before they could even look into the nostrils of the first boss!
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