37 Taking down the Boss

    "Full power, focus fire on the mob!" Jiang Fei roared. The only option left was to swing to victory, or go down swinging!

    "No way! My healing can't keep up!" shouted Rosette Rose.

    "Ding! Your party member Rosette Dazzledance has fallen in battle!"

    "Dragoness! Take her place!" shouted Jiang Fei while running circles around the frenzied boss.

    "Okay!" Rosette Dragoness knew better than to protest. With a Taunt, all the minions were sent running towards her!

    Fortunately, one beast had already fallen to the focused fire. The other one was left reeling with half a bar!

    "Ahhh! Dragoness is dying fast! I can't keep her alive!" Rosette Rose shouted.

    After all, Rosette Dragoness was an Attack-type Warrior who had not invested anything into her Vitality stat. Despite her Heavy Armor, one hit from the Elite Bearman still took off 500 Health Points. Moreover, Rosette Rose was not a specialized healer. The two Priests were too preoccupied on healing Jiang Fei. They could spare nothing. Two hits had almost sent Rosette Dragoness to the graveyard!

    "Kill it quickly!" Jiang Fei was out of options.

    "Ding! Your party member Rosette Dragoness has fallen in battle!"

    Before Rosette Dragoness even hit the ground, Rosette Rose had decisively dashed forward. With a cast of Conviction, she grabbed hold of the monster. As a Knight, she was undoubtedly tougher than Priests and Magicians. She was the best option at the moment!

    "Ow!" Fortunately, Rosette Rose had only received one strike from the massive paw. The Magicians have managed to blast it to death!

    "Full damage output on the boss. Healers, don't let up now. I need to remain at full Health Points if possible! Clan master, if I die, take over!" Jiang Fei called out. As the boss' Health Points was quickly approaching 10%, it also meant an impending Slam. Even Jiang Fei could not be certain of his survival!

    "Roar!" The boss took a breathtaking leap to the ceiling!

    "Bang!" ... And came down on Jiang Fei's head like a sledgehammer!



    Fortunately, Jiang Fei had a maximum of 2,900 Health Points. Any other tank would have been squashed to death, even if they were at full health!



    Although Jiang Fei had been momentarily incapacitated, the Priests were able to keep healing him. It did not take long for his Health Points to find themselves in the 4-digit mark again!

    -812! (Bash!)

    The boss knew that its end was near. Instead of laying back, it seemed to swing even more wildly than ever.




    The moment he recovered, Jiang Fei quickly uncorked another Health Potion between his teeth. His Health Points had dropped below 200. A gust of wind would put him down!








    Fortunately, the boss' attack speed was relatively slow. It almost took three seconds for it to muster out a blow. Such sluggishness allowed Jiang Fei's potion to tick thrice.

    It also gave the Priests time to cast their major spells!

    "We're good, go for it now!"

    The Slam and Bash was the final hard bracket. Having survived that, the battle was as good as done!

    "Ow..." The Bearmen's boss was at the end of its rope. With a mournful wail, its Health Points was finally emptied!

    "Ding! You have killed Clomiir the Demonic Bear. Obtained 22,000 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! Congratulations to player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 16. All Attribute +1. Obtained 5 Attribute Points !"

    Along the way, the waves of monsters had almost filled Jiang Fei's Experience bar to the brim. The boss was all he needed to push him over the edge!

    "I'll wait for the three of you[1]. We'll open the treasure chest later!" said Jiang Fei to the three fallen party members. As the Priests had not yet learned Resurrection, they could only run all the way back from the Graveyard!

    "So many Linens!"

    It was Rosette Miaomiao's turn to use Gathering again. As a result, they had abruptly received more than 30 Linens.

    "Uh huh! When we get back this time round, Tinkerbell would be delighted!" said Rosette Rose with a big smile on her face. As the game's drop rate was merciless, it was incredibly difficult to procure materials for Tailors to work on. Even if one was filthy rich, there would be nothing to purchase! Therefore, Jade Tinkerbell was in even more of a predicament than Jiang Fei. However, Rosette Knighthood had walked away from this excursion with a huge yield. Thanks to Jiang Fei, the dungeon was dropping loot to the left and right. Almost every monster had dropped some Linen. The boss even dropped dozens of it at a time. By the end of it all, they probably had enough Linen for Yi Ling Long to sprint her way to Level 2 Tailorship!

    When Rosette Phantom and the others returned, the four big guilds were once again gathered around the entrance. They took no notice of Rosette Phantom and the others jogging past them from the graveyard. After all, many others were attempting the Normal Mode. It was common enough to see people running from the graveyard. Even the four big groups had been repeatedly wiped out. Therefore, there was an endless stream of the recently deceased coming from the graveyard!

    "Son of a b*itch! How do we even get through that Frenzy?!"

    Southern Azuresword was beyond approach. The Ferocious Tiger boss had one-shotted their main tank. The entire team had been eliminated for the third time!

    "LOL..." Happy Drunk had the same smile on his face.

    "Kid, you guys took the first boss down, didn't you?" asked Lady Casanova, glaring menacingly.

    "By luck! By luck!" Happy Drunk seemed to have given a modest, unassuming reply, but his eyes betrayed a twinkle of pride. After all, the masters of the other three big guilds were stuck at the first boss. He was the only leader to have successfully taken down the first boss. Although they had not cleared the dungeon, no announcements had claimed any other party to have done so. If even the three big guilds could not take down the first boss, no one else could! He was currently in the lead, and he could very possibly be the first to clear it!

    Besides, the treasure chest from the Tigermen's boss had produced two pieces of equipment. One of them was even a Blue tier. This gave Happy Drunk all the reason to believe that the First Kill was as good as his, without the shadow of a doubt!

    Little did Happy Drunk know that the First Kill for the first boss had already been snagged by Jiang Fei, long before they even entered the dungeon. By the time he took down the first boss, Jiang Fei had already put the second boss through the other side of the universe. The Blue tier equipment that Happy Drunk was so proud of was actually a mediocre sample. The double Ascended Blue tier equipment as the First Kill reward had already been bagged by the Rosette Knighthood!

    "What? You guys actually did it?"

    It had gained Southern Azuresword's full attention!

    "LOL..." Happy Drunk smiled. Not a word needed to be said. His body language demonstrated his arrogance in its fullest extent!

    "If you won't tell us how you did it, at least show us what you got from it!" Daemon's Grimace barked.

    "Okay!" Happy Drunk had no reason to hide. If anything, he was happy to show them his spoils!

    Happy Drunk's party had truly walked away from the boss fight with full pockets. Among it was a Ascended Green tiered ring and Blue tiered Chainmail bottoms. One need not look at the ring. These early stages of the game gave no room for Jewellers to shine -- yet. Any accessory was considered a rare piece of equipment. Level 15 Blue tiered Chainmail Bottoms would truly enhance a main tank's capability. This guaranteed far smoother sails in future dungeon runs!

    Therefore, Happy Drunk was glad to flaunt those two prime samples. He was out to make a clear statement to the other three parties ------ "See this? We've obtained some awesome gear. Our party just went through a major upgrade. This "first clear" honor belongs to us. You guys don't stand a chance!"

    As expected, the other three masters were envious. After all, at this stage of the game, any equipment was extremely valuable. Blue tiered equipment would be priceless.

    These big shots would never see the diminutive Jiang Fei scurrying about ahead them, with the head of the second boss behind him!

    Translation Note:

    Corpse Run - Corpse running means to run your character's ghost or wisp to the site of your fallen body to resurrect there.
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