40 A Desperate Fight Against the Demon Lord


    The boss did not remain standing idly for long. With two huge steps, it quickly approached Jiang Fei and gang, introducing itself with a--


    It lifted one massive leg and stomped down. Jiang Fei reflexively lifted his shield




    "Holy f*cking hell! That's just bloody outrageous!" Jiang Fei coughed. The boss' normal attack was already this ridiculous. Would its skills actually tear the ground open?!

    Jiang Fei hurriedly gulped down a Red Potion. The two Priests quickly got to work!

    Iron Fist!

    Blazing Hammer!


    -628! (Critical hit!)

    "Bring it on! Melee classes, flank him! Watch out for his Great Swipe!" This boss struck like a Mack truck. But it was basically a walking glass cannon. At best, its Defense might be equivalent to that of the Tigermen's boss.

    "Roar!" After delivering two more punches, the boss suddenly put its hands together, crossing its fingers to form a double-handed fist before bringing it down.

    -1280! (Great Smash!)

    "What the!"

    Jiang Fei was forced back by almost eight steps!



    The last thing Jiang Fei wanted was to have the boss turn around and start laying those heavy blows on the melee attackers. He hurried returned to the fray with a dash, stunning the boss for two seconds. That should get his attention!


    The moment the boss recovered, it swung a huge arm in a wide arc. A blood red light swept past its front. Fortunately, Jiang Fei had already ensured that the boss was facing its back to the others. He would be its only target, AoE or otherwise. Even the ranged attackers and Healers were all behind the boss.


    "Cutie! We can't keep this up!"

    The boss might as well be trying to remold a mountain. Despite their continuous Greater Heals, Jiang Fei's Health was quickly fading!

    "Guildmaster, I need your healing too!"

    While gulping down another potion, Jiang Fei had Rosette Rose jump over to the healing division.

    They were making progress. The boss' Health Bar was soon reaching the 80% mark.

    "Ding! Moliere the Humanoid Demon Lord is gazing at Rosette Bubbles!"

    "What's that supposed to mean?!" asked Rosette Rose. The target of the boss' apparent affection, Rosette Bubbles was also staring at Jiang Fei in a mixture of confusion, disgust, and horror.

    "I don't know. Just stay on your toes!" Jiang Fei barely knew any more about the boss than they did. The mysterious ring dropped a hint or two, but other than just "Death Gaze" listed as one of its skills, Jiang Fei could not tell what that actually did!

    At that moment, the boss had stopped attacking. Both its eyes were firmly fixed on Rosette Bubbles!

    "Splat... Splat..."

    All of a sudden, the sarcomas on the boss started blowing up. Clusters of Rotten Meat splattered on the ground before crawling towards Rosette Bubbles like adorable Slimes!

    "Whoa! I'm cornered!" shouted Rosette Bubbles.

    "Butcher that Rotten Meat!" Jiang Fei roared, dashing towards a cluster of Rotten Meat!

    Blazing Hammer!


    "Pile up on them, Priests, you too!" Jiang Fei called out.

    A total of seven pieces of Rotten Meat had parted from the boss. Each Rotten Meat had 1,000 Health Points. And they were all creeping towards Rosette Bubbles!

    "Poof!" A piece of rotten meat was smashed into pieces!

    "Ding! You have obtained Life Nourishment effect. Your attack speed has increased by 5%! Lasts for 60 seconds!"

    "Kill them quickly!" Jiang Fei was delighted. The boss was basically throwing them a bone. Or in this case, rotten meat!



    Although Jiang Fei and gang had worked rather efficiently, one piece of Rotten Meat had still made it to Rosette Bubbles, where it dramatically blew up.

    "Phew! Not so bad!" Jiang Fei exhaled in relief. Also, he had learned much about the skill!

    Death Gaze would prevent a player from attacking and moving. At the same time, the boss would activate the skill, Flesh Phagocytosis. Rotten Meat would creep towards the paralyzed player and blow themselves up, dealing 1,000 damage each. On the other hand, other players would receive an Attack Speed buff upon a successful kill.

    Having completed that skill combination, the boss was free to pummel Jiang Fei once again.

    "Bubbles, drink those potions! Lay it on the boss when you're ready!"

    That was one less mystery about the boss.

    It had not seemed like much, but that was only because of Jiang Fei's timely judgment. Any later, two chunks of Rotten Meat would have blown anyone else up, save him and Rosette Dazzledance.

    Also, the boss had targeted a ranged attacker. If it had targeted a melee attacker, it would have been near point-blank. An instant kill!


    There came another Great Smash. This skill was not triggered by the boss' current Health Points, but by fixed intervals. It was a general skill, but it almost struck like a full-fledged Ultimate!

    Up to this point, only the boss' Great Swipe had quickly been removed from its repertoire of potential party wipeouts, as Jiang Fei had quickly figured it out. With its back facing the party, that skill had been neutralized. However, the Super Smash and Death Gaze and Flesh Phagocytosis combination was insane. One put healers and tanks to the test. The other challenged the party's combined damage output and reaction time!

    "Ding! Moliere the Humanoid Demon Lord is gazing at Rosette Dragoness!"

    At 60% of its Health Points, the boss activated Death Gaze once again!

    "Dragoness, make some distance between yourself and the boss!" Jiang Fei shouted. At the same time, he dragged the boss away from her.

    The targeted player would only be rooted on the spot, two seconds after the boss activates the skill. That was also when those chunks of Rotten Meat would show up. That was the window of opportunity for a player. But two seconds was a very small window. Anyone who failed to capitalize on those two seconds would be doomed!

    "Oh God!"

    Rosette Dragoness had been caught off-guard. Fortunately, her legs had subconsciously obeyed Jiang Fei, and she had scurried off.

    "Splat... Splat..."

    Two seconds later, she stopped moving. Rotten Meat fell off the boss' body and started squelching their way towards her.

    "Everyone, focus fire!" Everyone had already started firing away before he could finish his sentence.



    Again, they killed all but one, but one was never enough to take anyone out.

    "Dragoness, drink your potions. The rest, as you were!" Jiang Fei brought the battle back on track.

    At the 40% Health Points, the boss attempted the same stunt. This time, it targeted Rosette Peach. As she was a ranged Priest, the party did not lose any damage output and quickly wiped out all seven chunks of Rotten Meat!


    At the 30% Health Points, the boss finally activated the last skill ------ Flesh Phagocytosis!

    The boss scooped up a Bloody Humanoid Demon's corpse and swallowed it whole. Its Health Bar rose by 5%. At the same time, there was an additional status over its head!

    Flesh Phagocytosis (1 stack): Attack increased by 10%!
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