46 Class Advancement Ques

    Jiang Fei returned to school. Although he had missed a few classes, it was due to his courageous conduct in a time of need. Therefore, not only did he get away scot-free, he was praised and commended.

    In the afternoon, it was another basketball match for Class Nine. Jiang Fei went into action once again. Since even those students of the specialized sports class were no match for him, so the other classes could not stop him. It was another easy victory.

    After the afternoon classes ended, Jiang Fei returned home. As he personally did not care much about the matter of saving Han Tianyu, he therefore did not talk to anyone about it, not even to his own parents.

    When it was 10 p.m., Jiang Fei logged on, accurate to the dot.

    When Jiang Fei went online, he rushed straight to the bank. After retrieving the materials, he kicked off with his smithing!

    The Raider's Breastplate was Green tier equipment. It took a little longer to smith them. When Jiang Fei depleted all 1,000 sets of materials, more than three hours had passed!

    By the end of it all, Jiang Fei had actually produced 450 Raider's Breastplates. Amongst the 450, 50 were Blue grade. The rest were all Green grade. Naturally, the success rate also was slightly lower. As the quality of the equipment rose, its success rate would plummet!

    Still, a success rate close to 50% was still way higher than other crafting classes. Other players' success rate when it came to White tier equipment was around 20%, not to mention Green tier equipment!

    Jiang Fei had picked the best 20 out of the 50 Blue grades. These 20 were all Ascended Blue grades, with three lines of additional attribute. Jiang Fei had kept it for himself and the girls in the Knighthood. There were only two Ascended Blues among the remaining 30. The rest were all average Blue grades with two lines of additional attribute. These not-so-perfect samples were for the four big guilds!

    As for the Green tier equipment, Jiang Fei decided to give 200 of them to the four big guilds. If they wanted the rest of the 200, sorry, they would have to pay extra! After all, the great Jiang Fei was not running a charitable institution!

    After notifying the four big Guildmasters that their equipment was ready, Jiang Fei extracted the materials for the Furious Bear Roar and continued smithing!

    "Ding! You have failed your smithing this time..."

    "Ding! You have successfully produced a Furious Bear Roar of Strength. Smithing Experience Points +5!

    "Ding! You have failed your smithing this time..."

    "Ding! You have failed your smithing this time..."

    Blue tier Recipes was even more demanding. Even for Jiang Fei who had additional high Luck, he had a success rate of merely around 30%! Let's not mention the probability of producing an Ascended. Jiang Fei had produced seven Blue grade Furious Bear Roars, yet he had not seen even one Violet tier equipment yet!

    "Ding! You have successfully produced a Furious Bear Roar of Destruction! Smithing Experience Points +5!

    "Ding! You have successfully produced the first Epic tier equipment! Fame +2000!"

    "Ding! As you are the first player to produce an Epic tier equipment, bring your product to (XXX, XXX) in Dawnlight City. The Nameless Blacksmith Master wants to talk to you!"


    The repeated notification dings jolted Jiang Fei out of his zone. He had not expected to earn Fame Points as a reward for producing a Violet tier equipment. On top of that, he had apparently triggered a hidden quest!

    Furious Bear Roar of Destruction (Chainmail Shoulder, Epic)

    Physical Defense +65

    Magical Defense +35

    Strength: +8

    Vitality: +10

    Equipped: Grants you a skill ------ Destructive Strike. Immediately attacks the enemy target, dealing 300 damage. At the same time, reduces 20% of the enemy target's Armor Defense, and pulls excellent aggro! Cooldown duration: 1 minute.

    This equipment was not an Ascended Violet grade. It had only three lines of additional attribute. Still, it had far surpassed the standard of an Ascended Blue equipment!

    Jiang Fei had originally intended to continue smithing. As for the hidden quest, that could always wait. At least, that's what he thought, until he took a closer look at the quest bar. It was one of those stinking, Time-Limit-bound quests!

    Quest name: The Nameless Blacksmith Master's call.

    Quest goal: Arrive at (XXX, XXX) within 30 minutes. The Nameless Blacksmith Master wishes to speak with you!

    Quest reward: Unknown.

    Jiang Fei flung the freshly produced Epic Shoulder Armor into his bag and started dashing for the prompted location!

    When Jiang Fei arrived at the prompted location, he found that the place was a forge. But it was a simple and crude one located in the slum.

    "Kid, you're the adventurer who just produced an Epic?" asked a scruffy man who was sitting squat-legged on the ground, an elbow leaning upon an anvil. His other hand scratched away at his legs, while giving Jiang Fei a one-eyed squint.

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei intended to observe the man for a little. However, the ring was actually failing him for once. Not only did it not reveal the man's information, it did not mention his name!

    One should know that NPCs would have their names hovering above their heads. This man was an anomaly!

    "You're the Nameless Blacksmith Master?" Jiang Fei spoke up.

    The man's brows furrowed. "If you produced that special piece, you must be somewhat smart. Why would you ask such an idiotic question? Did any of your family members get named as Nameless? Whose family would be so devoid of culture?! My name, isn't Nameless Blacksmith Master. They call me that, because those idiots don't know my name!"

    The man went back to scratching his legs.

    "Hohoho..." Jiang Fei let out a hollow laugh. "What bullsh*t. NPCs aside, even players are unable to see your name. If they don't call you Nameless, what do we put your name as, blank?" Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    "Enough, cut the crap. I called you here to take a look at your hammer-swinging arm. If you're able to produce a Legendary tier equipment using this Recipe within one day, I'll accept you as an apprentice!" the leg-scratching man drawled, tossing a Recipe at Jiang Fei with his scratching hand.

    "Uh..." Jiang Fei held the Recipe up with two fingers, but his face had a look of wonder.

    "Ding! ______ has given you a quest: The Blacksmith Master's test!"

    Quest name: The Blacksmith Master's test.

    Quest Content: Produce the designated equipment within 1 day according to ______'s request.

    Quest reward: Becomes ______'s apprentice.

    "Holysh*t, what the hell? Both the quest prompt and system announcement blanked out this guy's name. Who's this guy exactly?" Jiang Fei roared within his heart.

    This quest was clearly a class advancement quest. One should know that crafting classes found themselves very little action. Those who never left the city area generally went for their class advancement at the Class Advancement Hall. The chances of them meeting with the mentor of a rare class, or even a hidden class, was almost 0%. But now, such an opportunity had been laid out in front of Jiang Fei's eyes!

    As he ran his eyes across the Recipe in his hand, the astonishment within his heart grew stronger!

    Recipe: Divine Blacksmith's Practice Sword (Smithing Recipe, Epic)

    Requirement: Blacksmith

    Divine Blacksmith's Practice Sword (One-handed Sword, Epic)

    Physical Attack +225

    Strength: +12

    Vitality: +10

    Accuracy: +10

    Level requirement: 20

    "Oh, I'm so doing this quest! Even if I fail, at least I would have obtained an Epic grade weapon Recipe for free!" once again, Jiang Fei roared within his heart.
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