38 A Blue Tier Recipe!

    After leveling up, Jiang Fei squeezed all of his Attribute Points into Vitality. His Health Points shot over 3,000. He got involved with some small talk with Rosette Rose and the others. Soon, the three corpses returned, fresh from the grave.

    "Treasure chest! Open the treasure chest!"

    When Rosette Miaomiao saw Rosette Phantom and the others returning, she practically leaped off her feet.

    "Yup! Brother Glider, you go!"

    Jiang Fei's Luck was ridiculously high. He had to be the only person opening the treasure chest!

    "Swish!" In a flash of blue light, the golden treasure chest swung open!


    Jiang Fei clenched his fists. The blue light disappeared. A Recipe laid within the treasure chest. It illustrated the design and construction of an equipment of impeccable quality. It was precisely what Jiang Fei had been longing for!

    Recipe: Furious Bear Roar (Smithing Recipe: Shoulder, Excellent)

    Requirement: Beginner Blacksmith Level 2!

    Wild Force (Two-handed Sword, Excellent)

    Attack +127

    Strength: +9

    Vitality: +3

    Equipped: Grants you a skill ------ Wild Force. Instantly increases your attack speed by 50%. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes!

    Level Requirement: 15

    "Nice sword!"

    It was love at first sight for Rosette Dragoness!

    The sword had almost three times the Attack of the White tier weapon she had obtained for free from her class advancement. After all, there was a considerable gap between a Level 15 Ascended Blue tier equipment and a trash White tier equipment that the system handed out for free!

    Besides, the 9 points of Strength was a world-changer. This was the ultimate, offensive weapon. Be it the Warriors or the Knights, this was good stuff!

    "You guys, decide it yourself! The Recipe is mine!"

    Jiang Fei threw the Two-handed Sword over to Rosette Rose. It was only in the way of his smithing Recipe!

    The Recipe was absolutely not up for debate. Jiang Fei was the only person who could use it. But who to give the Two-handed Sword to? This became a problem. Three members here could wield a Two-handed Sword. The two warriors, Rosette Dragoness and Rosette Dazzledance, followed by Rosette Rose the knight...

    Even if Rosette Dazzledance had chosen to be some sort of hybrid tank-healer, Rosette Dragoness and Rosette Rose were utterly competent wielders of the weapon class!

    "Forget it. Dragoness, you have the sword!" Rosette Rose was actually conceding for once.

    "Huh? Ladyboss, you don't want it?"

    Rosette Dragoness was dumbfounded. She had been prepared to leave it to her Guildmaster, Rosette Rose. Moreover, was she not the lady boss of the sisterhood? Rosette Dragoness could not hold a candle to her.

    "Nope! I've decided to go back and reset my Ability Points. In the future, I'll be a full-blown healer!" said Rosette Rose.

    "Huh?" After listening to what Rosette Rose said, all the girls were dumbfounded. She was such a bold, brash woman -- how could she possibly end up as a healer?!

    "You guys didn't hear me wrong. I've made up my mind. You may have the sword!" said Rosette Rose, handing the Wild Force over to Rosette Dragoness!

    If it was in the past, the old Rosette Rose would never take the healer's path. But things have changed. Jiang Fei had been far too dazzling! The rest of the girls might not have seen the depths of this dungeon, but Rosette Rose was not stupid. The girls who had challenged the Normal Mode dungeon had been whining and crying about the absolute torture. Very few parties had been able to defeat the first boss.

    Rosette Phantom had updated Rosette Rose about the situation via private message. As she was making her run from the graveyard, she overheard the four big guilds' conversing at the dungeon entrance. A top master player like Happy Drunk was actually pleased with himself for being able to defeat the first boss of the Elite Mode dungeon. But a crowd of crows like themselves had actually put down the second boss. How did that even happen? Well, there was this certain Blacksmith called Verdure Glider!

    This teenager was one year her junior. He was truly an amazing person. Not only he was extraordinarily talented in smithing equipment, but he had also actually broken through the limitation of crafting classes on the battle aspect. He had also become a master player. After all, Rosette Knighthood was just an entertainment organization by a group of rich ladies. It was impossible for her to realize her own ambition by relying on the current power. But after this amazing guy came in, Rosette Rose's heart was suddenly steady and sure!

    Women were so. No matter how strong their character was on appearance, no matter how versatile their capability, they still hoped to be able to search for a solid backing deep within their heart, enabling them to rely on! Although this guy Verdure Glider was one year old younger than herself, Rosette Rose knew that she could count on him!

    Rosette Rose knew that her power could only take her so far. That was why she had decisively decided to place her faith in Jiang Fei. Within any party, the two most important footstones were the tanks and the healers. Now that she already had a formidable Tank called Jiang Fei, she needed to bolster the Healing division. If no one else was willing to offer themselves up, she would roll the first stone!

    Fortunately, "Dawn Break" was not all that ruthless. Players were given a free opportunity to reset their Ability Points before Level 20. This allowed players to have a taste of the game and determine their palate. Otherwise, status reset points would be a major pain in the neck!

    After Rosette Dragoness took the Wild Force in her hands, Jiang Fei had added the Recipe to his skill tree!

    Furious Bear Roar (Chainmail Shoulder, Excellent)

    Physical Defense +55

    Magical Defense +20

    Random Enchantment

    Level Requirement: 15

    That Recipe was the cherry on the icing. It made Jiang Fei's journey to the dungeon worth every drop of blood. But, the Elite Mode dungeon did not end just like that!

    "Come on, everyone! Our reinforcements are arriving soon!"

    Just as Jiang Fei and the rest were finished distributing the equipment, not far off, they heard a voice shouting!

    "Captain Moliere, we can't hold on any longer!"

    "Stand fast, men! The reinforcements are right behind us!"

    "Hmm? Moliere?"

    When Jiang Fei heard the name, he suddenly became energetic. This was the target of his quest!

    "Onward!" Jiang Fei quickly ran for the voice!

    "Everyone, look! Our reinforcements have arrived! Let's bury these dung beetles in the ground!"

    Jiang Fei and the others rounded the corner just in time to see an NPC in shining, silver armor giving out a great shout. He quickly rallied his NPC soldiers and gave a decisive charge!

    "Holy f*ck. It's actually in story mode?"

    Jiang Fei looked at the situation. This won't be easy. If this bunch were to fall to the enemies, his quest would be at a fatal end!

    "Healers, catch up. Attackers, look for my mark!" Jiang Fei shouted over his shoulder to the girls behind.

    The Corruptor (Humanoid, Elite)

    Level: 18

    Health Points: 2,300

    Attack Power: 200

    Skill: Contagion. If the wound is not taken care of after being attacked by the Corruptor, corruption would take ahold of you, and you would be more demon than human!

    Remark: Contagion is ineffective on players, but effective on players' pets. Corrupted pets would betray their masters. At the same time, it would have highly elevated attributes!

    "Phew!" Jiang Fei quickly calmed down. The only class within his party to command a pet was the Hunter. Even so, Rosette Bubbles intended to advance to the second class as a Hunter. Therefore, she had not yet captured any pets of her own. That nasty-sounding Contagion would hold no power over his party!
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