36 Fighting the Demonic Bear


    The Bearman boss saw the little man heading towards him and roared in welcome. It swung its massive pair of paws about before bounding towards Jiang Fei!

    Iron Fist!


    Just as Jiang Fei mustered up a blow of his own, the boss had promptly replied!

    "Bang!" A massive bear paw slammed into Jiang Fei's body!


    "Holy **! F*ck me! That was a normal attack -- and it felt like the Tigerman boss' offensive skill!"

    Jiang Fei almost jumped out of his skin. This Bearman struck like a Mack Truck!



    Fortunately, the two Priests had just caught up to him. They immediately started healing him up.

    Blazing Hammer!


    Jiang Fei's Blacksmith Hammer crunched into the boss' flesh. The gang of girls had finally caught up and formed up behind him. Blades, magic, and arrows plonked off its head, one after another!

    Jiang Fei could sense a significant drop in the party's total damage output. This large, black mass of fur was most certainly tougher than the Tigermen's boss.


    The Bearman delivered a particularly ruthless bash, forcing Jiang Fei a half-step back!


    "F*cking hell! This guy is tough"

    Jiang Fei hurriedly chugged a potion down his throat. The two Priests would start falling back at this rate!

    Slowly but surely, they whittled down the boss' Health Points. It was closing upon the 80% mark!

    "Roar!" The Bearmen's boss suddenly stopped attacking. It flung its head up to the sky and let out an earth-shattering roar!

    "Swish! Swish!" Two white flashes of light momentarily blinded them. Two Elite Bearmen were summoned!

    "Guildmaster, I need you and Dazzledance to keep those guys busy!" Jiang Fei shouted!


    Rosette Rose and Rosette Dazzledance knew what to do; Jiang Fei had told them everything in advance.

    Those two minions were not yet even done with their spawn animations. They were just standing up, as Rosette Dazzledance pounced on the opportunity. With a Charge, followed by a Taunt, she gave them a rude welcome.



    The two Elite Bearmen were no slouches either. Although they lumbered and floundered about with relative slowness, they still packed quite the punch!

    "Brother Glider! I won't last long!"

    Rosette Rose was not a specialized healer. Her Health Points were quickly dropping!

    "Dazzledance, drink your potions! Everyone, focus fire on the two monsters!" Jiang Fei had expected just as much.

    Altogether, the girls spun around and saved Rosette Dazzledance from certain death. They may hit hard, but they did not take punishment just as well. Within 10 seconds, one of them was buried under a slew of attacks from half a dozen girls. Moreover, they only struck once per three seconds. Rosette Dazzeldance had barely gotten away, but nevertheless, she had lived!

    "Guildmaster, get Dazzledance back to full health. The rest of you, pile up on the boss!"

    Jiang Fei swallowed the knot in his throat. They had just barely managed through the first obstacle, the 80% mark!

    At 60%, the boss summoned more Bearmen, but the party was far better prepared. They fell down far sooner than before!

    "Melee attackers, get out of the way!" At 50%, Jiang Fei shouted a warning.

    "Roar!" Right after the melee attackers got out of the way, the boss let loose. With a furious roar, Jiang Fei's attack power was reduced by 80%. His normal attacks came nowhere close to piercing through the boss' Defense!

    "Alright, all clear, get back in!" Jiang Fei breathed a sigh of relief. It was fine for the tank to lose attacking power. But losing power from one of the main damage outputs would have been devastating. They might not even be able to handle the upcoming summoned minions! If they failed to save Rosette Dazzledance, the Priests would be taken out, and soon after that, a full team wipeout!

    As expected, at 40% Health Points, the boss summoned more minions. Thanks to Jiang Fei's early warning, the melee attacking girls had remained unaffected by the boss' Roar. Their attack power had not been compromised. The minions quickly fell to their full, unabridged power.

    "Roar!" At 30%, the Bearman rose up on its hindquarters!

    "Wah! Spread out! Quickly now!"

    Try as his best, the warning was still too late!

    "Bang!" The boss threw itself on the ground. A shockwave rushed out to the surroundings!






    All five melee attackers were struck by the boss' War Stomp!

    As the boss in the Normal Mode had never demonstrated this skill, not even Jiang Fei could have seen this coming. This was where he lost his edge. The party could only take it like any other first-time party. Take whatever skill that is thrown at you!

    "Ding! Your party member, Rosette Phantom has fallen in battle!"

    The five melee attackers were Jiang Fei and the four Heavy Armored party members. Even the Strength and Agility-based Warrior, Rosette Dragoness had more than 1,700 Health Points. The blow had almost taken her out, but she was still standing. Rosette Phantom the Bandit had not been as fortunate. She only had 1,300 Health Points and was taken out on the spot!

    "Healers, I still need your help! The others would have to depend on their potions! Guildmaster, heal Dazzledance up!" Jiang Fei shouted between the gulps of a red potion. It had been a merciless blow, but the bulk of the party's attack power still remained. They still had the fighting chance!

    "Prioritize survival first! Don't be in such a hurry to get it down to 20%!" reminded Jiang Fei. If they triggered the boss' ultimate at that moment, it would be certain death!

    Slightly over 10 seconds later, and the party had recovered. The boss' Health Bar was swiftly approaching 20%!

    Jiang Fei cried, "Healers, go full ham! Don't worry about over-healing! Just keep piling the heals on me even if I'm full! I need everyone else to keep an eye out for the minions -- don't even let them exist!"

    20% was when the Normal Mode boss went into a frenzy. Not only was this boss significantly tougher -- it was also capable of summoning minions!

    "Roar!" Along with a furious roar, the boss summoned the monsters!

    "I've got the mobs. Don't mind me!"

    Rosette Dazzledance was quite the veteran. She had proficiently grabbed hold of the entire bunch!

    "Ow!" A red glow appeared on the boss' body. Frenzy! Jiang Fei's Health Points started plummeting. The two Priests were working overtime, unable to afford any distractions!

    "Buzz!" The red glow on the boss' body spread outwardly. The Frenzy had driven the two minions mad as well!



    "Whoa! I do not got this! Do mind me please!" shouted Rosette Dazzledance, her eyes widening in alarm, as the monsters facing her started foaming at the mouth furiously.

    "Sh*t!" Jiang Fei cursed. If he had known earlier, he would have had Rosette Dazzledance drag the monsters away from the boss. No one would have expected a virulent form of frenzy!
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