44 Saving Someone From a Car Accident!

    In the end, the four big guilds headed for Jiang Fei together. They intended to purchase some equipment from him!

    "I don't have any in stock yet. Come back tomorrow night, and you can take whatever you can. But I don't take payment in the form of gold coins. I only ask for materials!" said Jiang Fei.

    "No problem!"

    The four Guildmasters asked no questions, for they were all well aware of Jiang Fei's background. If they gave Jiang Fei money and let him buy materials after that, someone else was going to profit from it. Besides, they had no much cash on hand. Jiang Fei's request for materials sang to their tune. After all, they had their entire Storage of materials and no way of using them swiftly enough. Instead of letting those useless Blacksmiths in their guilds put them to waste, it was far more worthwhile providing the minerals to Jiang Fei, the unanimously neutral Blacksmith!

    "Well, uh, if you guys trust me, I hope that you'll let me have the materials first! Advanced payment... If you would!" Jiang Fei sheepishly added. After all, he was unable to start smithing without materials!

    "No problem!" the four Guildmasters' replies were as simple and direct as usual. From their perspective, Jiang Fei would never possibly give up on a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership to cheat them of some early stage materials!

    Jiang Fei had offered extremely unreasonable prices to the four big guilds. On average, it was approximately five material sets of Raider's Breastplate for each Green grade Raider's Breastplate. On the other hand, 15 sets of materials were required for each Blue grade. An equal amount of material sets for each Blue grade Shoulder Armor!

    Even so, Jiang Fei was already a model of honesty and reliability in the eyes of the four Guildmasters. After all, they did not know that Jiang Fei's success rate was almost 50%. His probability of producing an Ascended equipment was also around 10%. The few Guildmasters had been making calculations according to the success rate of their guild's Crafters. According to their algorithms, not only had Jiang Fei not earned any money, he had to be deep in debt!

    After taking in all the materials sent by the four big guilds and shoving them into the bank, Jiang Fei leaned back and did some calculations. Altogether, he had obtained almost 1,000 material sets for Breastplates and 500 material sets for Shoulder Armors. With these materials, he could produce at least 500 Breastplates and 200 Shoulder Armors. But he only had to give the few big guilds about 100 to 200 Breastplates mixed with Blue and Green grade, and dozens of Blue grade Shoulder Armors. The heavens had thrown him a giant bone!

    The servers were about to shut down. Jiang Fei knew better than to start rushing through his commissions. He started wandering aimlessly within Dawnlight City, waiting for the servers to go offline!

    By 6 in the morning, Jiang Fei automatically got up from sleep. Jiang Fei's mom was busy in the kitchen as usual, preparing breakfast. It was the dawn of a new day!

    Winter in the North of China was bizarre. Not only did the sky start turning in early, it was also slow to rise. When the poor high school students went to school, the sky was still dark. There were almost no pedestrians along the road!

    "Vroom... Vroom..."

    As Jiang Fei dragged his feet through the ground, a sharp engine roar assaulted his eardrums.

    "Whiz..." A sports car sped by past Jiang Fei at lightning speed. Although there was a six-lane distance between them, the chilling draft was no gentler on Jiang Fei's cheeks!

    "Holy f*ck! Suicidal maniac! I can hardly see ** in this darkness!" Jiang Fei swore. Although Jiang Fei came from a rather well-off family himself, he was nothing like these second-generation tycoons who drag raced in the middle of the night. These guys were at it almost every night. But he had not expected to see them going at it after dawn!

    "Vroom... Vroom..."

    Just as Jiang Fei fell silent again, a second car sped past him. Another wall of chilly winter air slapped him in the face. This time, his eardrums were positively ringing.

    "Just crash and burn already, will you!" Jiang Fei screamed at its tail lights.


    No sooner, a loud bang came from not far ahead, followed by flames springing up to the sky.

    "Oh, **! Did I just become f*cking psychic?"

    Jiang Fei jogged a few steps and found that there had indeed been a car accident ahead!

    A Lamborghini had slammed into the concrete guardrail. One look told him that it was a total loss. The fuel tank had ruptured, and a fire was quickly spreading. Approaching the wreck was impossible.

    "Help me... Help me..."

    Just as Jiang Fei started to turn around and gain some distance from the danger, he saw that the driver had survived, if just barely. Instead, he had been flung out of the car. He was lying on the ground not far away from the burning vehicle. Blood was all over his face.

    "Ah, what the hell!"

    Jiang Fei ran up to the fallen man at his enhanced speed and dragged him as much as he could away from the car.

    "Bang!" Just in the nick of time, the Lamborghini blew up. The hot gust of wind sent the both of them flying. Fortunately, they had their thick, winter clothes on. Any less, and they would already be suffering severe burns!


    The young lad was already so weak to begin with. The explosion had not helped one bit. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

    "Hey! Are you alright?"

    Jiang Fei tapped the guy's face.

    "Help... me..."

    More blood was spat out.

    "Whoa hang in there, I'm calling the ambulance right away!"

    Jiang Fei laid the guy on the ground. He whipped out his phone and got dialing.

    "Stay with me, alright!"

    This young guy was a complete stranger to Jiang Fei. Besides, he had even cursed this guy to die in a car crash. But he had not meant any of that. No one would wish ill upon another so ruthlessly!

    "Puff..." Yet another mouthful of blood. This was bad!

    "Where the f*ck is the ambulance?!" Jiang Fei started anxiously rubbing his thighs.

    "Hmm?!" All of a sudden, Jiang Fei felt a bump.

    Jiang Fei had previously taken out a small bottle of Health Points potion from the game. That potion was still in his pocket! This tiny, perfumed-sized bottle seemed inconspicuous, but Jiang Fei was suddenly more hopeful than ever.

    "Drink this up!"

    Jiang Fei lifted the young guy's head slightly, before pouring it into the guy's mouth!


    A mouthful of potion that overflowed with fragrance was poured into the guy's mouth. He had truly been a step away from death. Suddenly, he felt much better.

    If he was in an X-ray machine right now, one would see his broken ribcage miraculously moving back into its original position. Even the crack lines were vanishing, and his muscles and tendons were mending themselves!

    "Ooogah... Ooogah..."

    After the few breaths, the man was almost even able to talk to Jiang Fei. At the same time, an ambulance pulled over.

    "Move up, help the man!" A team of medics brought a stretcher down and quickly got to work.

    "Hey... Don't go! You're the one who called the ambulance, didn't you? You need to come with us!"

    Jiang Fei had intended to leave, seeing that he had done everything in his power. After all, he still had school. But a medic had grabbed his shoulder.

    "Ah! Alright, alright!"

    Jiang Fei figured it out immediately. After all, he was the sole witness. They might have questions for him later, and it might help in the young man's treatment. Class was important, but another's well-being was priceless. He got on the ambulance without another word.
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