49 Accessory: Ruby Viper

    "300 gold coins!" Southern Azuresword spoke first.

    "350!" Daemon's Grimace did intend to fall behind.

    "400!" Southern Azuresword rose to the occasion!

    "500 gold coins!" At that moment, Lady Casanova spoke up!

    This Epic grade Shoulder Armor had great attribute alright, but it was far more than just a powerful piece of equipment. It was a symbol of status! As the No.1 guild in Dawnlight City, Lady Casanova would never allow this treasure to fall in the hands of others!

    "1,000!" said Happy Drunk with a grin on his face. His guild "The Aristocrats" may not be as powerful as "Magithieves," but he was the young master of the Haotian Group. Money was the least of his troubles. In terms of wealth, the four Guildmasters had nothing on him!


    The moment Happy Drunk stated his offer, the other three could not help but gasp out loud. It was not like they were unable to afford 1,000 gold coins, but all their money belonged to their guilds. It was alright to purchase equipment en masse from Jiang Fei to arm their members. But if it was merely to purchase an equipment for themselves, that might be stretching!

    "It's yours! Tycoon!"

    Daemon's Grimace took the initiative to quit. After all, he was a Magician. He could not equip Heavy Armor. He had only placed an offer to raise the price and disgust the rest of them!

    "The young master who has wealth speaks louder!"

    Southern Azuresword quit as well. Although an Epic grade item could boost his ego and pride, it was just not worth the money!

    "Lady Casanova, How about you?" Happy Drunk provocatively looked towards Lady Casanova. He and his "The Aristocrats" were totally incomparable to Lady Casanova in other aspects. But when it came to money, he was truly not afraid of anyone!

    "Hahaha! Little Brother,, You're truly good at making things difficult for me. Bullying me for being poor, aren't you?" When Lady Casanova uttered that line with a pout, everyone else cringed, including Jiang Fei. Lady Casanova had a passable female voice. But for a cow who was more than two meters tall cow acting like a spoiled child, that was almost impossible to stomach!

    Happy Drunk grinned.

    "Hey, it's all fair play! If Lady Casanova has no objections, this Epic grade Armor is mine!"

    "I truly cannot stand up to you when it comes to wealth, Brother Happy Drunk. But I'm taking this equipment, no matter what. I'll offer an additional Recipe for a Level 15 Blue grade Accessory! Little Brother Glider, what do you think?" said Lady Casanova, turning to Jiang Fei.

    "Hmm?!" Jiang Fei merely intended to fatten his pockets and rob these four big shots while he was at it. He did not expect such an item to come out of it!

    "My man, if you feel that 1,000 gold coins isn't enough, feel free to state your offer!"

    One glance told Happy Drunk that Jiang Fei was very much interested in the Recipe. He could play that way too! Happy Drunk might seem poised and cool on the outside, but he was actually an Ascended equipment collecting maniac. He wanted to own every single goodie the world could offer!

    "Little Happy Drunk, I'm taking this Shoulder Armor no matter what. If you really want to push it, I'll have no choice but to ask my husband to borrow it from you!"

    Lady Casanova was getting annoyed. It was time to roll in her malicious, big gun, her husband -- Billy Boy!

    "You... My lady, that's unfair!"

    Happy Drunk was dumbfounded after listening. Lady Casanova was obviously threatening him. Even if he ended up winning this bid, that lunatic Billy Boy would lead a manhunt for him until that previous Shoulder Armor finally dropped off!

    Happy Drunk possessed a Hidden class himself. He had a relatively considerable combat power to boast of. He did not fear facing Billy Boy in single combat. But never forget that Billy Boy was the head of class PvP, one who spent most of his free time pondering on new, ingenious methods of killing people other than training. How could Happy Drunk keep hundreds of thousands of bodyguards with him wherever he went? Since the dawn of time, all muggers would watch over their prey 24/7, waiting for the moment he lowered his guard. It was inevitable.

    "That's how I play, what are you going to do about it?" said Lady Casanova, giving a spoiled, conceited snort. But due to her appearance, not only was it not cute, it was downright horrifying!

    "My man, ignore what I said just now..."

    Happy Drunk gave Jiang Fei a shrug. This young master had clearly admitted that he was a coward. He had to confront such an unreasonable cow and that utter lunatic behind her back. He may be an Ascended equipment collecting maniac, but he was still rational enough to see the bigger picture.

    "Nevermind!" Jiang Fei gave Happy Drunk a smile. To Jiang Fei, an Accessory Recipe was several times more valuable than gold coins. It had the potential to cause far more ripples at that current moment than some mainstay resource like gold!

    At that moment, every major guild seemed to be in short supply of gold coins. Not only did they have to supply their guild members with potions and repair costs, but they were also busy juicing up their in-house Crafters.

    As it was, Jiang Fei had already spent his gold on whatever that needed spending. Now that he had updated his equipment, it was time to increase his level. He had more than enough materials at hand too. He absolutely did not need gold!

    However, with an Accessory Recipe, Jiang Fei would be able to arm the members of the Knighthood and himself. He might even find himself the opportunity to earn another great fortune from the four major guilds. No amount of gold could outbid that!

    Not long after, Lady Casanova sent someone over to deliver the Recipe. After the trade, Lady Casanova sent Jiang Fei another private message, "Little boy, after you've worked through this Recipe, don't forget about me!"

    "Heh, no problem!" said Jiang Fei, grinning away.

    "Ding! You have mastered the Recipe: Ruby Viper!"

    Ruby Viper (Accessory, Excellent)

    Physical Attack +15

    Magic Attack +15

    Random Enhancement

    Level Requirement: 15

    This Accessory Recipe had many variable factors. Aside from the basic attribute, the rest of it was all randomized. Only Luck determined if an equipment was golden or trash!

    For players who had little to choose from, they would take anything that gave them any edge. An edge was still an edge. Even a mere additional 15 points of Attack was a welcome improvement, not to mention the additional attribute from random enhancements!

    After obtaining the Recipe, Jiang Fei did not hold back. There and then, he requested 150 Ruby Viper material sets from the four major guilds at a fifteen to one price. After he was finished, he only had to provide them 10 Blue tier Accessories!

    After that, Jiang Fei found himself a remote Blacksmith's Workshop and got to work. He had to keep his high his success rate a secret, lest his customers grossly lowered their prices!

    After two hours, with 150 material sets, Jiang Fei had produced 55 Accessories in total. The success rate was about one third. It was lower compared to forging defensive equipment, but not too much of a gap. However, the Ascended equipment chance was abysmal. Among the 55 Accessories, there were only three Violet tier equipment. Besides, these 3 were all ordinary Violet tier equipment, with three additional lines of attribute. They had no Upgrade Bonuses to speak of!

    After picking out the 10 worst samples and distributing them to the four major guilds, Jiang Fei placed all the rest into the Rosette Knighthood's guild storage. A particular sample suited him nicely, so he kept it for himself.
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