39 Demon Lord

    The enemies were numerous, but the soldiers were better-trained. Both parties were more or less equal in power. Jiang Fei's party had broken that fragile balance. It would only be a matter of time before the threat was annihilated!

    "Excellent! Are you guys our reinforcements?"

    Moliere turned towards Jiang Fei and the others, tugging his blade out of a monster.

    "Nope. We're just some adventurers passing by. We've been sent by your subordinate to search for you!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Ah. You're here now, that's all that matters. As you can see, we're caught up in something here. Adventurers, I am hereby invoking my right as a Lieutenant of the Empire and recruiting your services. Please. help us exterminate the remaining Demons!" Moliere said.

    "Ding! Obtained 15,000 Experience Points. Obtained 5 Silver Coins. Quest updated!"

    Quest: The variant forest (Dungeon). The First phase has been completed!

    Second phase: Assist patrol captain Moliere!

    "Sure thing!" This may have started off as Jiang Fei's quest, but it had been upgraded into a Dungeon Quest, so the entire party was eligible to take part!

    "Captain! We've... We've got a situation!" Just as Jiang Fei and the others were prepared to take a step forward, one of the soldiers called out!

    "What happened?" Moliere turned and asked, concerned.

    "Captain, look!"

    "Huh?" Moliere followed the soldier's finger and looked. His face betrayed the alarm and shock.

    "Oh, sh*t!" Jiang Fei was just as alarmed. His party had gotten away relatively unscathed, but some NPC soldiers had fallen during the fight. Now, those very soldiers were actually staggering to their feet!


    Jiang Fei instantly surmised the situation. His party members were not as calm. They had no mysterious cheat rings, and were thus unaware of The Corruptors possessing such a skill.


    These NPC soldiers stood up once again. Their muscles and tendons ripped and tore. Their bones crackled. And then, their bodies started swelling rapidly. Pieces of fabric and armor flew off. In the blink of an eye, they had turned into 2-meter tall abomination, their bodies covered with disgusting sarcomas!

    "Eliminate them!"

    Moliere was quick to regain his bearings. Although still visibly unnerved, he took action!

    "But Captain! They're actually..."

    His soldiers were still hesitant, despite the direct order from their superior. After all, these were their former comrades!

    "Those men are dead. Do not let these monsters sully their flesh any longer!" Moliere roared, charging into the fray alone.

    "Let's help him!"

    Jiang Fei called out to the girls and quickly joined the captain!

    Bloody Humanoid Demon (Humanoid, Elite)

    Level: 19

    Health Points: 3,000

    Attack Power: 275

    Skill: Contagion. If the wound is not handled promptly, corruption would take hold of you and you would join their ranks!

    Remark: When regular human soldiers are infected, their attacks are enhanced drastically, and they would gain the ability to infect others! Medium threat level.

    Although Jiang Fei and gang were significantly stronger than other players of their levels, these monsters hit quite hard -- like the Elite Tigermen at the beginning of the dungeon. To the NPC soldiers, they were downright terrifying!


    "My God! Are you okay?"

    A soldier had let out a blood-curdling scream, clutching his wound that did not seem life-threatening. It was not the scream that frightened his comrades, but the fact that he was transforming into another one of those monsters.

    "Everyone, be careful. Do not let them touch you! You'll join their ranks!" Jiang Fei called out.

    It was sound advice, but much easier said than done. These soldiers were no match to the monsters. Asking them to not take any hits was like asking them to stand still yet remain dry in a rainshower.


    More and more soldiers became new victims. A little nick here, a little graze there. It was enough to infect and turn them into screaming demons. Soon, the Bloody Humanoid Demons were seen swarming about the place!

    "Kill!" The soldiers took their last stand. It was heartbreaking enough to watch their comrades fall to the corruption, one after another.

    Ten long minutes later, the demons lay motionless. However, aside from Jiang Fei and the other players, only Moliere the patrol captain remained standing.

    "Phew..." Jiang Fei breathed a sigh of relief, but he did not dare take his eyes off the corpses just yet.

    "Adventurer, it appears that we'll have to part here!" Moliere strode towards, his steps heavy, his face gaunt.

    "What do you mean, Captain?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "This is the report on the Night Forest. Please deliver it to Bishop Phillip in Dawnlight City. May he end the Demons once and for all!" Moliere solemnly extracted a scroll from his cloak and handed it to Jiang Fei.

    "Ding! Quest updated!"

    Goal: Deliver the investigation report to Bishop Phillip!

    Reward: 50,000 Experience Points, 10 Silver Coins.

    "What about you, Captain?" Jiang Fei asked, stowing the scroll away with great care.

    "Me? Hahah..." Moliere managed a weak smile, laughing bitterly. He pointedly gazed down at his side.

    "What?!" Jiang Fei had followed the captain's sight. Three visible scratches could be seen on the captain's left rib. His shining armor had been torn open, and dark red blood was welling up.

    It could not be considered life-threatening. It would barely even faze a seasoned warrior like the captain! But the Contagion skill was what's killing him!

    "Hurry on now. I can't hold it back any longer!" As Moliere's voice rose, his facial features started morphing before their eyes.

    "It...it's too late! Hurry! Kill me! Now!" Moliere's eyes started turning red.

    "Argh!" The girls behind Jiang Fei had let out screams of grief and terror. They sympathetically gazed at the captain.

    "Ow!" At that moment, Moliere had completed his transformation!

    Moliere, the Humanoid Demon Lord (Humanoid, Advanced Elite)

    Level: 22

    Health Points: 8,800

    Attack Power: 585

    Skill: Great Smash, Great Swipe, Flesh Phagocytosis, Flesh Rip, Death Gaze!

    Remark: A demonized, human low-ranking officer. His attack has been enhanced drastically. Extremely high threat level.

    After the transformation was complete, the boss towered over them, standing over three meters. Disgusting sarcomas grew all over its body. It looked like a bloated, skinless giant. Its muscles were visible from head to toe!

    "This must be the third f*cking boss, I suppose?" Jiang Fei stared up at the giant, muttering to himself.
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